Mizuki Nana 水樹奈々 Live Flight+ @ RWS Singapore 27Sep14

A few days back, a renowned seiyuu and singer, Mizuki Nana-san, held her first solo concert in Singapore. This marks her second time performing in Singapore, the first being AFA 2013 in a collaboration with T.M. Revolution, as part of Valvrave night concert performance.

This Live Flight+ is an extended version of her Live Flight Tour which spans in Japan from June to August 2014 for 14 concerts (of which 3 was cancelled due to Nana-san getting a severe case of laryngitis.). The extended tour Live Flight + is held at Singapore on 27Sep and Taiwan on 04 & 05 October.

The concert was held at 6.30pm, whilst the official merchandise stand was set to be opened at 1pm. Unbeknownst to many (or should I say, ‘should have expected’), the queue from the stand started early in the morning (before 7am), with fans already started queuing in line for the merchandise. I myself sort of gotten there late due to work, but nonetheless, a friend offered to help me buy the goods. (My concern is that some of the goods might get sold out in the opening hours)

The Concert Tickets:


The Concert Venue:


The official merchandise stand:


The merchandise goods:


Before the concert goes underway, Nana Mizuki 連合軍 (Mizuki Nana’s fan club) members were giving out customised blue flags to fellow concert attendees, setting up the stage for a surprise to the famed singer. Frankly speaking, the flag idea was well thought of, and I believe their effort is definitely recognised by all fans alike (as I definitely respect them for this).

The flag:


(Due to restrictions for photography, video and audio taking, thus the photos seen here are from the official media). The official released photos of the concert (Credited to Kamiiisaka Hajime and XinMSN)

Moving on to the concert, this is the Set List for the night:

~~~SET LIST~~~
02. Vitalization-Aufwachen Form-
03. Zankou no Gaia
04. Silent Bible
Cherry Boys Showcase (CHERIBO WING)
06. Fun Fun★People
07. Dramatic Love
08. Setsuna Capacity
09. FATE
Team Yoda Showcase
11. still in groove
12. Mugen
13. Antique Nachtmusik
14. Kakumei Dualism
15. Appassionato
16. Kindan no Resistance
17. Rock you baby!
19. Miracle Flight
-Double Encore-
22. Shin’ai

* During the concert, marks the debut live for her new single, Kindan no Resistance.
** During Miracle Flight, as per instructions stated previously, we took out the blue flag for Nana-sama, and followed the hands movement for the song. (Oh boy, was she touched by that! Haha. I could have affirm that she had paused for a short while during the song.)

The concert ended after the double encore, and when the attendees exited the concert hall, they all swarmed towards the merchandise stand again, to sweep up the goods. I’m not too sure of all was sold out, but I’m quite sure even if it’s not sold out, few stocks would be left.

Well, these are my loots for the day:



At first really wanted to buy the other NM tees that was sold during the event, but have no other choice but to save it up for my future trip to Japan for her next concert too! Haha!

Her blog post (Credits to her blog at mizukinana.jp)

As per her blog post: She mentioned that she felt so happy that the Singapore crowd gave her a huge welcome at the airport, and she shed joyful tears when we waved the flag during Miracle Flight!

Yuuki, peace out~~

Mada’s Sunday Report 28 September 2014

Rokujouma no Shinryakusha 6

Ok, I didn’t expected myself to be so busy for this past week, but I can still share a lot more next week; there going to be a lot more new Anime coming up.

Currently I got many stuffs happening on my Clean hands, but that not going to stop me from doing much. Meaning I will sharing a lot of Animes which I peeked, and while I’m on it, I will sharing a few new Series of Light Novels and Manga which got my Sparkly Eyes activated!
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AFA I <3 AniSong Phase 2 and Final Concert Lineup

Hi peeps! After a long wait, the phase 2 announcement for the Anisong and final concert lineup is here! So without further ado, here’s the lineup AFA is presenting to use this year.

As shown in animefestivalasia’s official youtube channel, the following artistes would be present for the upcoming AFA 2014’s I <3 AniSong Concert.

Artiste are arranged in the order intro’ed in the video

– angela –> (Written By Nagakun, bribed with 1 ticket to a concert)
Formed in 1993, their first debut single in 1999, and breakthrough in 2002 with their song ‘Asu e no brilliant road’.
Angela had performed oversea Anime-related convention, including AFA in 2010, and the years later. They also feature songs for anime like K (Anime), Fafner in the Azure, Coppelion.

Comments: One of my favoured band. When I first listen to their song ‘Shangri-La’, it really attracted me, as the lyrics, instrumental music and the vocalist’s (atsuko’s) voice.
I was shocked to hear that atsuko can sound so nice and cute when she speak (Spoken to her, when I got her autograph along with KATSU in AFA13), but once she starts singing, it became a whole different story, and in turn is what attracted me to their songs. Also KATSU plays very well with his guitar, which is another merit for angela.
This year, as a avid fan that I am, will be looking to their concert!

Featured Songs include: KINGS, ANGEL, Shangri-La

Latest Single: Different colors
Latest Album: ZERO

– Kitamura Eri
A well-renowned voice actress in her own right, she has also released 2 albums and 10 singles for both J-pop and Anisong genre. She started voice acting in 2003, and her first single ‘Before the Moment’ was released in 2004. Besides doing singing and voice acting work, she also hosts a radio show titled キタエリあっ!on JOQR. She has done voice acting works for a several anime, notably Yui from Angel Beats!,  Araragi Karen from Monogatari series, Sakihata Rimi from Chaos;Head.

Comments: Kitaeri’s quite a popular voice actress, whom had attended several events such as AX and Animax Musix. Personally, I’m a frequent listener to her radio programme (logged on every Sun night to JOQR), and really like how she hosts her radio programs with different sections. What actually attracted my attention was when she voiced Yui from Angel Beats! Sure, I’ve heard her voice acting before, but believe it or not, what particularly captured my attention is Yui. ^^ Either way, who could ever forgot the line when she voiced Yui-nyan in the show. Haha. From then on, I’ve been a fan of her released singles as well.

Featured Songs include: BIRTH,  Be a diamond, 証×炎 -SHOEN-

Latest Single: 掌 -show-
Latest Album: Shomei

– The IDOLM@STER  –> (Written By Nagakun, as he’s such a fan of the series)
Initially started out as an arcade game, the franchise had grown to several sequel and spins-off, even including Anime, Manga and even hand-held console.
The game is about training new pop idol to stardom, which include relation building like a dating sim. Each characters got their own voice actress (VA), whom most are also singers.
The Live Concert features the same group of VA who voiced for IDOLM@STER, singing and dancing like pop idol.

Members appearing: Asami Imai, Yumi Hara, Manami Numakura, Ayaka Ohashi and Azusa Tadokoro

Comments: As mentioned, the singers are the VAs themselves, so there are a few of them whom I do take notice due to watching anime. For instance, Yumi who voice Marielle for Log Horizon and had released a new song this year; Rose on the breast.
Another interesting point to note would be that Ayaka Ohashi and Azusa Tadokoro, who had both appeared AFA 2013 at the Horipro booth, this year, on the other hand, I would be looking forward to their appearance on stage as a group unit, IDOLM@STER.

Featured Songs include: Ready!!, Change!!!!

Debuting in the year 2011, with the single Merry Go Round, ROOT FIVE is a vocal group composing of Dasoku, Pokota, Mi-chan, Kettaro and koma’n, whom started out from Nico Nico Douga’s Utattmita Section. The members themselves are skilled in various traits, and have participated in dramas, commercials, which in turn widens their time under the spotlight.

Comments: (By Nagakun) Considering that they are appearing in AFA for the first time, they have feature song for Anime like Saint Seiya Omega, in which I do like the music myself. Though I personally do not follow them much, but I will still be looking forward to their concert.

Featured Songs include: Kimi no Mirai, Next Generation

Latest Single: Love Treasure
Latest Album: ROOT FIVE

– Horie Yui
Horie Yui has been doing voice actress works since 1997, and landed her first main role in 2000, in the anime Love Hina. Since then, she has received several main roles in the following years. While she’s been doing voice acting roles during these years, she has released a total of 17 singles, and 9 albums. She has held several concerts titled 堀江由衣をめぐる冒険 I to IV during her career with great success, and joined in on other concerts as well. Horie Yui has her own radio program, 堀江由衣の天使のたまご on JOQR, in which has been ongoing for around 12 years.

Comments: Hocchan! One of my favourite Seiyuus, along with Nana Mizuki. One of the earliest anime that I’ve watched is Love Hina, and I absolutely just love how Naru was voiced. In the years to come, somehow one way or another, I came to register Hocchan’s voice in my head (Definitely not tough), and I’ll always keep an eye out for her works. That’s to say, I definitely like to listen to her singles and albums as well, mainly due to how much I liked her voice.堀江由衣の天使のたまご  is also one of the few radio programs that I’ve been tuning in to every Sun night too (time slot is afterキタエリあっ!) Definitely an eye opener to see her performance here in AFA. YAY!

Featured Songs include: Golden Time, Silky Heart, The♡World’s♡End

Latest Single: The♡World’s♡End
Latest Album: Himitsu (Studio Album)


Final AniSong Concert Lineup

Friday (5th December 2014, Friday)

  • angela
  • Eri Kitamura
  • DJ Kazu
  • Yui Horie

Saturday (6th December 2014, Saturday)

  • fripSide
  • LiSA
  • yanaginagi

Sunday (7th December 2014, Sunday)

  • Eir Aoi
  • FLOW
  • May’n

What a lineup for this year’s I <3 AniSong concerts. Definitely going to go for all 3 days. With the new influx of artiste and familiar faces appearing in these 3-day concert, trust me, it will be one hell of a ride.

So peeps, just a heads up, early bird offer starts on Oct 1 at 12noon, sooooo, remember to go grab your tickets. (I’m definitely going to grab mine!)

Yuuki, peace out~~

Otaku Tachi @Singapore Sunshine Plaza


I had chance across this interesting Anime shop, which actually caught my Sparkly Eyes during my walking session. Relocated to Sunshine Plaza in August 2014, it was also the timing when I almost missed out on this Anime shop.

Sunshine Plaza used to have a few Anime shops, until they were close down, and the only shop that caused me to go there would be Hobby Art Gallery to peek into a few Gunpla.

Ok, I’ll be honest that I like the fried Wanton over there, and my name cards were being printed over there. And it just so happened that I went down to print my name cards and was having some fried Wanton noodles for lunch that I was able to catch the shop on one side of my Sparkly Eye.

When I entered the shop, I was shocked to see something which the shop offered, in which most other Anime shops do not offer; Anime Merchandises and Accessories.

Of course Otaku House and Comic Connection do sell Anime products in Singapore; even Kinokuniya in Singapore is starting to step into this.

But what I can tell is that you will be unable to find what Otaku Tachi can offer, in which other shops will be less likely to.

So if you wonder where the place is or what Anime product you can look out for, just peek below with your Sparkly Eyes.

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Gunpla Expo 2014 Gallery

Hi peeps!

A short post today on Singapore’s very own Gunpla Expo 2014 review. On my previous post, I’ve mentioned that I’ll take some better pictures, and thus I’m here to deliver my promise for them.

The gallery highlights the Gunpla Builders World Cup’s (GBWC) entries in their respective categories (Open and Junior), the main mobile suit models from their respective series, and Kawaguchi-san (Master of Gunpla) (Check out the cool sunglasses!!)


P.S.:  One of my personal favourites would be the strike rouge coloured Strike Freedom. Who would ever knew that the colour pink would look so great on a Strike Freedom. I’m now so ever tempted to make my RG SF in pink, fully displayed out in the special dragoon effect parts.

It always awes me how amazing the Gunpla builders are, such that they can come up all those creative ideas on how to pose, display, and build those kits! Oh well, it will definitely take me some much needed time to catch up to their standards. (I mostly lose out on the patience part =p)

Anyway, without further ado, I present to you the gallery’s slideshow posted on Flickr.


Yuuki, peace out~~