Hatsune Miku Halloween Ver. Nendoroid


Ok, since it Halloween, so let take a peek at Miku dressing up for Halloween!

Well, another thing to note would be that this is the same present I gave to my imouto for her birthday which happen on Halloween, and before phototaking, I do need to ask her for some permission.


I also do like this nendoroid, but since I can only get one, I giving this as a present to my dear imouto, but the good thing is that I can play with it sometime. The spare parts are also simple to fix, and I had to agree that the pumpkin face look nice and cute.. (=x= ||)

Well, the pearl-like earring and on the dress actually got me wonder if they are real or not, well the big pumpkin kind of look tasty.


When I take it out to look at the detail, I was just speechless. Not only is the hair nicely painted, I was shock to see that her hands is able to move freely, so I can do different pose with her.

The little devil wing also seem to suit her well.


I find the pumpkin face to be cute (=w= ||)


Is that a candy cane?!


The details on the hair really look nice.


There are so many nice poses for Halloween Miku, which I just wonder how cute can she be and she is surprisingly easy to fix and move about. Initially I mistake it as another nendoroid that will going to be pain in the neck to fix. But look like I was wrong.

All I can say is good job to the Good Smile Company for this nice nendoroid, which I able to grab and give it as a birthday present to my imouto. (with thanks to Toycoin for able to make it in time)

Well, I just wonder how my imouto will like it though (=w= ||)

Hataraku Maou-sama! Opening Song – “Zero!!”

Singer / Lyrics – Minami Kuribayashi
Composer – Tomohiro Nakatsuchi
Anime – Hataraku Maou-sama! (Opening)

More Info @Anime Lyrics

zero song 0

Since I decided to repeek into the anime one more time, and at the same time reading the Light Novel again, might as well share one of my favor opening song, “Zero!!” Well, I once mistook it as closing when it was played at the end of Episode 2 initially.

Minami Kuribayashi have most of her song being in opening or ending of Anime and Games, like both opening for Infinite Stratos series. But till now, “Zero!!” is one of the music which I love to listen, and will play most in my phone when I out on a walking session.

zero song 1

Even if I am at home, it still one of my most played songs. I really like how the background instrumental start up and at the same time in tune with Minami’s singing. Well, her singing for this song really bring out how thing always start from zero, and still now, at times I will play this song to start my day. Well, the later version anime opening did show how both Emi and Maou start their day.

Another interesting note would be how there are background singers, in which the starting lyrics and chores actually activated my Listening Ears. Well, the starting instrumental did activated them too, but the lyrics “get out of the gate” really got my attention.

zero song 2

Another interesting thing when it come back to the anime, there are many different choice to start the starting. Well, I do prefer the latter version, but when it come to the flying part, I like how they show Emi flap her angel wing and really fly.

The earlier version was showing the characters’ daily life, and even for the later version, Ashiya have his interesting and fair bit of air time. I don’t mind his action pose when he was wearing his cape, but what got me laugh was that he had also become good in home chores himself.

zero song 3

As a whole, I will need to give a good credits for the improvement done on the later version of the Anime opening for Hataraku Maou-sama!

I really wonder how Minami can come up with a nice and catchy song for this anime, which I have to listen almost on a daily basis. Oh well, I think I will take some time listening to it a few more times (=w= ||)

Amagi Brilliant Park Closing Song – Elementalio de Aimashō!

Erementario de Aimashō!
Singers – Brilliant4 (Yuka Aisaka | Tomoyo Kurosawa | Shiori Mikami | Minami Tsuda)
Lyrics – Shoko Fujibayashi
Composer – Masaroni Takumi
Anime – Amagi Brilliant Park (Closing)

More Info
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Elementio B4

Ok, I personally not sure if the Brilliant4, one group of 4 voice actress just happened to voice the 4 elementio fairies in Amagi Brilliant Park, since they are 4 of them and being Brilliant on top of it.

Pun and joke aside, for a short closing anime, I have to give them the credit of giving Brilliant a nice song in which they can have a line each, and with their characters’ element being part of the lyrics.

Elementio B4 1

The background instrumental music also mix in with some nice beat, which really tune in well with the voice actress. Also I not sure if it was the closing anime was done in the way where the singers is singing the part when their characters appear, but I had to give another credits to the one who draw the anime too.

The art of the 4 fairies are indeed nicely done, which I found myself can’t stop peeking at them.

Elementio B4 2

Interesting the lyrics part about them putting an interesting show; the 4 fairies is where they sing and dance on stage at their attraction place, and one may look forward to their performance.

Well, I just wonder if the actual song will be that short, but let just listen to it for some short while (=w=||)

Amagi Brilliant Park Opening Song – Extra Magic Hour

Ekusutora Majikku Awā
Singer – Akino (with bless4)
Lyrics – Shoko Fujibayashi
Composer – Nao Tokisawa
Anime – Amagi Brilliant Park (Opening)

More Info
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Extra Magic Hour 0

The same singer for anime series Aquarion Evol, it also seem that Akino did a nice singing for the opening of Amagi Brilliant Park, in which I was kind of shocked to due to the way of the opening lyrics and music instrumental.

I also kind of got another shock at the singing voice of Akino for this sing, but the way the short anime for the beginning seem to mix in well with the lyrics of the song. Interesting is how Seiya was suppose to save the amusement from closing down and it seem that the whole place did change for the better.

Extra Magic Hour 1

The title did seem to be having that extra magical hour for Amagi Brilliant Park, but I do like the part about how each staff of Amagi Brilliant Park staring their life as they make their way to work. As the gate open up, the puzzle lyric part showing each of the Staff and their troubles.

It really interesting to see their interaction, and as it go along, they live their daily life. Interestingly, the lyrics about meeting new people change their life which is true in some sense, considering the Amagi Brilliant Park got many visitor each day, and different interaction can change a people.

Extra Magic Hour 2

Also another interesting thing to note would be the place do have it own bit of Magic despite being a normal amusement park, so I do look forward to each Anime episodes weekly. (=w= ||)

Amagi Brilliant Park


Amagi Buririanto Pāku

Creator – Shoji Gatoh (the same creator for Full Metal Panic Series)


Light Novel
Art by Yuka Nakajima
Published by Fujimi Shobo
5 Volumes [Ongoing]

Drawn by Kimitake Yoshioka
Published in Monthly Dragon Age, Fujimi Shobo
2 Volumes [Ongoing]

Amagi Brilliant Park? Mofu
Drawn by Kōji Azuma
Published in Monthly Dragon Age, Fujimi Shobo
0 Volumes [Ongoing]

Amagi Brilliant Park the animation
Written by AmaBri Restoration Committee
Drawn by Ami Hakui
Published in ComicWalker, Kadokawa
0 Volumes [Ongoing]

Directed by Yasuhiro Takemoto
Written by Fumihiko Shimo
Music by Shinkichi Mitsumune
Studio – Kyoto Animation
13 Episodes [Ongoing]

More Info
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@Batoto (Manga)


Story start about Isuzu Sento forcing Seiya Kanie to go on a date using her muzzleloader, at Amagi Brilliant Park.

Turned out to be that Isuzu wanted Seiya to take over the management of the place, in hope for him to save the amusement park from closing down. He got a bad impression of the main mascot, Moffle, who also seem to hate him bad, however Seiya was also request to help by the place owner, Latifah Fullanza.

Despite being a normal amusement park, some of the place are resident from the magical world and that having more visitors will help to maintain their existence; if Amagi Brilliant Park was to close down, the resident will have no place to go and will lose their existence after a period.


Initially Seiya was very reluctance to help out, but after noting the situation and the park residents’ feeling and situation, he decided to play the role of a bad guy by talking down the staffs and residents, but promising to use his abilities to help bring in the amount of target visitors so that the amusement park will not close down.

His condition to save the park differ from the LN and the anime, in which the Light novel and Manga was that he is to save the place in 2 weeks with 100,000 visitor though the Anime go with 250,000 visitors in 3 months.

Interestingly, the Anime did a rearrangement of the Light novel chapters, yet able to bring out the story as a whole despite having a few different plot and setting. Seiya however do promised to bring in the amount of visitors, he also put in the condition that he will only work for the short period just in order to save the amusement park.


Latifah is the blind princess of the magical world, and that she gave Seiya some magical power though a kiss. Seiya later develop a mind reading magic which he can only use it once on the same person. Isuzu was able to trick him into using on her so that he will no longer able to use it on her anymore.

The anime give a differ impression on the princess, as they seem to show her being a great cook and also not blind but they keep her weak and fragile side the same though.

Rejecting to help and refusing to believe about magic initially, the mind reading gave Seiya a wake-up call, and later checking out the amusement park one more time before he take up the job.


Turned out that Seiya did have a tie with the place himself and he was a star child during his youth, but an incident changed all his life, and why he become so arrogant too. Isuzu was tasked to operate and save the amusement park but was unable to, which is why she choose Seiya.

Initially many did go in a bad impression of Seiya, but they realized that his decision was right, even agreeing to a sudden close down for a day just to clean the whole place up, and at the same time repairing many spoil equipment.

Interestingly, as they start their stuffs, Seiya was ahead of the plans, and start on the next situation. But he isn’t the type not to listen to the staffs reasoning, like when he wanted to open the place up for free, he did a rethinking and choose to open at 30 yen instead.


Many of the other staffs are also impress by Seiya, even Isuzu did doubt her own ability when she was in charge.

The first episodes did leave me with a nice impression, and I like how the joke go about in the Anime, which later got me rushing to take a peek at the Light Novel. Well it due to reading the light novel that got me realized the different plot and setting, but I still looking forward to the Anime episodes.

I only read up to volumes 2 of the Light novel, so I only have some rough idea in a few situation; even as I wish to spoil what happen next, let leave it this since I did mentioned how the anime being differ from the Light Novel. The Manga did started with a few chapter origin from the Light novel.


I have to give credit to the Creator for such an interesting setting which is unlike most other Light Novel I peek into so far, and it didn’t come to my mind that it was the same creator as Full Metal Panic series too.

But even so, Amgai Brilliant Park got it nice entertainment and fun which I will be looking forward to it, and hopefully to visit some day (=w= ||)

GameStart 2014


GameStart 2014
SunTec Convertion Centre
Hall 403
25 – 26 October 2014 [Event Ended]
Entrance Fees (SGD): 8.50 per day / 15 both days / Cosplayers (Free)
Home Page @Site
(Credits – Photo taken from GameStart Facebook)

Game Start 2014 was about introducing some new games and letting gamer to have some hand-on on the demo, there also some freebies, and also to relive some moment of pass ancient game console.


Few of the highlight of the place of course had to the new games, like Final Fantasy Type-0, Tales of Hearts R and many other more. Singtel even give a promotion of Playstation 4 when one sign internet package with them.

They even have some nice cosplayers walking down to the events, with the bonus that they are able to enter freely, and I mean Freely! They don’t even need to pay for the 8.50 dollar. Sadly I had to admit that the real attraction of the events was how the long queue was.

Not only was the queue was long, due to the overwhelming amount of turn-up, the place was flood of gamers, and it a really bad deal of having to pay for a SGD $8.50 just to queue up and waiting for hours just before getting into the events.


But let not take that into too much consideration, as overall many have enjoy their visit, with the events introducing a few nice games which hardly be seen in Singapore. Even I missed the Guilty Gear which I used to play non-stop, hoping to improve my skills, plus the hand-on demo of a few nice game did left an impression of wanting to grab hold the actual games itself to enjoy playing at home, at own time, own target.

As a whole, though the event was small, the turn-up did give me a shock due to the long queue, and how many wanting to try a hand on the games demo, and with hopes of some nice freebies.. Well I wasn’t lucky to grab any though.

Main concerns is the ticket fees and the queue waiting time, which didn’t seem to tie down most of the people there, but what I can say?

At least the place did offer few nice peeking around.

Yuuki’s Single & Album Highlights Corner for Nov’14 Releases

It’s that time of the month again. And like what I previously promised, I’ll get the post out for Nov 14 a few days to a week before the month actually starts. I’ve being really busy lately, with all new projects coming in, so my posts are cut down to a minimum. (~Well, originally I’m not supposed to post much anyways, haha)

For the month of November, the music sensation from the fall 2014 anime season continues, with music from various shows’ OP and ED releasing during the month. On top of that, I’ve put up a few of the other releases that aren’t related to the shows at all, just various hits that came under my radar.

As such, I’ll start of with this month’s attraction. Of course IMHO. =D

*The following list is by no means a complete listing of releases for November.

Nov 05 – Ceui – Pandora
Nov 05 – Kanae Ito – Shooting Star
Nov 05 – KOTOKO – ZoNE-iT
Nov 05 – Komatsu Mikako – Latimer road
Nov 05 – fhana – Hoshikuzu no Interlude
Nov 05 – SCREEN Mode – Amazing The World
Nov 05 – Guratamin – Sensation Signal
Nov 05 – DIVA (AKB48) – DIVA
Nov 05 – NMB48 – Rashikunai
Nov 05 – Chay – Wishes
Nov 12 – Miyano Mamoru – BREAK IT!
Nov 12 – ELISA – Eonian
Nov 12 – Aoi Eir – Tsunagaru Omoi
Nov 12 – i Ris – Miracle Paradise
Nov 12 – Toyosaki Aki – Portrait
Nov 12 – Berryz Kobou – Towa No Uta/Romance Wo Katatte
Nov 12 – Kuraki Mai – MAI KURAKI BEST 151A -LOVE & HOPE-
Nov 19 – Amamiya Sora – Tsuki Akari
Nov 19 – Ono Daisuke – Mission D
Nov 19 – Suzuki Konomi – Ginsen no Kaze
Nov 19 – Kalafina – believe
Nov 19 – ZAQ – Seven Doors
Nov 19 – Kato Fuku – You Gotta Love Me!
Nov 19 – Tamaki Nami –  Vivid Telepathy
Nov 19 – C-ute – I miss you / THE FUTURE
Nov 19 – ROOT 5 – Kimi no Mirai
Nov 26 – Kanako Ito – Hijitsukai Seishounen
Nov 26 – AKB48 – Kibouteki Refrain
Nov 26 – Tokyo Performance Doll – DREAM TRIGGER

Among the upcoming releases listed above, I would possibly be getting a few of the singles, namely Tsunagaru Omoi (Aoi Eir) and Latimer Road (Komatsu Mikako). Haha. It all comes down to what I’ll be able to afford in the end as well (Shipping’s expensive =x). Komatsu Mikako’s is a new artiste in which I have been listening to for these past few months, namely her song, Sky Message, which was released earlier this year. Her voice has an awesome ring to it. A strong and stable vocal. Therefore her single is definitely something that I can look forward to.

A peaceful and light-hearted feeling from this cover~
A peaceful and light-hearted feeling from this cover~
A fantastic, stylish cover of Aoi Eir~
A fantastic, stylish cover of Aoi Eir~

That’s all for November’s preview. This is going on well, haha. I’m quite glad that I managed to come out with this post before the actual month itself this time round. Let’s hope this pace keeps on going~

Yuuki, signing off.

Pokemon Day 2014 (Singapore)


There was a little Pokemon day event for Singapore which happened at Jalan Basar Stadium, one of the oldest stadium in Singapore, so old that even I wasn’t aware of where it was until my own mother have to tell me the actual place since she used to work near that place before.

Interesting, the Singapore Pokemon day was organized by Maxsoft, but it had to be held at the stadium but on the day of a match. Wouldn’t be surprise to see one whole lots of people since they were giving out 3000 Shiny Gengar with Genarnite, enable it to Mega Evolve to a white Shiny Mega Gengar.

Some do like a white mega Gengar, since it do look cooler than it origin. But the place do have another interesting buy at the place, a small booth selling pokemon stuffs, like Pokemon Special adventures series, some soft plushie dolls.


Well, Maxsoft did gave some nice gifts to many, while at the same time there place is pack with small booths of snacks and drinks. Even some nice cold beer is a treat.

What got me peeking would be the Pokemon poster on the wall and windows which also displaying the soon-to-be released Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire Pokemon 3DS console game. There are some Pokemon like Metagross and Eevee or Trainers like Cheren and Bianca. Well, they are not there to have Pokemon Battle, but there are many other passerby trainers who glad to have some battle instead.

Before the start of the soccer match between Albirex Niigata FC and Home United FC, there was a small little cheerleader dance off, with many cute little girls and end with Pikachu appearing. Well, I had to admit that once Pikachu appear, as he dance and move around, many camera just went wild.

Even I took as many cute poses as I can.


Pikachu also get to have some handshake with the 2 football team before they start the kick off.

Well, the stadium did have a loud cheerleading team as the match went on; well the place is packed with people. It was a good chance to get some street pass and getting new puzzle piece (=w= ||)

Also, did I mentioned that there were some nice kids wearing Pikachu hats? Well, Pikachu did pose nicely with them too.

As a whole, to be honest, I don’t really get the idea of Pokemon appearing for the football match, but in either way, at least there are some nice stuffs lying around, only thing will be not to get in sight of a Pokemon trainer…

Gallery of Pokemon Day 2014 Singapore

Trinity Seven

T7 0

トリニティセブン 7人の魔書使い
Toriniti Sebun: Shichi-nin no Masho Tsukai
Trinity Seven: 7-nin no Masho Tsukai

Creator – Kenji Saitō


Drawn by Akinari Nao
Published in Monthly Dragon Age, Fujimi Shobo
9 Volumes [Ongoing]

Directed by Hiroshi Nishikiori
Written by Hiroyuki Yoshino
Music by Technoboys Pulcraft Green-Fund
Studio – Seven Arcs
12 Episodes [Ongoing | 3 episodes so far]

More Info
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@Batoto (Manga)

T7 1

Story was about Arata Kasuga who created a world on his homeland after he had destroyed it with his breakdown phenomenon and losing his cousin, Hijiri, and meet up with a magician, Lilith Asami.

Deciding to learn magic to bring back Hijiri, he was introduced to the magic world by Lilith who turned out to be his teacher despite being same age.

Sora, Hijiri’s grimoire, went along with Arata, and become his in order to let him to be a magician and to control his power. Interesting, he was later noted as the Magic King (Maou, also known as Demon Lord) due to able to create a new world on his own due to his power.

T7 2

The magic school Principal did welcome him and is known as a pervert like Arata. He told Arata to meet the Trinity Seven so that he can control his magic and to bring back Hijiri, but what they didn’t know about the principal’s plan was that in other parallel world, there exist Magic King with their own Trinity Seven and their purpose was to rule and destroy their own world.

Interesting Arata may hold power that can destroy the world, including his breakdown phenomenon which cause thing and even human to break into tiny atom, and be adsorbed into the Black Sun.

Arata later learnt that his power can easily went out of control, in which he decided to take on an archive “Control” to keep hold of his power, while he learn to use magic.

T7 3

Magic in this story is based on research of the 7 deadly sins, and which got their own categories, and that no other can learn magic that is not under the sin. Like one who is learning “frends” file, can’t use “expectation” magic due to both of under different sin.

Interesting as the Magic King, Arata was able to copy other people magic, but he still need to learn the basic of the magic from scratch and to understand the deadly sin first before he is able to make use of the power. The Trinity Seven are 7 girls who are able to power up to their “Last Crest” or lost technology, which is why Arata was to meet all of them and to learn their power.

But the path for him isn’t as easy as he think, since the Trinity Seven later took interests in Arata, and it take more than a few chapters for him to master all their power. Arin Kannazuki wanted to be his bride despite looking like Hijiri herself, Levy Kazama the ninja place her expectation on him and been so far the only girl whom not seen naked by Arata.

T7 4

Well, Arata’s initial magic was to dispel, which can also strip other girls’ clothes.

He later meet Mira Yamana and Akio Fudō who both take care of security in school, and beating down breakdown phenomenon, and they all did managed to stop Yui Kurata’s power from going out of control. The last Trinity Liselotte Sharlock, twin of Serina Sharlock, turned evil due to wish to become strong at the quickest pace and was trap in her magic until she was saved by Arata in later chapters.

Interestingly, Arata is a pervert which this traits run in all Magic King, including other world. However he try not to let his inner demon consume him, taking control of his magic and to even defeated another world magic king.

T7 5

So far I been peeking into this series since it launch and I been following the creators’ work, including it previous “Countrouble”, which later led me to this manga. Well, for a shoenen manga, there are a few moment of Arata being in prevy situation with the Trinity Seven that even the Principal is jealous of.

Mind you the principal is one of the top 5 mage in the world who can fix his destroyed school with his magic.

I do read the manga for the story since I do want to know how Arata react and relate to his situation, which got me interested and excited about the next chapters. It not easy for him to be the magic king since he is also being target by the evil group in the story. Despite that magic king is evil in other world, Arata did not swing that way and that he will try to control his power while learning the 7 deadly sins power from the Trinity Seven.

T7 6

Well, he did obtained another grimoire, Llya and even the magic king sword later on, which increase his power over. Interestingly, Lilith’s father turned out to be the another world magic king, and he did appear in front of Arata as his father after his defeat.

Another interesting thing I like is how Arata interact with Trinity Seven, like Levi expecting Arata to try to strip her with his magic, or Yui calling him “Oni-san”. Even Mira who got bad impression of him can later fell in love with him. Akio get along with him the easier despite her power to easily kill him with her punch and kick at first.

I do collect the manga and peek into them once in a while, which is interesting and me having a good laugh due to the gags in the story, mostly caused with Arata being around. At least he is grateful for seeing other girl naked, or in prevy situation with them, only to have him being hit till near death by either Mira or Lilith most of the time.

T7 7

Well, I had to admit that I was really looking forward to the anime myself, except for the opening music at first…

Despite the anime having cutting off some interesting part of the manga, I still find the movement and story plot to be smoothly and nicely done. Well, I was kind of hoping for a 20 plus episodes to be honest, but I’m still good since the anime still got it funny part.. (=w= ||)

As far as Arata is learning on his magic, do you also wish to learn magic from the Trinity Seven too?

K (Anime)


Creators – GoRA


Studio – Gohands

Season 1
Directed by Shingo Suzuki
Music by Mikio Endo
13 Episodes [Completed]

Season 2
Scheduled 2015

K: Missing K
Released on 2014, July 12nd


K – Memory of Red
Drawn by Yui Kuroe
Published in Aria, Kodansha
Peek @Batoto

K – Days of Blue
Drawn by Yui Kuroe
Published in Aria, Kodansha

K – Stray Dog Story
Drawn by Minato Saki
Published in good! Afternoon, Kodansha

K – The First
Drawn by Kihura Rin
Published in GFantasy, Square-Enix

K -Lost Small World-
Drawn by Ookita Yoru
Published in Hatsu Kiss

Light Novels
Drawn by Shingo Suzuki (GoHands)
Written by GoRA
Published by Kodansha

K – SIDE:Black & White
K -Lost Small World-

More Info
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Story started right off with the Red Clans known as Homra, led by Mikoto Suoh the Red King, going around finding the person who killed one of their friends, Tatara Totsuka.

The culprit claimed himself to be the new Colorless King but strangely, Yashiro Isana look like the same person but wasn’t aware of such things.

The blue King Reishi Munakata, leader of Scepter 4, had keep hold Mikoto in a cells after the Red king give himself in. Few reasons for that were so that the Scepter 4 will be busy looking after the Red Kings so that his own men can go look for the Colorless king.

Another is to show that he had lowered his guard so that the culprit will appear before Mikoto.

But due to Homra leaking the footage of Tatara’s death, Scepter 4 had taken action and wish to know what truly happened, which Munakata being aware that the murder not only involve Mikoto and Yashiro.

The Sliver King, Adolf K. Weismann and Golden King Daikaku Kokujoji been hinted to be the one who planned the whole things up, though in the end they were also involved instead of being the masterminds.

Interestingly, Weismann is shown to have a power of immortality as he didn’t age one bit for half a century, nor will he die. Plus he is the first king who awakens his power before the other kings.

Another thing to note about the 7 Kings, each known with a color, is powerful person who can summon their Aura as a form of a Giant Swords. Plus their influences are so great that they play important in their own territories; should another king invade without a valid reason, it could lead to war and battle.

A bit of the powers can be given to their men, which shown that their followers having abilities, and the color of their Aura shown which kings they serve.

The Red Homra is shown to be a group of gangsters, The Blue Scepter 4 being the one who keep the peace like the police.

The former Colorless King, Ichigen Miwa, got the power to see the future, and he ordered his vassal Kuroh Yatogami to kill the next Colorless king if he is evil.

Daikaku is in charge of Japan, including technology and government. It also seems that he serves Weismann despite being the Golden King, and being the only one closest to Weismann.

Due to personal reason, it was seems that Weismann was the one behind the death of Tatara, and misled many other to think that Yashiro is the culprits. However the new Colorless King ability was to take over another person’s body, like a ghost procession, since he is a fox spirit.

So Weismann and the fox spirit got their body swap, and was supposed to drop off from the floating ship, thought he crash landed on a school instead.

Initially his memories was erased by Neko, his pet cat who got the ability to shift being her cat and human form, and able to make use of Illusion.

She can also manipulate with other people memories too. However it got a range limit and the others’ memories will be back to normal, forgetting who Yashiro is.

Which explained Neko tends to stick around with Yashiro most of the time, while at the same time protecting him.

Interesting is that she tend to be naked as she in fact is a cat, which caused dismay to both Yashiro and Kuroh at first.

Even Yashiro is unsure of what caused him to the targets after his memories were erased, but Neko later show back his memories, and learn of what truly happened. Yashiro thought he was a student at Ashinaka High School, but Neko was the one behind on manipulating memories everyone on the Island.

Kuroh decided to help out and follow Yashiro to determine if he was truly evil. Interesting, as Neko is a cat who stick to Yashiro, Kuroh who was known as Black Hound, is seen as the ‘Dog’ next to Yashiro.

But he is a great cook, and a diligent person.

The footage leaked by Homra may show Yashiro who killed Tatara, however it was done so that the other will go after Yashiro. It also seems that the fox spirit got its own plans.

The fights in the anime tend to be quick and short, but the intense of it are sure shown very nicely and smoothly.

Also I like the back ground music at some parts, which add some tension to the anime. And the OP/ED is very catchy and nice. I like how they mix Japan and English to the lyric. Well, another reason for me to like Angela.

Another interesting fact is that the title [K] got many meanings, in which almost all the title of each episode are started with “K” expect for one, which include a “K” to the title instead.

At first I had mistaken the K for Kings, as based off the 7 Kings.

The ending in Season 1 did kind of end with many questions, but when they released the Anime film, it did answer many of it, while I can look forward to the next season.

As far as I peeked, do you want to serve one of the 7 Kings and gain special ability in [K]?