Yuuki’s Single & Album Highlights Corner for Dec’14 Releases

Greetings! I’m back again, for this month’s post! Have being terribly busy these few weeks, and thus delayed the post till now. Glad to make it on the last day of the month, and it is within the last hour too (in my timezone), that I finally publish this post.

As per usual, I’ve taken notes of releases which captured my attention for this coming month. With most of the anime season’s  op/ed/inserts already released, I’ve looked into other artists to cover for the nutrients that I would require for the month (Haha, I feed on new singles!).

Without further ado, I shall present the list of releases sorted by date for the month of Dec 14. ~Yay~

**The following list is by no means a complete listing of releases for December,  just singles, albums that I found interesting IMHO.

Dec 03 – Tomatsu Haruka – Courage
Dec 03 – Rev. from DVL – Real / Koi Iro Passion
Dec 03 – BoA – Fly
Dec 03 – wacci – Kirameki
Dec 03 – Pile – Densetsu no Flare
Dec 03 – Silent Siren – Koiyuki
Dec 03 – Chelsy – Yes / Good-bye Girl
Dec 03 – Aqua Timez – Ikite
Dec 03 – X21 – X Gift
Dec 03 – Niiyama Shiori – ZETTAI
Dec 03 – IDOL COLLEGE – True End Player
Dec 03 – Negicco – Hikari no Spur

Dec 10 – LiSA – Shirushi
Dec 10 – Uesaka Sumire – Enma Daiou Ni Kiitegoran
Dec 10 – SKE48 – 12-gatsu no Kangaroo
Dec 10 – Team Syachihoko – Shampoo Hat
Dec 10 – yanaginagi – Polyomino
Dec 10 – Palet – Snow Distance
Dec 10 – Passpo☆ – TRACKS
Dec 10 – tsuribit – Fishing Life
Dec 10 – Royz – Supernova
Dec 10 – TOKYO GIRLS’ STYLE – Say Long Goodbye/Himawari To Hoshikuzu – English Ver.
Dec 10 – FANTASISTA – PrizmaX
Dec 10 – Do As Infinity – Mysterious Magic
Dec 10 – 9mm Parabellum Bullet – Seimei no Waltz
Dec 12 – Sphere – Natsuiro Kiseki Complete Songs -Ano Natsu no Kakera

Dec 16 – photograph – Sorairo Everyday
Dec 17 – Toshiyuki Toyonaga – Reason…
Dec 17 – predia – Utsukushiki Koduku Tachi
Dec 17 – FYT – Gakuen Jigoku
Dec 17 – The Margarines – Good Bye Shakkin Tengoku
Dec 17 – Terashima Yufu – Neko ni Naritai
Dec 17 – Itano Tomomi – COME PARTY!
Dec 17 – BACK-ON – Cerulean/Silent Trigger

Dec 24 – yanaginagi – Sweet Track
Dec 24 – Hanazawa Kana – Kokyutosu
Dec 24 – Watanabe Miyuki – Yasashikusuruyori Kiss wo Shite
Dec 24 – Hamasaki Ayumi – Zutto… / Last Minute / Walk
Dec 24 – Tamura Yukari – Title To be Confirmed
Dec 24 – JK21 – After School
Dec 24 – P.IDL – Stay with Me
Dec 24 – Hiroshima Maples – RPM
Dec 24 – Idoiling!!! – Yuki Usagi
Dec 24 – Vislip – Yoru
Dec 24 – Ikimonogatari – FUN! FUN! FANFARE!
Dec 24 – Dorothy Little Happy – Circle of the World
Dec 28 – petit milady – Aoi to Ayano no La Puchimi Radio Cute De Pop Na Twinkle CD 2


Eeeeya~~ LiSA’s newest single, Shirushi,  is stated for release on the 10 Dec, which is definitely should not be missed. Needless to say, but I’ve already made a purchase for the limited edition with the DVD for the MV. =D.

With the release date a few days after AFA 2014, it caused me to wonder if there would be a possibility of early release in SG?…  Nahhh, scratch that, I truly doubt so though…. However, should it really be available then, I won’t mind getting a second copy! Haha.

Just look at this cover!! Absolutely breathtaking and stunning!! (#Notbiased)
Just look at this cover!! Absolutely breathtaking and stunning!! (#notbiased)

Next, I’ve also made another pre-order alongside Shirushi, and which is Haruka Tomatsu’s newest single, Courage. The song grew on me while watching SAOII for the past month, and it really made me pushed over my budget, to get this release as well. Haruka Tomatsu-san is one of those rare seiyuus, who has such a nice appealing and silvery voice, and have released several singles till date. (PS. The first animation which I first heard her voice was way back in 2007 in Polyphonica)

Haruka Tomatsu - Courage Cover Limited Ed
Look at the lights man! Believe it anot, I’ve never seen a cover on her singles before as such.

Though for the time being, I’ve managed to restrict myself, by only purchasing 2 thus far for this month, I have a gut feeling that I’ll see myself purchasing more in the days to come, as I’ll be flying to Tokyo in Dec. I already have my eyes set on Watanabe Miyuki’s first solo single, to be released on 22 Dec. May god bless me from bleeding to death.. Haha~

Ps. Next post, will be on AFA 2014’s concerts. We will be covering stage events as well, so stay tune! This year will be totally different, with media access and all, (Courtesy of the organizers). Geez, time sure flies, counting down, not inclusive of today and the day itself, only 4 DAYS LEFT!

Yuuki, signing off~

Collateral Damage Studios (C.D.S)

(Credits – Pictures / Artworks taken from C.D.S homepage and Facebook)

I’ve come across the illustration studio, Collateral Damage Studios (CDS), several times at Anime conventions that were held in Singapore, and from then, I’ve been taken a quick liking to some their artworks.

The interesting aspect about CDS is how well they could showcase the fabulously done artworks of their artists. For instance, at last year’s Anime Festival Asia (AFA), they have garnered a large amount of fans with the creation of Inori Aizawa, the mascot of the ‘“Internet Explorer”, by putting together a video of said character.

Do view below for the featured special animation of Inori created by CDS, which you should definitely not miss!

Come this year’s AFA, CDS has taken another step forward by introducing another character by the name of Seika, for the annually held event. In the animation clip itself, it is seen that they had several interesting characters who are ‘guest-starring’ in it, and to name a few would be Morai from Culture Japan, as well as AFA-chan, the famed mascot for AFA.

Just by watching the clip, it is able to get me all pumped up for this coming year’s AFA! With such a short teaser, once could only imagine what CDS would bring to the tables for this coming event. Something that I’m definitely looking forward to.

When I too, was informed about the Doujin book, “Shin Kai Sei Kan”, which will be drawn with different perspective designs, my Sparkly Eyes were activated, and are filled with desires of obtaining a copy at AFA. Another event which will definitely bring a smile on my face on that day.

Seika character art design

Collateral Damage studios
Contact – ohayo@collateralds.com
Facebook – www.facebook.com/cds.sg
Homepage – www.collateralds.com

CDS’s Overview (Taken from CDS Facebook)
CDS started as an initiative by a group of art enthusiasts with lofty dreams of conquering the local illustration scene with their unique pop-culture-inspired art direction and to promote local art talents to the Singapore community. Through our artworks, we hope to inspire creativity and generations of artists, making the world a prettier place for the eyes.

Inori 1

Nagakun’s interview
CDS had been very busy with their on-going projects thus far this year, which they would be showcasing during the AFA event this year. However, as lucky as I am, I managed to snitch some time from the Project Manager’s (Mr. KC Ng) busy schedule to conduct a short and sweet interview about CDS. (P.S. We went for a nice dinner together after the interview too!)

After the interview, I’m able to understand just the numerous amount of projects that they have undertaken, and despite the heavy workload, it did not deter them from engaging in another project, namely the AFA animation clip. Along with that, they also embarked on a new Doujin titled “Shin Kai Sei Kan” and a simple card game, “Pet x Love”.

Nanako and Comic

How was Collateral Damage Studios (CDS) formed?
KC: CDS was formed by a group of artist friends 7 years ago when Doujin was considering new.

What the focus of CDS?
KC: Basically, we enjoy drawing and improving our skills.

Coffee and Comic

What changes did CDS gone through since establishment?

KC: As a Doujin circle, it has been a smooth sailing even though most of the founding members have moved on to a bigger position in the industry, and we have new members joining us.

A Doujin Circle is a group of informal friends who gather, enjoy and share their works, though at times there were arguments and disagreements among ourselves.

What is your favourite anime?
KC: That is a tricky question as there are many interesting series this year, which I have a hard time choosing one as my favor.

However, I will be looking forward to Kancolle (Kantai Collection) this coming season.

Shin Kai Sei Kan

Will CDS be sharing stuffs related to Kancolle at AFA this year?
KC: Yes, in fact we will be introducing a new Doujin book call “Shin Kai Sei Kan” at our creator hub booth at AFA, though we have very limited stock for it.

I’m quite excited since it has a while we last have a proper Doujin book, and we have put in a lot of works and efforts into this Doujin book.

Kancolle 1

Most of the artists are also busy with their own work, yet they are able to come up with spare time to create nice artworks for these Doujins. Even the not-so-experienced artists are producing their best artworks.

The book is focusing on a different angle of the Kancolle characters, which unlike other moe girls, the artwork style will be more of an edgy and epic area of the characters.

We have not done anything as epic and with such high production value for a while, so it’s really making me look forward to holding this book in my hands.

kancolle 2

While on the topic of Moe girls, currently, CDS is working on another project known as “Pet x Love”. Care to share more on that?
KC: This year, it quite interesting that CDS will be having 2 booths; one at the creator hub and another is the exhibit booth which “Pet x Love” will be strongly featuring over there.

It started with an idea and concept about Cats vs. Dogs and understanding that people like to play games during events, we decided to bring some light carnival mood to AFA 2014, where we will be running a small competition called “Pet x Love” for the whole day.

As the game was developing, we decided on a back-story and came up with a simple 4-koma comic which we did share on our Facebook, while at the same time asking for opinions such as preferences, which is also a great help too.

Gallery of Pets x Love Comic (click on the side arrow to see next)

The “Pet x Love” cards game will be available at our AFA Exhibition Booth, in which an individual whom buy “Pet x Love” related stuffs, will be given some free cards.

Utilizing the cards, we will hold a small competition where the players can either choose the Dogs faction or the Cats faction and fight against the opposing faction, with points being tallied to the overall final score.

Pets x Love

At the end of the day, the top players of both factions will get to win a Dakimakura as the prize. The winning faction will then have a lottery in which one lucky winner will be selected to and walk away with a Dakimakura.

The design of the cards are also cute so the players would be keen to keep them as collection, and may wish to continue playing with their friends if they have enough cards.

Recently there is an AFA Anime Video done by CDS, care to share a bit on it?

The animation video was done by 7 people together with the director from CDS and the whole process took us about 2 to 3 months inclusive of overtime too. There were many different ideas and character arts during the brainstorming period, and finally we decided on the current character, Seika.

It wasn’t an easy ride as we need to keep everything according to schedules and plans, but we are very happy with the end result.


Nagakun’s Personal Note
Here, I would like to give a big fat thumbs up for my praise on the artists who contributed such fantastic artworks. Furthermore, I also like the 2 mascot characters that CDS has created: Inori and Seika as well as their featured animations.

They have nice merchandises with very brilliant artwork designs for sales, so… head on over to their online shop to check them out!

Wanko vs Neko

Or you can keep a look-out at their booths held at AFA Singapore 2014 for their new Doujin book “Shin Kai Sei Kan” along with the Card game “Pet x Love”.

Although they are an illustrations studio, they are technically still a Doujin circle, so fellow-minded artists who are keen to look for advices, sharing of artwork, do drop them an email if you are an interested.

Even before I took notice of them, they had already been producing nice artworks in the industry. Personally speaking, the Moe characters created/drawn by them, really attracts me so much.

Pets x Love

Nagakun’s Final View
Collateral Damage Studios is a Doujin Circle, so if you’re an artist who’re looking for a group of friends to draw some nice artworks with, or if you’re looking for someone to draw some nice artworks for you, you can consider CDS as one of your choices.

At the time of writing, they had already produced several magnificent pieces of artworks, and in the near future, we’ll be sure to see more to be added to that collection. So, since I normally had quite an eye out for such illustrations, I’m pretty sure you’ll take a liking for them as well.

Pokémon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire


ポケットモンスター オメガルビー&アルファサファイア
Poketto Monsutā Omega Rubī & Arufa Safaia
Pokémon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire

Origin Series – Pokemon Ruby and Sapphire

Series – Pokemon
Developed by Game Freak
Published by Nintendo | The Pokémon Company
Directed by Shigeru Ohmori
Composed by Minako Adachi | Go Ichinose | Hitomi Sato | Junichi Masuda

Console – Nintendo 3DS
Genre – Role-playing

More Info
@Wikipedia | @Serebii

@Japan | @International


For 12 Years of waiting, since last I had played Pokemon Ruby, Sapphire and Emerald numerous times to the point that I was hoping for a nice remakes by the Pokemon Company and Game Freak. When previously Pokemon X and Y was released, there were many interesting hints about a remake on Pokemon Ruby and Sapphire.

When Pokemon X and Y change it game to a 3-D style, the one thing that many were looking forward was how will they remake Pokemon Ruby and Sapphire, imagining it to be in 3-D as well as getting to enjoy the games that was one of my favor.


Of course I did pre-order the game, as like in the past where I started with Ruby, this time I will be starting Omega Ruby Version. The Sapphire belong to my younger sister even though I help on completing most of the story and stuffs while she just choose and train her favor Pokemon.

Emerald belong to me though I had played this version the most of the three, and due to the game, I was really looking forward to the remakes.

battle 3ds

They have brought back Secret bases and Pokemon Contest, as well as importing the 3-D of Pokemon X and Y, and some of it features which is now the upgraded PokeNav. Interesting to note about the PokeDex this time is based on the old Game Boy Advance Console design, which really bring me back when I was holding it on my hands and I was playing the game till I get silly.

Another thing to note is the Mega Evolution with even more Pokemon able to get into their mega forms, but the most interesting thing to note is how Slowbro and Beedrill managed to get into the list themselves.

start 3ds

Pikachu get to cosplay with nice clothes which will affect some of his skill moves, but what I like is that this time, they give Pikachu the actual clothes to wear and battle. I wonder if this will be expanded in future if they letting Pokemon to wear some nice accessory before battle.

As Pokemon Ruby and Sapphire got it fixed characters, Brendan and May; the players can only get to choose either Boy or Girl where they are unable to customize the character unlike Pokemon X and Y.

kyogue 3ds

Also when they say remake, of course most characters are going to have some reformed one way or another, and that including the bad guys, Team Aqua and Team Magma. Well the story is still somehow same as the older version Ruby and Sapphire, they have change a few style and the story to suit it more for the current new remakes.

Though it seem that you can’t get to ride on Pokemon for this version, that do not mean they did not let you stop riding on Pokemon; you can surf and diva with Kyogue which seem to dominate the sea or even Sharpedo which move at twice the normal speed when surfing.


You can even ride on Latios or Latias and fly around the Hoenn Region, and even have encounter while flying up in the sky. Talk about riding on lands, now I prefer the sky and the sea.

Horde Encounter has taken up another level, when previous Pokemon X and Y offer to fight against five wild Pokemon, Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire add in a Horde of Trainers, so it best to plan ahead, otherwise you will get taken out by them easily.


As a whole, Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire not only hit the expectation of mine with the remakes, but the introduce of features from Pokemon X and Y was able to make it one best remakes I have ever seen, even making me to stop whatever I doing at the moment and to play the game, beat the Pokemon Champion and completed most of the story.

So have you started your Pokemon Omega Ruby / Alpha Sapphire yet?

Fate/stay Night: Unlimited Blade Works (2014 TV Anime)


Feito/sutei naito Anrimiteddo Bureido Wākusu
Fate/stay Night: Unlimited Blade Works

Original Series – “Fate/stay Night” by Type-Moon

Anime (Alternative Route / TV)
Directed by Takahiro Miura
Written by Kinoko Nasu
Music by Hideyuki Fukasawa
Studio – Ufotable
26 Episodes [Ongoing]

1st Opening – “ideal white” by Mashiro Ayano
1st Ending – “Believe” by Kalafina

More Info
@Wikipedia | @Anime News Network

@ufotable | @Type-Moon


Story for Fate/Stay Night: Unlimited Blade Works is how Rin Tōsaka and Shiro Emiya work together closely with many odds against them, and always getting into more pinches than they asked for.

The starting is the same as the original Fate/stay Night, where Rin summons Archer as her servant and saved Shiro who was wounded by Lancer during their fight.


Up to the part when their first fight against Illyasviel von Einzbern and Berserker, the story head into a different route known as “Unlimited Blade Works” and also the Noble Phantasm of Archer, the future version of Shiro himself, and telling of his personal goal in this Holy Grail War where he will be playing a bigger role that will affect the whole story in this route.

I had watched and followed many Fate series, and I took an instant liking to it when I peeked into the first Fate/stay Night anime, as well as the anime film version of the Unlimited Blade Works route.


Of course I am very excited when they announced this anime series, as I have been a long time fan for Fate Series, and this time they are expanding the story of the Unlimited Blade Works route; with more actions, more conversation and more insight story as it is going to be a 26 episodes.

One notable thing was that there was an episode 0, which step into how Rin summons Archer, and during one of her investigation at her school encounter Lancer, and saving Shiro which signify the start of the Fate/stay Night story.


Though the story having focus on Shiro, the anime also show the movements and actions of Rin, including how she investigate the death and murders done by other Masters / Servants, making her the heroine of the story route.

Both Rin and Shiro agree to team up earlier in the story before agreeing to settle among themselves due to the happening in the city, as well as to their close-by.


The story is also how both of them seemingly powerless against the odds and even having their hopes got crush before them as they try ways to get back on bad guys.

The interesting about the 2014 version of Unlimited Blade Works is not just how the anime step into each of the story, but how they able to bring out battle actions of each servants and masters.


I got quite the shock from the initial battle between each Servants like how the anime focuses on the parts when their weapons clash, their staring, and the impact of the damages they left behind, which show the awesomeness of each Servants, even Rin and Shiro get into the fight themselves.

The anime also expand the fighting of each Servants unlike the first Fate/stay Night or the anime film version, which I was simply stare with my jaw dropped as I continue to stare into the anime at the moment of the fight between each Servants.


Another expansion would the conversation of each characters which show more insights and information, as well as their screening time.

I like how the anime took care of even the minor details like the Servants disappearing into the shadow, and even to the Masters’ command seals; when both Rin and Shiro use their first vague commands, instead of complete removal of one of the lines, they remain faintly to signify the usage.


The route of Unlimited Blade Works is also quite dark due to the killing and death occurring in the city where some Servants kill innocents civillan to gain more power and to resupply their magic sources; Mana.

There is also unexpected appearance of some characters, as well as actions / decision by some Servants, which make me want to know how this anime will be showcasing the story route.


Though the anime will be airing 26 episodes for 2 seasons, I will still look forward to each episodes of Fate/stay Night: Unlimited Blade Works.

Fate Stay Night: Unlimited Blade Works Ending – “Believe”

Singers – Kalafina
Lyrics / Composer – Yuki Kajiura
Anime – Fate Stay Night: Unlimited Blade Works (2014) (Ending)

More Info @Lyrics Nonsense

believe by Kalafina

As I have previously mentioned about the opening anime song “ideal white” for Fate Stay Night: Unlimited Blade Works, the ending song “Believe” also make it mark to my list of favor song too.

The only problem that I will be facing is that there are simply too many nice Japanese anime song with the title “Believe”; one is from One Piece (sing by Folder 5), another from Gundam Seed (sing by Nami Tamaki) and last one that I know is for Tsubasa Chronicle (perform by Yuki Kajiura).

believe by Kalafina 1

I believe there are many other songs with the same title, yet this ending anime song “Believe” by Kalafina did earn it score and credits as Kalafina do sing the song very well in tone and harmony.

Another credits need to give would be the one whom not only come up with the nice lyrics, but compose the nice music instrumental for the song. How irony to know that the same person who one performed “Believe” for Anime series “Tsubasa Chronicle” decided to make another nice “Believe” for Anime series “Fate Stay Night: Unlimited Blade Works”.

believe by Kalafina 2

All I can only give is a good amount of applause for her and her nice music, which made me wonder how was she able to come up with another interesting piece of “Believe”.

As a whole, the interesting thing that got me listening very carefully to the song is how well each music instrumental and lyrics mix very well with each other, that my Listening Ears took an instant like for the song, even the starting music is also very smooth and nice to when Kalafina start singing.

believe by Kalafina 3

Kalafina girls sure sing very nicely for this song, since I personally like this type opera-similar-type of sing, and it really not easy to sing in tone and in harmony. And back to the ending anime, they really did mix in well with the song lyrics.

Showing the innocent young Shiro and Rin, the age when they do not know much or think for themselves, though both of them live differently. But when both of them are in high school, both have grown up and make friends as well as getting along with their own servants.

believe by Kalafina 4

On a personal note, I actually like how they draw out each nice background with the characters as the main focus, since it’s actually nice to listen to some nice song while looking at the pictures.

Even though the song is very short of the anime ending, however it did gotten me to like this song instantly that I need to find it full version to listen. So for now it would seem that I will need to listen more to “Believe” by Kalafina. (=w= ||)

Fate Stay Night: Unlimited Blade Work Opening Song – “ideal white”

ideal white
Singer – Mashiro Ayano
Lyrics – megrock
Composers – Carlos K. / Toshi-F
Music Arrangement – Carlos K. (Ariola Japan)
Series – Fate Stay Night: Unlimited Blade Work (2014 Series) (Opening)

More Info @Lyrics Nonsense

This is Mashiro Ayano’s first single album and yet she get to sing for one of my favor series of all time, Fate Stay Night: Unlimited Blade Work.

But all I can say when I first listen to the anime opening, I was seemingly shocked; not only did she sing so well, but I actually fall in love with her voice and “ideal white” have get listed in my top favor anime song list, and I personally don’t mind listening to it non-stop myself.

Even as I give a lot of credits to Mashiro Ayano for her nice voice and singing for “ideal white”, I just have to give as much of credits to the one who come up with such nice music instrumental.

I personally like each of the beat and tone of the music, which not only bring out Mashiro Ayano singing, but ensuring each lyrics mix in well on each singing.

There are times when I got lost in thought listening to the song that I forgotten what I was suppose to do next, which got me realized how poisonous this nice music is to me that even my Listening Ears just can’t stop listen to it.

The lyrics actually also got my interests to the point that it gotten me wondering about how did megrock can think it up; not because how smooth Mashiro Ayano was able to sing it, but also how the music instrumental was able to mix in well to suit it.

Fate Stay Night can consider a dark story, due to the killing, death, and fighting, so I really like how the lyrics go, and I really find this song “ideal white” suit well for one of the series I like so much.

The opening anime also mix in very well with the lyrics and singing too, like how the singing go a bit on the dark part, the anime show about the dark side on Fate Stay Night, and I like the part about the servants fighting each other.

Really make me wonder just how powerful are they, and I will be looking forward each of the fights in the later episodes.

Well, it is also about timing for me to do some anime posts, though at the moment I would like to get in thought while listening to “ideal white”

Arpeggio of Blue Steel: Ars Nova Opening Song – “Savior of Song”

Savior of Song
Performers – Nano feat. MY FIRST STORY
Lyrics – Nano
Music Arrangement – WEST GROUND
Anime – Arpeggio of Blue Steel: Ars Nova (Opening)

More Info @Anime Lyrics

savior of song

First we have Trident doing the ending anime songs for Arpeggio of Blue Steel, so how can I go and forget about the opening anime song?

Well, one thing for sure is that the anime opening song “Savior of Song” did make it to my list of favor anime song, and I had to admit that the song is really very catchy and nice.

savior of song 1

Not only did the singers sing and rap very well, the music instrumental was really done nicely mixing in well with the singers. Sometime when I want to stop playing the music or skip to next song, the music just seem to stop me from doing so.

Even when I just listen to it for a while would end with me listening non-stop to the music. Also they did mix in well with a few English to the lyrics, rapping smoothly and singing to the tone.

savior of song 2

Well, the singers are that good, as well I will give credits to the one who come up with the music tone since the music beat is really catchy and nice to listen.

For the anime opening, they did sure did the opening anime nicely and in tone with the song, even the soft rap start, they did show the destruction of the world done by the Fog Fleet, and showing the crew of I-401 Iona

savior of song 3

Interestingly thing to note is that they also feature the data and information of the Fog ship like Iona, Takao and the others. But for someone like who is low knowledge on ship, the only thing that I will prefer to see is those ship in action, firing their missiles and stuffs.

Well, the later part did show interesting and very beautiful pictures, and how each ship and submarine firing their beams and missiles, which can leave me very speechless.

savior of song 4

Though one can see that the opening anime action move very fast, which make me wonder if it was due to the fast pace on the song, or that action tend to happen fast.

Even so, the action of the anime move at a pretty nice pace, and that I need to pause each movement to see the spec of the ship, but I tend to stare at each Fog girls instead. Really need to give good credit to those who model them out for this anime.

savior of song 5

But as speechless as I can get or the amount of staring at the anime, I just need to listen to the nice song of “Savior of Song”.

Gallery of the Fog Fleet girls

Arpeggio of Blue Steel: Ars Nova Ending Song – “Innocent Blue”

Innocent Blue
Singers – Trident (Mai Fuchigami | Manami Numakura | Hibiku Yamamura)
Lyrics / Composer – fu_mou
Music Arrangement – Masato Kouda
Anime – Arpeggio of Blue Steel: Ar Nova (Ending)

More Info @LyricTranslation

innocent blue trident

The anime Arpeggio of Blue Steal: Ars Nova got it own 2nd ending song even when it just a 1-cour series, but yet it is played on a few episodes of the anime. “Innocent Blue” is played as the ending anime song for episdoes 5, 9 and 11.

But kindly do not mix the title for another same title but anime ending song for anime “School Day”, and I know there are many nice Japanese song with the same title but different singer and lyric and stuffs, but I never heard of the copyright in the name which earn my respect.

innocent blue trident 1

Well, maybe they really know how to recycle the title, but even so, when one mentioned the title of the anime song, it best to mentioned which anime and by which singer(s).

Initially when it was played on episode 5, I was mistaken that the later episodes will be playing this nice, soft and slow though they still play “Blue Field” for episodes 6-8.

innocent blue trident 2

The singers are still the same Trident who also voice 3 of the series characters, and I still admitting that they did voice very lovely (=w= ||)

This song really been put up on my sleeping song list, and I not even joking. Was it that sleepy?

innocent blue trident 3

No, one thing that why I like this song is how again Trident sing smoothly, and that alone really did calm me down. Well maybe the music instrumental really did play the big part for being nice and soft, which I really don’t mind listening to this song in order to sleep well.

One interesting thing to note is that the lyrics and composer for “Innocent Blue” and “Blue Field” are different even though both are sing by the same girl group and both play nicely with the lyrics, mixing in some English lyrics.

innocent blue trident 4

Well, I’m not sure if they purposely add in the title of the songs into their lyrics, and ensuring Trident girls to repeat those words a few time. They earn my credits for playing the songs well, and I really like to listen to these 2 songs non-stop.

For the anime closing, one thing to note is that they make use of the same tactics where each fog girls are reaching out for each others, though the only thing different for “Innocent Blue” is that the girls are going in a round way unlike the “Blue Field” from bottom to top.

innocent blue trident 5

However, for Episode 9, the closing anime is done differently, in which it is show a very fast of each girls reaching out for each other from top to bottom. Well, I think they reuse the same model, but even so, those model are done very nicely.

I like how they make good sure of the girls being underwater, since they give out nice bubble effects, and I found out that I tend to stare at those cute fog girls non-stop. Well, the song also calm me to the point that I can think of nothing.

innocent blue trident 6

That just prove how nice the song is to me, and considering the timing is also about time for me to sleep, maybe I need to play “Innocent Blue” by Trident to get some deep sleep. (~w~ ||)

Arpeggio of Blue Steel: Ars Nova Ending Song – “Blue Field”

Blue Field
Singers – Trident (Mai Fuchigami | Manami Numakura | Hibiku Yamamura)
Lyrics / Composer – Heart’s Cry
Anime – Arpeggio of Blue Steel: Ar Nova (Ending)

More Info @Deciphered Melody

blue field

I always wonder if those female voice actresses need to be a nice singers too in order to voice, or that they got beautiful voices, since the three female VA in Trident got role in the anime “Arpeggio of Blue Steel: Ar Nova”.

Mai Fuchigami voice Iona(401), Takao for Manami Numakura, and Hibiku Yamamura is Haruna. The song “Blue Field” itself attracted me to the point that I don’t really mind playing this song over and over again for the whole day, and that including when I sleeping.

blue field 1

One thing for sure, the music instrumental play one big part of the reason why I like this song, on top of the lyrics, which is why “Heart’s Cry” did earn one of the credits for making this song a success in my view.

I wonder if it was because the lyrics, composer and music arrangement are done by “Heart’s Cry”, but the Trident girls also play another part in sing smoothly for the song as well as in harmony, leaving no gap or break in between when they sing together in syn.

blue field 2

Another interesting play on the song title and lyrics is would be how they decided the song anme the “Sea” or “Ocean” as Blue Field, which mean the sea or ocean water is a field of blue water in the eye of those who are out into the water.

I really amazed at the title being call “Blue Field”, though I wonder how can the “Heart’s Cry” mix in a few nice tone of English words into the lyrics. It really give the ring to the song, while at the same times maintaining the flow of the music.

blue field 3

Well, if it wasn’t for this nice song, I would not have the problem of trying ways to grab hold of this song and play it non-stop, even till now, I am still not bored with the song.

Back to the ending anime, one thing that I like about the anime is that they make good use of 3D animation for it, and for the ending they show each fog ships trying to link with each other by reaching out for each other.

blue field 4

“Blue Field” is the ending for the anime episodes (1 – 4, 6 – 8) though the interestingly for episodes 7; while the other episodes ending anime is showing of each girls reaching for each other, that special episode show of each fog girl in their ship mode and reaching out for each other.

Normally I would thing that it funny and crazy at how each ship reaching for each other, and that would meaning crashing into each other, but what I have to give credits to the one who think up of this nice idea.

blue field 5

The reason being that the detail design of each ship are really nicely done, and I was just amazed with my Jaw dropped at how much work is done just for this episodes anime ending.

The only similar would be the song, and the starting words “Where Do We Come From? What are We? Where Are We Going?”, which signify about the fog fleet, but the starting music instrumental is also what I play about the song.

blue field 6

I still prefer to listen to the song non-stop, though I don’t really mind staring at those look fog girls since they are pretty themselves, and some time at the ship since their model are really nicely done.

As a whole, this song really captured my Listening Ears which I doubt I will be getting bored to the song, so I will seeing myself crazy enough to be listening to “Blue Field” non-stop for now.

Kanojo ga flag o Oraretara Opening – “Cupid Review”

Cupid Review
Singer – Aoi Yūki
Lyrics – Shoko Fujibayashi
Composer – zakbee
Anime – Kanojo ga Flag o Oraretara

More Info @Anime Lyrics

cupid review 0

Aoi Yuki do voice for many characters and that no exception for Serika Gin’yūin of “Kanojo ga flag o Oraretara”, and she do have a cute voice to top it off, even for the starting song, “Cupic Review”.

I was wondering why did the opening music instrumental was that interestingly, only to realize the music video was that Aoi Yuki is putting up a show herself. Well, the opening anime of “Kanojo ga flag o Oraretara” also seem to show it fair of flags since the anime did use flags event as the base story plot.

cupid review 1

Well, I don’t really get tired for this quick pace and yet at the same time cute song, and you don’t really get a lot of cute opening.

Another nice saying is raising a flag event of the opposite gender, which also mean the Love flag, and this song do have Cupid who also can mean for love. Well, have to give credit to the one who create this interesting lyrics in the first place.

cupid review 2

Even when the lyrics and singer are good, the music instrumental however is very good in bringing the song out too, which sound not only catchy but at the time being exciting. Why would I say that?

Well, as I mentioned about the music video being Aoi Yuki putting up a show, so it like she is singing while performing, which the music instrumental sound really nice.

cupid review 3

For the opening anime, since the lyrics did mention about building relation, interestingly Souta did get to interact with a lot of girls and getting along with them. One of them is a trap though, and yet the flag had been raised.

As for me, maybe I need to listen to the music a few time since I can’t stop myself from the cute singing of “Cupid Review”.