Fate Stay Night: Unlimited Blade Work Opening Song – “ideal white”

ideal white
Singer – Mashiro Ayano
Lyrics – megrock
Composers – Carlos K. / Toshi-F
Music Arrangement – Carlos K. (Ariola Japan)
Series – Fate Stay Night: Unlimited Blade Work (2014 Series) (Opening)

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This is Mashiro Ayano’s first single album and yet she get to sing for one of my favor series of all time, Fate Stay Night: Unlimited Blade Work.

But all I can say when I first listen to the anime opening, I was seemingly shocked; not only did she sing so well, but I actually fall in love with her voice and “ideal white” have get listed in my top favor anime song list, and I personally don’t mind listening to it non-stop myself.

Even as I give a lot of credits to Mashiro Ayano for her nice voice and singing for “ideal white”, I just have to give as much of credits to the one who come up with such nice music instrumental.

I personally like each of the beat and tone of the music, which not only bring out Mashiro Ayano singing, but ensuring each lyrics mix in well on each singing.

There are times when I got lost in thought listening to the song that I forgotten what I was suppose to do next, which got me realized how poisonous this nice music is to me that even my Listening Ears just can’t stop listen to it.

The lyrics actually also got my interests to the point that it gotten me wondering about how did megrock can think it up; not because how smooth Mashiro Ayano was able to sing it, but also how the music instrumental was able to mix in well to suit it.

Fate Stay Night can consider a dark story, due to the killing, death, and fighting, so I really like how the lyrics go, and I really find this song “ideal white” suit well for one of the series I like so much.

The opening anime also mix in very well with the lyrics and singing too, like how the singing go a bit on the dark part, the anime show about the dark side on Fate Stay Night, and I like the part about the servants fighting each other.

Really make me wonder just how powerful are they, and I will be looking forward each of the fights in the later episodes.

Well, it is also about timing for me to do some anime posts, though at the moment I would like to get in thought while listening to “ideal white”

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