ReV-AMF Year End Report 2014


With both ReV-AMF being held up at Japan.. It just seem that we were both enjoying way too much during the Walking Session that we tend to forget the time mostly.

And once back at the apartment, one thing for sure is that we both collapse due to fatigue..

But we do squeeze out some energy to work on the preparation for AFA and Japan trip post..


There are still so many stuffs that I want to share but time isn’t on my side at the moment.

Don’t worry, I will do my best on working on those nicely post soon too, but I do need to celebrate New Year over at Japan, and learning their tradition while on it.

One of them is like holding myself at home to watch some New Year eve TV programs.


To be honest, the weather is really getting colder each day, and I been eating spicy or hot stuff to warm myself up. Or best is stay at home.

Even the warm drinks from the vending machines is a great help too. And during noon for once I actually like the Sun for it warm.

But no worry, I will still post a few stuffs on my Twitter / Facebook, so do take some time to check them out while I try to work on the posts too.

Here, ReV-AMF and I, Nagakun myself, wish all a Happy New 2015 Year with best of health and wealth (=w= ||)

Nagakun’s Walking Session @ Japan Day 0


Well well well.. somehow it would seem that I managed to get myself to Japan somehow for vacation, but even when I want to enjoy more, it would be also best that I eat cheaper and yet tasty bites in Japan..

Simple reason, I want to use my clean hands to grab a lot of nice stuffs over at Akihabara.

But first I need to get from Singapore to Tokyo first.

The flight is very long since I am taking the cheaper flight, but I can admit that Scootfly isn’t that bad from how I check on-line.


Funny thing was how I need to walk a long way from the entrance to the plane on both Singapore and Taipei.

Talking about Taipei, seriously the place is very cold too, but I was only wearing my T-shirt and a Jean and yet I am walking about like a boss…


One advise next time – Bring a jacket to cover your whole arms, even though the wind is like when you want to stand in front of the freezer and enjoy that moment of cold breeze, it’s still very cold.

And the fun part about Taipei to Japan?

The temperature drop a bit more that I need to wear that big black overcoat of mine.

The Japan Airport is fairly easy, fast and effectively to clear ourselves, as we need to fill in 2 piece of paper, for ourselves and one for the luggage.


To be honest, being back in Japan sure is nice, even if it for a short while, only problem is that I was new the road around Sengakuji station so I got a bit of lost while trying to find the apartment that I will be staying for that 19 days.

Maybe I like Japan train pretty much myself, since it really a different experience taking their than Singapore; most probably the scencery that you can look around, or the seat is a cushion than a hard one.

And sitting down for 1 hours plus is good for another bit of sleeping; I do need that energy to push my luggage to the place that I will be staying over in.

Once reached, the time schedule will be pack; why go to Japan for so many days?


Well, Akihabara itself will be taking most of my time, but going to Japan as an Otaku I can understand that Akiba is and will be the only place in Japan that that I must go, no matter what.

But Japan got many other places in Tokyo for sightseeing, and walking around and about.

Even one day of skiing at Gala Yuzawa would be pretty fun too.

Well, I will post of that at a later timing for now..

Anime Festival Asia Singapore 2014 Day 1/2/3 – Try-out / Hang-on / Experience-it (T.H.E.)

AFA SG 2014 - THE 1

When I mentioned about “Crowd and Queue” down at Anime Festival Asia Singapore 2014, most of them didn’t went to buy limited stocks of Anime products but aim to enjoy themselves with a few nice stuffs, that is showcased there.

And here, I will be talking and discussing on what most of those stuffs are,

AFA SG 2014 - THE 2

One of the interesting stuff to try out, is the Oculus Rift where you can experience what the Experience would feel like when you’re wearing the nerve gear equipment from Sword Art Online.

The only thing is that they are playing the same video clip in which you will encounter Asuna fighting a floor boss. In cases when you are hit by the floor boss, Asuna will then somehow be able KO that boss and come over to you after that after that.

While it is just a short video clip, you could somehow really feel how it will be to wear the nerve gear, and another good thing; at least this won’t be able to fry your brain in cases that your character dies in the video somehow.

AFA SG 2014 - THE 3

Another nice exhibition to try out are the training tools from Attack on Titan.

People can get to learn how the characters in Attack on Titan attend their flying training, and for the moment, their feet are floating above the ground, to simulate flight.

AFA SG 2014 - THE 4

There is nothing to worry since there are people to help get ready for the training and guide you along.

So far, I have been wondering how long do one need to train in order to move like how those high flyer in the Attack on Titan did.

AFA SG 2014 - THE 5

Well most of the booths do offer some interesting aspects, such as providing an interface to draw on, or maybe something nice to improve your art skills with.

Wacom introduced a nice tablet which also serve as a screen to draw unlike its previous normal Wacom tablet models.

Well the price isn’t inexpensive though, and the usage and experience gain during drawing of each isn’t easily replaceable.

AFA SG 2014 - THE 6

If you wish to go back to low tech version, there are of course paper and markers to draw on.

AFA SG 2014 - THE 37

… As well as a few graffiti walls which meant to be drawn on over at Nico Nico area.

AFA SG 2014 - THE 38

The amazing thing about those special walls…?

… 3 days later and many would have leave their marks on them… (0A0 !!)

AFA SG 2014 - THE 7

And it would seem that Good Smile Company isn’t losing out on drawing aspect… which they did the art… on a Nendoroid Face.

AFA SG 2014 - THE 8

The interesting thing is that for only SGD$1, you get a chance to have a blank Nendoroid Face drawn by you yourself, and give it a new face, and expression.

Over numerous times, I had walked past this booth to witness how each Nendoroid Face Artist are taking their time to focus on the expression for the face they would like to draw. Sure enough the crowd on the table never fail to amaze me.

AFA SG 2014 - THE 9

Hmm… I wonder if Good Smile Company is looking for someone to draw a few nice Face Expression for them…

I wish I could be able to attract them with mine though (=w= ||)

AFA SG 2014 - THE 10

A few booths of course give all the Walkers, Peekers, or Passer-bys (WPP) to ‘try it’ on their stuffs too.

An example would be the Gloczus, Inc. where they let all the WPPs to touch their phones and tablets, in order to try out the nice apps they are introducing; Hakuoki.

In the case you’re not aware of who Gloczus, Inc. are, it is a mobile application publisher in Japan.

AFA SG 2014 - THE 11

With the handsome male characters (ikeman) in the apps, it could be say that they are going to attract a few Fan girls to their circle.

Frankly speaking… all their characters really look very attractive… (♥ω♥*)

AFA SG 2014 - THE 12

Of course Sony PlayStation isn’t going to lose out on that aspect.

As previously mentioned in the sneak peek, the PlayStation is celebrating their 20th Anniversary, and thus of course they are letting many WPPs try out a few nice PS games; including the Retro classic games like old 2D street fighers.

AFA SG 2014 - THE 13

And they do give the WPPs to try out the new PS Vita and PS4 games like Gundam Breaker 2, Hatsune Miku Project Diva F 2nd, BlazBlue and many more.

AFA SG 2014 - THE 14

Even I’m so tempt to touch those lovely controller myself,  even though I got a PS3 and PS Vita myself, my Imouto and I still discussing on getting the PS4.


In my family, before getting something, there’s always a meeting and discussion and more debating… (actually is thinking up excuses to convince my Emperor Dad… )

AFA SG 2014 - THE 15

Cherry Credits isn’t going to lose out themselves as they introduce Puzzle Coin App Game for mobile users.

AFA SG 2014 - THE 16

There are technically more mobile users than PS Console users, and as this is a puzzle game, therefore from that alone, it would win the most vote here at Anime Festival Asia Singapore 2014.

The game itself is simple and fun to play and even I got tempted to try out the game myself; that is until you realize that you have to use real currency to play (=x= ||)

AFA SG 2014 - THE 17

What make Trading Card Game (TGC) so nostalgic to me?

Back when there no such thing as Smart Phones, and the only console game was Nintendo GameBoy, the best game trending then was known as the TCG.

AFA SG 2014 - THE 18

I got a total shock when Konami decided to introduce Yu-gi-oh back at the event; Yes, I was totally into Yu-gi-oh back in the days… (I’m still young, ok?)

AFA SG 2014 - THE 19

Well, the booth do offered WPPs to grab hold of a new cards deck, they also offered new players to learn how to play Yu-gi-oh too.

Another shocker to me was how much Yu-gi-oh had changed over the years, but at least it’s good to know that there are still yu-gi-oh TCG players around (=w= ||)

AFA SG 2014 - THE 20

Another TCG that is making its mark, is the Force of Will,  and it did manage to activate my Sparkly Eyes (+w+ !!)

Most probably is due to the cards design which look pretty awesome and cool too.

AFA SG 2014 - THE 21

The booth do offer Tables and Chairs (but no Ladder / Stairs) for players to challenge each other to a duel.

Hmm.. Maybe a few Yu-gi-oh characters from across the booth can try out this TCG too while they’re on it.

AFA SG 2014 - THE 22

Bushiroad have started a championship match at Anime Festival Asia Singapore 2014, and I was amazed at the turnout of people who participate.

AFA SG 2014 - THE 23

Each time I walk by the booth, I kept wondering to myself if the match was so heated up and cause the booth area to be so hot, or was it the crowds of WPPs watching the duel between each players.

Overall, this is possibly one good championship match.

AFA SG 2014 - THE 25

Another interesting thing to note is that by purchasing SGD$50 worth of Bushiroad Merchandise at their booth, you will be entitled a lucky chance at the Lottery Machine, or the Japan Lucky Wheel (=w= ||)

I wonder if many prefer the autograph redemption since it pretty much gone by far.

AFA SG 2014 - THE 24

Takara Tomy’s WIXOSS is also leaving their mark at this event since I pretty much like the Anime myself too.

But to be able to try out playing those lovely Bishoujo card in real life, sure is like a dream come true for many, since the tables there are pretty much packed.

AFA SG 2014 - THE 26

Collateral Damage Studios (C.D.S) is also getting their own TCG – “Pets x Love” ready too.

Compare to most, this game is fairly easy to play too, considering that it making use of the Rock-Paper-Scissor concept for the game.

The good thing of playing their TCG?

At the end of the 3 days at AFA, the top winner will get a Neko / Inu lovely Dakimakura home, and on top of that, they are Hugging-Ready. too.

AFA SG 2014 - THE 26

Want to experience what its like to be starring in the Anime?

Canon offered a few nice well-known Anime background for many WPPs and Cosplayers to take their lovely photos with it.

AFA SG 2014 - THE 27

There are many different themes available, so one can take their time to choose which background suit them, or to take one in all of them.

There’s also a free photo printing at the booths, so many can head over to them to print out their lovely photos too.

AFA SG 2014 - THE 29

It would seem that I almost miss out on their Canon Theatre booth where you are able to peek at a nice movie of concert, and I do pretty much want to name that my new Hiding Spot.

It’s nice, comfy and dark.. (‘∀’●)♡

AFA SG 2014 - THE 30

There are mascots appearing around the place, and a few which are stationed at their own booths.

And they do give many chances for WPPs to take photo with them. (So far I have taken one with him myself)

AFA SG 2014 - THE 31

There is even one mascot from Animax taking photo with Anime characters that are on display! Σ(ಠิωಠิ|||)

AFA SG 2014 - THE 32

Stage Events also give many people more chances to learn a few nice dance moves, as well as enjoying themselves. For Nico Nico area, there are occasional stage events that conduct mini live stages as well.

AFA SG 2014 - THE 34

And thus when their favorite Guest Artiste appeared in front of them, you can guess how many of them went wild and stretching their hands in hope of grabbing on to the Artiste.

AFA SG 2014 - THE 35

A few will take out their phones and camera to take a few nice shot of them for memories sake, or to tweet / share them on social media. (=w= ||)

AFA SG 2014 - THE 33

Need more interaction?

Well, autograph session is also a moment for fans to have handshakes with their favorite artiste as well as having them sign on their stuffs.

I wondered how many hands hasn’t been washed since Anime Festival Asia Singapore 2014.

AFA SG 2014 - THE 36

There are also cases where you can interact, or even have a short conversation with the guests at Anime Festival Asia Singapore 2014.

Like what I previously tweet.. Danny choo don’t always appear at his booth area, so one would need to catch him and hold him very very VERY tightly (=w= ||)

Overall, the AFA SG 2014 events sure give its ticket a worthwhile experience, even though the price is just a bit on the pricey side compared to previous years…

Anime Festival Asia Singapore 2014 Day 1/2/3 – Crowd and Queue

AFA SG 2014 - C&Q 1

Know what helps to make Anime Festival Asia Singapore one of the most successful event of all time?

It’s the crowd that ‘appeared’ for the events which got me pondering non-stop ,on just where and when did they all come from.

Let’s not count the traffic on the 3rd level, where many people would gather around the Ticket counter in order to grab hold of their entrance ticket just to step into the large halls on the 4th level.

AFA SG 2014 - C&Q 2

Even though I’ve already expected it, I’m still pretty shocked at the amazing turnout for Anime Festival Asia Singapore 2014. (Even when I came down and arrived at 8 on the first day’s morning,  to take a few nice photos of the event.)

Many people had already started queuing up early in the morning, hoping to rush into the exhibition hall and grab a few nice Anime stuffs with their ‘clean hands’.

AFA SG 2014 - C&Q 3

From what I have known, a few early folks took the first train, bus or even drive down here just to get in the queue early, however there are also a few who even tried to camp overnight in order to be first in the line.

Well, I did know of someone who did that on Day 0.5 though.

AFA SG 2014 - C&Q 4

A few who didn’t want to stay in the packed hall, would gather around Level 3, which created another heavy cluster of human traffic.

To be honest, the human traffic created a lot of problem for me as it wasn’t easy to maneuver pass them, and at times, my path was blocked for reasons unbeknownst to me.

AFA SG 2014 C&Q 15

One simple reason being, due to the nice space and backgrounds that was set up by the organizers, many cosplayers tend to gather around level 3 while many photographers are crowding around them to take nice photos of them.

It’s really good to know that many who does cosplays, are appearing down at the AFA SG event.

AFA SG 2014 - C&Q 5

Queuing up in Singapore is pretty famous, and popular in Singapore. Such as the queues to buy stuff *cough* Hello Kitty *cough*, and getting freebies.

Though at times there are many who aren’t sure of what the queue is for, but would still go and queue up for the sake of queuing.

But what I can give my thumbs up, is that people would queue up nicely and wait in a patient manner, while at the same time hoping to grab hold of what they want to buy.

I was pretty shocked to see a few merchandises sold out within the first few hours, especially the expensive dolls that were, for the first time, that Volks and Culture Japan had brought to Singapore.

AFA SG 2014 - C&Q 6

Another type of queue is where people would like to try out something nice like the Sword Art Online ‘Oculus Rift’ where you can experience what the character, Kirito, feels like when he is in the midst of a boss fight, with his ally, Asuna, helping out.

AFA SG 2014 - C&Q 7

It would seem that there are a few who were very happy after they managed to grab hold of what they want after the long queue.

The limited stock items tend to be sold out fairly quickly, even before I can even blink my Sparkly Eyes.

The good thing, for the less fortunate who are unable to grab those limited stocks, is that many of those booths still offer other Anime stuffs to grab.

AFA SG 2014 - C&Q 8

There is always a ‘1-way only road’ and this photo pretty much nailed the description, since the path is both too crowded and at the same time, there just happened to where it hosts a queue.

Looks like there are many people would like to grab the Anime accessories with their clean hands

AFA SG 2014 - C&Q 9

The final and last famous queue down at Anime Festival Asia Singapore always tend to be the autograph sessions of the special guests and artistes, especially those at the Horipro, StarChild and AFA booths.

Even when I was queuing up for it, I was very amazed at the long queue when I check out the back to peek.

Based on the crowd’s reactions, I would have guessed that angela, LiSA and May’n had a huge number of fans who are gathered at their area, but the other guests also got have a fair number of crowd down.

AFA SG 2014 - C&Q 10

And when they are about to do a little performance for the fans, the crowd would just go high, ranging from many who ‘draws out’ their Light Stick Swords, to photo taking with their handy phones or high-tech cameras.

AFA SG 2014 - C&Q 11

And to a few, there are always those who would dance with the song themselves.

Well, I don’t hate them for taking up so much space, but instead, I’m giving them my thumbs up for being able to dance and move along with the music in front of the masses.

AFA SG 2014 - C&Q 12

While most other booths are packed with people, the same goes for booths located in the Creators Hub, which contains mostly Doujin Circle, or people who are selling a few cheap and nice anime merchandise.

Daiyaku and C.D.S also did appeared with many nice stuffs, and they did have a moment of ‘sold-out’ too.

Too bad I wasn’t able to grab hold of the cute little bird (=w= ||)

AFA SG 2014 - C&Q 13

Well, many people choose to crowd around the stage area or booths, whereas, there are a fair portion who sit down to enjoy watching TV.

Or more likely watching people sitting down and singing a few nice Anisong.

Well many of them are trying not to sit down at places in which blocks the route, for the other users, which is the upside, however, there are those who want to enjoy themselves and appreciate that nice moment of watching the TV near the Nissin Cup Noodles booth, that in turn created more congestion in the traffic.

AFA SG 2014 - C&Q 14

Or, there are those who wish to enjoy a nice cup of Nissin noodles, which even Yuuki and Nagakun, myself enjoyed very much.

I have to admit though, this year around, they (AFA) sure brought in a nice cheaper meal which many really like; I was amazed at the staff, for having to boil massive around of water to meet the demands.

As a whole, for the AFA SG event, we are able to get a lot of turn out pretty much show how many people would like to enjoy themselves at the event that it can create a massive amount of crowds and queues.

Sure makes me wonder if I can survive the Comiket at Japan if I barely manage to survive this amount of crowds and queues…

Anime Festival Asia Singapore 2014 Day 0.5 – Sneak Peeking


What is AFA SG 2014 Day 0.5?!

Previously, I had introduced a Day 0, which is also known as the day before the main event, and WHICH is also the last day to do one last minute preparation. Anime Festival Asia had it’s own Day 0.5 on Thursday, 4th December 2014, where the main stage is open and is screening something very interestingly nice.

And that is the screening of The Assorted Horizons: Theatrical Edition and a special appearance by the leader, Revo!

Yes. Yes. There is no Thursday Ticket available for purchase, as for entry wise, those who bought the Friday Stage Ticket can enjoy the main stage event using the same ticket.


The screening is one of the reason why those who bought their tickets one day before the main event, could head over to the main stage to enjoy a nice screening of the The Assorted Horizons: Theatrical Edition.

I was in there for the earlier part of the show, in which I did enjoyed thoroughly, that is until, I was pestered over the phone for emergency issues. (TwT ||)


Nevertheless, the screening is very entertaining as it wasn’t easy to have a chance to watch the Sound Horizon’s show in Singapore.

Well, another entertaining thing for me that I had noticed is, that there are also a few brave warriors who are cosplaying for AFA Day 0.5 too! (OAO !!)


Well, there is another reason as to why I appeared on the Day 0.5 of AFA Singapore 2014; the Media Press Briefing / Conference.

Yes, they are introducing many interesting things that they will be releasing or showcasing at AFA Singapore 2014, like the PlayStation 4 ’20th Anniversary Edition’ and even guest appearance of my favourite singer, – ‘May’n’!!

I almost got a heart attack when she came in through the door in which I happened to stand very near to. (=o= ||)


During the conference, there was a few highlights, such as the future planning for AFA 2015, a few partnerships and collaborations.

Which also meant that we can expect more from AFA for next year, plus they had invited a few very very important people (VVIP) down for the Media Conference like the President of Aniplex, Mr Koichiro Natsume and the Representative of Sony, Mr Hidetoshi Takigawa.


Even the CEO of Sozo, and the one who’s leading the Anime Festival Asia, Mr Shawn Chin, showed up at the conference venue in person. (owo ||)

Before the unveiling of the ’20th Anniversary Edition’ PlayStation 4, they did and illustrated interesting and simple magic tricks to ‘transform’ the PS 1 all the way up to the PS 4. This acts signified how the Sony PlayStation Game Console evolved thoughout the years.


There were also presentations about how Anime Festival Asia will be working in hand with Anime Japan and Bangkok Comic Con.

ReV-AMF will be covering the media conference in a separate post.


Another interesting thing for the Anime Festival Anime Singapore 2014 is that it has undertaken an incredible upsize compared to last year! It now takes up the entire Level 4 halls of our Suntec Conventional Centre!

Of course, I did a sneak-in, into the exhibition hall to take a few peeks on how the exhibition is being set up.

Well, having a larger space for the exhibition, would also meant that there are more booths and events to cover!


How mistaken I am, to assume that during Days 1, 2 and 3, there would be lesser ‘human traffic’, to prevent me from navigating around the area. In actual fact, it DID gave me an extremely hard time navigating my way around.

On the bright side, it had been shown that many attendees would want to enjoy their time at AFA SG 2014. Thus I’m not surprised that local Singaporeans came for the event, but even fans from other country like Japan, Indonesia, Thailand and Malaysia, came too.


Another thing that I would like to mention would be, ReV-AMF will be covering most of the events which happened at the AFA 2014, in separate posts, especially a few special booths that caught the attention of my Sparkly Eyes during my walking session.

We will also cover a few nice interviews of the guests that appeared down for AFA Singapore 2014 too, though the booths at AFA exhibition area interest me just as much as well.

If I’ve given in to my temptation, I would love to grab many of those lovely items with my very clean hands.

As of the moment, please kindly wait for the posts to be ready. (>w< ||)

Anime Festival Asia Singapore 2014 Day 0 – Preparation


Many who known me last year will know that I went to get a nice little Samsung digital camera to take lovely and nice photo at AFA Singapore 2013.

This year it’s time for an upgrade and upsize; getting a DSLR Camera.

To be honest, I have been edging to grab one last year, but with this year having an official Media pass to step into AFA, i do need to have a nice camera to take photo of the event.


I do need to have some test drive to try out the camera, understanding how it work as well as ensuring it is featuring properly.

Don’t worry.


I will share a few nice photos in due time. Plus I getting a special pass into AFA this year. (^o^ !!)

The place is also being set up, with the ticket counter ready on sale on Thursday (4th Dec 2014) and since the whole of level 4 is being used for AFA, there will be more space, though that also might mean more people are coming down to AFA!


There didn’t seem to be have any other events at Level 3, so cosplayers might like to gather around at the open space and I wonder how crowded will the place be…

Well, it’s time for me to head down to do some ground covering, so if you notice me there, don’t hesitant to ‘poke’ me or call me out! (=w= ||)


(Credits – Pictures / Arts / Comic taken from Daiyaku Facebook)

Over the period since I last come across Daiyaku, even way before it even started cute little Aitori (Blue Bird), Daiyaku share on their Facebook a few interesting short comic and artworks featuring their mascot; Daiya.

They do show at times interesting comic of small stuffs like breaking a chopstick, to some current trend in Singapore, and those attracted me to peek into them with my Sparkly Eyes almost every times.

Daiyaku - Chopstick

And during a few events like STGCC and past AFA, I do saw their nice little booths, and their artworks are very pretty and nicely drawn too.

Possibly thank to that, they have produced nice works for a few well-known like ToyCoin, Candy Japan and many other more!

Even I am very tempt to have them draw a cute version of my Mascot myself too… wait.. I have yet to even introduce my Mascot.. well that will be in due time.. (=w= ||)

Location – *SCAPE Co. Ltd 2 Orchard Link #04-01 Singapore 237978
Contact(s) – (+65) 8118 6860 |
Facebook –
Homepage –
Nearest Station(s) – Somerset (MRT)

Daiyaku’s Mission (Taken from Daiyaku Facebook)
We aim to provide our clients, customers and students the best they deserve in their creative needs.

Nagakun’s Interview
As this interview was done very close to Anime Festival Asia Singapore 2014, Daiyaku have been very busy with their personal works, as well as my own.

However, I was still able to get the honor and time from Mr. Jamie, the Marketing Director of Daiyaku for an interview via e-mail due to time constrict on both our end. But that didn’t stop me from not posting this short and interesting interview up to share a bit of experience of what Daiyaku would like to tell.

Daiyaku - Chope Skills

How was Daiyaku was form?
Jamie: Daiyaku was formed by 2 budding artists who shared the same interests in Japanese manga. In 2009, we started out as a doujin group exhibiting at Japanese pop culture conventions and exhibitions.

What’s the focus of Daiyaku?
Jamie: Daiyaku Studios specializes in Illustrations, Graphics, and Social Media Marketing.

We have served clients ranging from event companies, advertising agencies, game studios, authors and retail.

With our lovable mascots; Daiya Aoi and Aitori at the helm, we strive to bring our audiences the slices of life in Singapore as well as promoting the awareness of our vibrant doujin community with their humorous antics within our comics.

Daiyaku - Too cold

Is there any challenges / problem that Daiyaku has faced over the years since it formed?
Jamie: Well, one of our major problems we have is manpower issues. There were numerous instances where both of us have too many projects on hand with pretty tight deadlines, which can be pretty tiring in a long run.

We also had difficulties with conventions where we had to become a 2-man factory with the event being just 2-3 days before.

What changes have you seen in Daiyaku over the years?
Jamie: Over the years, from a small-time art group doing illustrations was just as a hobby.

Gallery of Comic done by Daiyaku for ToyCoin (Click on the arrows to see more)

Previously, you have work with ToyCoin on their mascot and comic, how was the experience?
Jamie: Being our first social media marketing client, we worked with Toycoin to product some social media comics based on their mascot, Mako-chan to promote customer etiquette.

Being a weekly serialisation, there were times where we had to race against the clock to meet certain deadlines, but upon publishing of the comic for the week, it’s really satisfying to see the awareness being spread to the audiences as well as their responses, not forgetting to mention the growth of Toycoin’s website.

Daiyaku have published many interesting and nice comics / artworks across on the Facebook, care to share what inspire you to share those comic / art?
Jamie: Most of them come from our daily life experiences as well as opinions. Things like the local culture of Singapore to the very things we wish to rant everyday such as how tired we can get from work or school.

Daiyaku - Phone drop

What is your favor Anime series this year?
Jamie: Currently it’s Log Horizon. 🙂

Will you like to draw character(s) from the Log Horizon series?
Jamie: Depending on the trends though. Though we would usually concentrate our artworks based on our original characters! But we may consider doing it.

As Daiyaku will be appearing AFA 2014 this, what will Daiyaku bringing over for AFA?
Jamie: We will be doing a Love Live Omikuji as well as some Kancolle Dakimakuras and wall scrolls! We will also be selling our remaining Aitori plushies and merchandises during this season~!

Daiyaku - Omikuji at AFA SG 2014

Nagakun’s Personal note
Daiyaku had produced very lovely and cute artworks over the period, and personally I like their own mascot, and with the addition of Aitori, I was very surprise to see the overwhelming popularity of the cute little blue bird.

Well, even Mako the ToyCoin Mascot is pretty cute too!

Also, a few of Daiyaku’s comic do get feature in SGAG as well at times, and they are pretty funny and interesting.

Daiyaku - Phone poses

Daiyaku do take in a few students to teach them some technique on drawing, so if one is learning to draw well or aiming to step into this industrial, you may also look for Daiyaku for more information.

I’m check they will glad to share a bit, like how they agree to my short interview. (=w= ||)

But for the incoming AFA events, maybe one can have a look out for Daiyaku, as they will be bringing in some lucky charms as well as some cute little birdy.

Daiyaku - SMLJ

Nagakun’s Overview
If you’re looking for someone to draw a cute mascot for you, or someone who wish to learn to draw nicely, maybe you can check with Daiyaku by their email at and do remember to ask them nicely too.

Otherwise, you might take a liking to their interesting comic update at their Facebook.

Volks at AFA Singapore 2014


For the first time ever, the well-known seller of Dollfie Volks will be coming down to Anime Festival Asia Singapore 2014 to sell their lovely and beautiful Dollfie down at their own booth.

There are many different Dollfie for you to choose from, but prepared for the high prices since they aren’t cheap but the Dollfie are good to stare at.

If you’re a Dollfie Lovers, there are a few nice selections, but if you’re a first timer and wish to grab a lovely Dollfie for yourself, you may want to head over to the booth to adopt them back home.


Volks will be bringing the following Dollfie;

  • Dollfie Dream Saber Alter 2nd Ver.
  • Dollfie Dream Saber (Fate/Extra Ver.)
  • Dollfie Dream Kos-Mos Ver.4
  • Dollfie Dream Sister M.O.M.O.
  • Dollfie Dream Miku Hatsune
  • Dollfie Dream Sakuya
  • Dollfie Dream Sakuya Mode:Crimson
  • Dollfie Dream Rise Kujikawa
  • Dollfie Dream Asuna
  • Mini Dollfie Dream Maria Ushiromiya

Those lovely Dollfie are very limited in stock, so each customers are restricted to only 1 doll type; meaning you may purchase 1 Miku and 1 Asuna Dollfie but not 2 Miku Dollfie.


It’s only fair that it’s to give other people a chance to grab those lovely Dollfie with their clean hands.

Previously, I have talked to a Dollfie community in Singapore and was able to get some information on Dollfie and how to maintain them; basically is to treat them with care as if they’re your lovely baby.

Well, I don’t mind having one of them since they are so lovely, and I do want to grab the Miku Dollfie myself.


If you’re not looking for Dollfie, have no worry!

Volks will also be bringing down Charagumin too.

What is Charagumin?

It’s basically Characters and Assembly; where you can get to experience of assembly the parts of a figurine together!

That mean you get to understand how a figurine is being built, as well as getting to enjoy the experience on assembling them.

Also they do have non-color version, which you can get to paint your Charagumin with the color you prefer!

It’s really that great!


Volks will also be bringing in nice model kits, so if you’re a plane lover or wish to build Robots other than Gunpla, then Volks might have what you might be looking for.

Yes, Volks do have nice model kits and I personally like how detail they really are.

It’s wouldn’t be easy to build those model kits, but you’ll get to experience the moment of building them!

Also, I got nice insight from someone helping out with Volks that they will be bringing in a line-up of pretty figurines too.

So you can be on a look-out for them too.

With so many nice stuffs being on sale over at Volks Booth @ AFA SG 2014, don’t you feel the temptation to grab them with your clean hands?

Toy Coin at AFA Singapore 2014


I got some insight info from Wendy of Toy Coin about what Toy Coin will bringing over for Anime Festival Asia Singapore 2014, and what’s great way of starting the business?


Yes, Toy Coin is having free giveaway of a figurine of your choice at AFA SG 2014!!

So all you’ll need is to find Mako the mascot of Toy Coin and take a photo of her, share it on your Facebook and don’t forget to tag Toy Coin and hashtag #TOYCOINGIVEAWAY

That alone is enough to give you one chance to get into the lucky draw!! (^A^ !!)


Talking of luck and chances, Toy Coin will also be offering a few nice Kuji during the events.

Kara no Kyokai Kuji will be available only on 6th December (Saturday), 12 pm and Sword Art Online Kuji later on 4 pm.

If you’re out to test your luck, just head over to Toy Coin Booth on that day and get ready to buy those tickets.

If you’re lucky enough, you will be winning those nice top prizes.

But don’t be discourage if you didn’t get to win them, as the other prize groups are pretty nice too. Even I’m eyeing at the nice Anime glass cup than the figurines myself (=w= ||)


Fans of Figurines, Toy Coin is taking in nice figurines of Griffon Enterprise as well as Alter.

I know those figurines don’t come cheap, but what the point of that when you can get to look at nicely detail figurines which will make you stare at them for one full day?

Toy Coin do have a few stocks of those pretty nice figurines, so if you wasn’t able to pre-order them, then here your chance to grab them again!

Like the picture says; “While Stocks Last!


But those aren’t just what Toy Coin will be offering.

Like Toy Coin previously promised during the interview, they will be also bring in a clearance sale, and you can take a peek over at their booth to check what nice figurines that you might want to grab with your clean hands.

With so much to offer at Toy Coin booth, I’m pretty sure you may find what you looking for. (=w= |||)