Yuuki’s Music Pick for Mar Releases

Hello~~~ Been a while again, but I’m back for next month’s releases! Yayyy! There’s not much events related to anime nor japanese culture in Singapore recently, and due to the main writer falling sick, cause he ate too much good food for the festive season recently, there’s a teeny tiny bit of inactivity now. lols~ (However, he will be back up and running soon… hopefully)

For this month music releases, ITS wayyyyy overloaded with stuff I so want to get! Looks like a hole in my coffer for sure~~ >.<

*This list is by no means a complete listing of releases for March. This is just a list of singles and albums that caught my eye and thus would be looking out for.

Mar 04 – LiSA – Launcher
Mar 04 – Yui Horie – Stay with Me
Mar 04 – StylipS – Mayomayo Compass Ha Iranai
Mar 04 – Pile – Jewel Vox
Mar 04 – Konomi Suzuki – 18-Colorful Gift-
Mar 04 – AKB48 – Green Flash
Mar 04 – EXILE – Jounetsu no Hana
Mar 04 – palet – Love N` Roll!
Mar 04 – Flower – Hana Dokei
Mar 11 – Ryoko Shintani – STARting -from rebirth-
Mar 11 – eufonius – Eufonius 10th Anniversary Best Album
Mar 11 – TOKYO GIRLS’ STYLE – Stay with Me
Mar 11 – Momoiro Clover Z – Seishunfu
Mar 14 – Sweet☆Pastel – Pastel Future
Mar 18 – Haruka Tomatsu – Harukarisk*Land
Mar 18 – yanaginagi – Foe
Mar 18 – Nogizaka46 – Inochi Ha Utsukushii
Mar 18 – Yumemiru Adolescence – Bye Bye My Days
Mar 18 – Sunmyu – Hajimari no Melody
Mar 18 – Koda Kumi – WALK OF MY LIFE
Mar 18 – Idoling!!! – Rodeo Machine
Mar 18 – Kyary Pamyu Pamyu – Mondai Girl
Mar 18 – Sakura Tange – Shooting Star
Mar 18 – Unite – Marble
Mar 18 – OS☆U – Gangan Dance / Kimi no Tame ni
Mar 25 – Yui Ogura – Strawberry JAM
Mar 25 – AKINO with bless4 – Decennia
Mar 25 – Sayaka Sasaki – Sayakaver.
Mar 25 – Rev.from DVL – Kimi ga Ite Boku ga Ita / Ai Girl
Mar 25 – Fairies – Kiss me babe
Mar 25 – Luna Haruna – Candy Lips

Omg~ Look at this lineup! With my personal Vita “M”, being replenished and recovering, looks like I’ll be able to go on a short spree! (Trust me, it’s short, since I’ve already placed my orders) To my horror, after I’ve placed an order, it turns out that I’ve missed out grabbing Haruna Luna’s newest album releasing on end of March… which unfortunately as it might seem, I can only get it during my next batch of shipment. =(


The first time I heard Haruna Luna’s vocal, was via the ending theme for Fate/Zero, and absolutely loved it. (I put the song under ‘Repeat 1’ on my iPod for a few days!) Absolutely loved this ballad song. IIRC, there was once when she was set to be performing in Singapore for the EOY, but due to unforeseen circumstances, it was cancelled (Imagine the disappointment I had then.. haiz). I really do hope her live performance comes soon though.

Next! Without a doubt in my mind, I’ve already added LiSA’s newest album to my cart! 4 more days! If u guys have been reading my posts since when I’ve start posting, its probably  definitely as clear as day that she’s the top artiste in my checklist. (Well, as a matter of fact, is tied with someone else for the top spot).

Just a thought, it seems like I forgot to share my loot list for the recent AFA14… I went through my whole event photo album to manage to dig out this photo of my loot for LiSA, (autograph only). I actually wanted to write something for the event, besides the interviews, but doesn’t seem to have the time to go about it. Oh well, might as well post the picture here as well! Haha~

Yuuki Loot - LiSA pt1
3 out of 10 autograph for the event =p Boy! Was queuing for the CD tough work! But was worth it =p


Look and behold her latest album!

LiSA - Launcher
Isn’t this photo so cute!


This album tracklisting are as follows:
1.Mr. Launcher
2.Rising Hope
3.rapid life syndrome
5.Akogare Bouenkyou
10.Bad Sweet Trap
11.Electro Lyrical
12.Kun ni Piero
13.No More Time Machine

With 9 new tracks in this 14-track album, looks like my iPod would be playing non-stop for quite some time, not to mention I’m getting other releases as well!

Other notable releases that I got are as follows:

HarukaRISK*Land – Definitely not facing any risk by procuring this LE early!
Absolutely love this look on this cd cover!


As a certain publisher quoted, “A budget tells us what we can’t afford, but it doesn’t keep us from buying it.”

Yuuki, signing off~

AFA 2014 Interview – Aoi Eir


Hi! What’s up peeps! I’ve gotten another interview for AFA14 ready! Took some time to went through the whole audio recording again, my apologies! Today’s interview post would be on Aoi Eir-san! Definitely one of the rising stars in this anime music industry.


A brief introduction to this upcoming star (From AFA official site):

Born on Nov. 30. Native of Sapporo, Hokkaido. AB blood type.

Made her major label debut in October 2011 with her first single “MEMORIA,” which was selected as the ending theme to anime TV series “Fate/Zero”.

Her first full album “BLAU” came out on Jan. 30, 2013 and gained the No. 4 spot when it appeared on the Oricon Album rankings. She has gained much international support, receiving over 330,000 likes from around the world on her official Facebook page and performing in USA, Hong Kong and Indonesia in 2014. The TV anime series “Sword Art Online II” opening theme “IGNITE” is smashing the records!

Official Site: http://www.aoieir.com/
Official Blog: http://www.ameblo.jp/eir_ruru/
Official Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/eir_ruru
Official Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/aoieir


Without further ado, please feast your eyes here for the interview with Aoi Eir and our media friends!

AFA - Eir Aoi


Recently, you have just performed in Moscow, Russia, how does it feel to perform there for the first time, and are there any difficulties encountered in communication?

Aoi Eir: It was the first time I’m performing in Russia. When I first stepped out of the airport, the chilly weather that I felt, reminded me of my birth place, Hokkaiddo. I felt really happy as although it is the first time I’m visiting this country, however it felt like the feeling of returning to Hokkaiddo.
On the day of my live performance, it is actually my birthday as well. After the performance, the attendees sang me a birthday song, which touched me and I even creed a little. Even though the climate in Russia is cold, the people in Russia are really warm. Russia is a very fun place and the experience made me love Russia.

Did you try the local food in Russia? How do you like it?

Aoi Eir: Talking about Russia, one would really need to try borscht. The dish was served with bread, and in the borscht, sour cream was mixed in it. It is really delicious, and I ate too much such that not only my stomach hurts, but my back too! I felt really blessed at that time.

Have you tried paint balls or BB guns before?

Aoi Eir: I have tried air guns before, as my brother has such a hobby in this area. I have held a shot gun before as well. I would definitely like to try survivor games sometime in the future.

Did you fire the shotgun, or just held it?

Aoi Eir: Nope, I didn’t fire it. Most probably if I did fire, I’ll be sent flying backwards by the recoil!

AFA14 - AE01

This is the 2nd time coming to AFASG, what does it feel like to be invited here once again to perform?

Aoi Eir: Last year when I was here in Singapore for the first time, I was really shocked by the amount of fans who are passionate about anime here, despite the difference in our culture. I was really touched at the amount of love that fans are giving to the japanese anime culture.
When I was invited to take part again in this wonderful event, and thinking that I would be able to once again meet this crowd of people, I felt really happy.
Previously in AFA’13, I was only able to perform along with the karaoke set. However, this time around, I’m able to bring my band along with me, and we hope to bring a good time to the fans.

In regards to your work as an artiste, what do you think is the reason that makes the fans love you and your music?

Aoi Eir: There are several reasons in which I sang anime songs. As anime is spreading its influence around the world, it made me feel like anime is a connecting bridge to the other countries. Since young, I have been watching anime, and whenever I listen to the anime songs/themes, it reminds me of my favourite anime scenes. I would therefore like to transmit such feelings that I had to the fans, and that’s what inspired me to keep singing.

AFA14 - AE02

What attributes do you think that differentiates you from the other artistes?

Aoi Eir: I find that I’d display a strong character and at times, can be tomboyish. When my emotions get strong, I would like to display as precise as possible to her fans.

When you found out that it is confirmed you were to sing the theme songs for the anime series, Kill la Kill and Sword Art Online, how do you feel about the decision?

Aoi Eir: For Kill la Kill, its different from the other anime, as it is not adapted from other forms of media. When I thought that I was able to sing the OP for this show, I eagerly look forward for the anime to be aired on TV. Every week when I watch Kill la Kill, I found that the show was very nostalgic, and the story plot has a fast pace, unlike the other shows. To be singing for the OP for the show, I felt very honoured to do so.
For Sword Art Online, I sang for the Fairy Dance arc in the first season, the extra edition and the opening of the second season. To me, the anime, SAO, was becoming very huge. From the start, I enjoyed playing games The protagonist in the anime, is very skilled at them, and I do adore such characters like that. In the series, the plot ties in virtual world with reality, which makes a truly splendid story. As the series goes on, the story keeps captivating me more into the plot. With that, I felt really thankful to be featured in such a wonderful series, and from here on, I would like to sing SAO’s songs, closer to my heart.

After releasing a lot of singles, what’s your favourite song personally?

Aoi Eir: No matter which work, nor song, I love all of them equally. If asked to make a choice, I would never be able to make a decision for it, as I put in all my feelings into singing them.

Could you share with us more on your song, ‘Genesis’, the ending theme for Aldnoah Zero Second Season?

Aoi Eir: My single, Genesis, will be released on February 18th, in Japan. It’s been quite a while since I can have the experience of singing the ending theme song for an anime. Truth be told, its been since ‘Memoria’, my debut single for the anime Fate/Zero. This is the first time I’m challenging to sing a medium ballad type of song, so I hope everyone will look forward to listening to it.

AFA14 - AE03

Can you briefly share with us your 2015 plans? Where there be any more solo concerts in the near future?

Aoi Eir: Currently, there are no concrete plans for 2015, but I do hope that I would be able to do an Asia tour soon. The band that I had brought along for AFA this year, was not my full band.  I will put in most best effort, so I would be able to bring my full band along around Asia for the tour.

How do you foresee the future of the Japanese music and anime industries?

Aoi Eir: Ahhh. This is a tough question, I can’t really foresee on what will happen.

How does you see yourself in the future, in regards to your music.

Aoi Eir: The theme for the songs that I have been singing is ‘No matter how dark it gets, one should continue searching for the light.’ From now on, I would like to write my songs based on this theme. I was able to write the lyrics for my newest single, Tsunagaru Omoi, and in the future, I would like to aspire to be able to write and compose a song myself.

Is there any favourite composer you like to work with?

Aoi Eir: For me, I really do like Do As Infinity. I admire Dai Nagao quite a lot, and would be honoured if he would be able to write lyrics for my songs.

What is your turning point or highlights in your singing career?

Aoi Eir: As I progress through my career, I feel that I become more ambitious. When I first debuted in the industry, I frequently cover my mouth when I sing. That was during the time I do not have any experience in performing live shows. After I have done live performances, I yearn to do more live performances, not just only in Japan, but around the world as well.


There’s no doubt that your most popular song is ‘Innocence’ from SAO, which achieved the rank of No. 6 on the Oricon chart. How do you feel about this accomplishment?

Aoi Eir: ‘Innocence’ was the opening theme song for the Fairy Dance arc of SAO. This song managed to achieve its success on the Oricon chart, due to the fans who watched the anime, and I feel extremely happy about the achievement. Now that this arc is over, I would like express such feelings through the performance of this song in my live performances.

Well, that’s all for this round. Will be back for the next post for upcoming music releases, and more interviews.

Signing off,  Yuuki~

Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate

MH4U 0

Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate
Series – Monster Hunter
Developed / Published by Capcom
Directed by Kaname Fujioka
Console – Nintendo 3DS (Action role-playing game)
[Single-player | Multi-player]

(Photo Credit – Images taken from Wiki / IGN)

More Info @Wiki | @Wikia

MH4U 1

Though Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate was released in Japan in 2013 while the English version only just recently; it still one of the best seller and a game where many would love to grab with their clean hands.

As for me?

Since I got 2 clean hands, of course I grabbed 2 of the game; one for myself and another for my sister so we can play multi-player together.

MH4U 2

Many new concert were acted since I last played Monster Hunter 3, and while this time you get to eat delicious meal to increase your health and stamina, or gaining new buffs for your battle, I still miss the good old hot spring.

I do love to be clean.

Anyways they decided to add in 2 more new weapons for combat; a weapon where you control one flying insect, and a weapon which change from a Sword and Shield back and front to an Axe.

MH4U 3

Pretty cool to control one bug to fight for you while now there is one more additional of weapon-change-type class.

I still prefer to use the good old, Lance, Dual Sword and Bow as my weapons.

So of course I do like to grind on the same monster over and over and over again just to grab hold of the necessary materials to craft those weapons / armors.

Yes, the game do not have level, but depend on the armors and weapons you get from crafting from monsters and gathering of ‘natural’ materials.

MH4U 4

Interesting, while this time you can climb the mountain or even mount on the giant monster, the developers decided to give the game a realistic environment feel (and yes, the texture still good pretty much like the previous version).

So you can jump off a cliff and try to land on top of the huge monster to attack it on it back, which can be their weak point.

Seem like many hunters are ready for some Rodeo action; so careful and try not to get push off the monster back.

MH4U 5

Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate also add in new monsters though they remove a few older monsters; don’t be sad, most of the popular are in this game since this version not only have many base camps, but a total of 98 monster. (I wish they add in 2 more to make it a hundred)

Also this game make good use of the new Nintendo console where you can control the camera more freely and easily, but doesn’t mean you need to waste your money to grab them just to play this only.

The control pad still able to slowly control the camera with some practices.

With many NPCs, monsters, weapons and plot to unlock, how can I not decided to grab hold of this game?

While I just started out not too long ago, tell me if you wish to hunt some monster with me by commenting below, and share this post if you felt you want your friends to play MH4U too.

Japan Walking Session 2014 – Odaiba (Gundam)

Odaiba (Gundam) - 1

When one go on a walking session over at Japan, one need to head over to Odaiba for a few reason despite the expensive train ticket in order to enter there.

Ya.. it cause around 500 yen and above, but hey, I had to go there twice for a few reason myself; Tokyo Big Sight for Comiket and Diver City for Tokyo Gundam Front.

Odaiba (Gundam) - 2

One of the entrance is though the famous Rainbow Bridge, and the monorail was pretty nice to sit on.

I mean; ‘Come On!’ Singapore trains transport sit are hard plastic but Japan’s is soft cushion seats?!

Not only did I enjoy the scenery during the ride, while standing up to take a few nice photos on train like a frantic tourist should.

Odaiba (Gundam) - 3

But it been so long since the last time I was here on 2008 August.

This time I going on a free time, so I can get to enjoy walking around, taking a few nice photos, plus watching the nice show at Diver City; The big Gundam Winter show… I will show them at the near end of this post.

Odaiba (Gundam) - 4

Odaiba (Gundam) - 5

Odaiba (Gundam) - 6

Ya.. many who know this building will know where I am…

While the front is the famous Aqua City, the back is the Diver City; both shopping center are pretty near to each other, and easily reached by foot.

Odaiba (Gundam) - 7

But as a frantic tourists, since the Gundam show is at around 5 – 6pm, of course I need to take a few nice photo shots of the place.

Odaiba (Gundam) - 8

Odaiba (Gundam) - 9

She is in bad mood today… (Her face is very … dark…)

I will show much of the Aqua City at a later posts, but the important is about Gundam, right?

I did promised previously about them.

Odaiba (Gundam) - 10

At level 7 of Diver City, there is a Tokyo Gundam Front which is very hard to miss.


Well… firstly there is a gigantic picture of a Gundam, and it pretty easy to get to there.

Odaiba (Gundam) - 11

Odaiba (Gundam) - 12

There are just to many pretty, cute, cool, expensive, cheap… blah blah blah and etc… Gundam on display from the entrance all the way to it interior.

Well, I’m not gonna going to talk much or even comment too much about those photo.. I mean .. there about a hundred plus photos here.

So just take the peek into them while scrolling down, just hope your computer not lagging on the loading of the photos. (=w= ||)

Odaiba (Gundam) - 13

Odaiba (Gundam) - 14

Odaiba (Gundam) - 15

(So many different Gundam on display.. I wish this was my room…)

Odaiba (Gundam) - 16

Odaiba (Gundam) - 17

Odaiba (Gundam) - 18

Odaiba (Gundam) - 19

(Ok.. too many varieties….)

Odaiba (Gundam) - 20

Odaiba (Gundam) - 21

(Photos is very very ok here, so many people can snap a few nice photos of them as a whole or individual as they like..)

Odaiba (Gundam) - 22

Odaiba (Gundam) - 23

(Wait… are they shiny or real gold?!?)

Odaiba (Gundam) - 24

Odaiba (Gundam) - 25

Odaiba (Gundam) - 26

If you really like those nice Gundam, you may find them at their stores at the back, but do take note… the display is a “sample” and not for sale; so when you build your own Gunpla, it might not look the same as the “sample”

Odaiba (Gundam) - 27

Odaiba (Gundam) - 28

Odaiba (Gundam) - 29

Odaiba (Gundam) - 30

Odaiba (Gundam) - 30

There are a few exclusive Gunpla which you may only grab them here.

So it a good time to grab a few of your favorite here, plus a few of the Gunpla are actually cheaper than the one I find mostly in Singapore.

Problem would be how to bring them back to Singapore due to the box size though… (=x= |||)

Odaiba (Gundam) - 32

Odaiba (Gundam) - 33

Odaiba (Gundam) - 34

Odaiba (Gundam) - 35

Odaiba (Gundam) - 36

Odaiba (Gundam) - 37

(A difference of Gundam Scale and Grade)

Odaiba (Gundam) - 38

(I don’t care if it’s a SKE 48 version or what, but it look so pretty in my Sparkly Eyes…)

Odaiba (Gundam) - 39

Odaiba (Gundam) - 40

Odaiba (Gundam) - 41

(They sure got a lot of different Gundam that are “Coming Soon” to the shelf..)

Odaiba (Gundam) - 42

Odaiba (Gundam) - 43

Odaiba (Gundam) - 44

(There is also a display of Gunpla done by different country Gunpla lovers.. I mean competitor.. Well.. I show 2 from Singapore.)

Odaiba (Gundam) - 45

Odaiba (Gundam) - 45 p1

Odaiba (Gundam) - 45 p2

Odaiba (Gundam) - 46

I really like most of the display set which not only did they did a good job on their Gunpla, but a great job on the environment for the Gunpla to display in.

Really give a good feel to the Gunpla.

Odaiba (Gundam) - 47

Odaiba (Gundam) - 48

Odaiba (Gundam) - 49

Odaiba (Gundam) - 50

Odaiba (Gundam) - 51

Odaiba (Gundam) - 52

A few Gunpla do not have their place.. but the detail on the Gunpla are not to be overlook, and their poses are pretty cool too.

Odaiba (Gundam) - 53

Odaiba (Gundam) - 54

Odaiba (Gundam) - 55

By far this is my favorite one, in which showing one Gunpla building snowman with a child.

I wonder what will it be to be playing snowball with a Gundam / Mobile suit… the first thing I would like to see is the size of their snowball… (=x= |||)

Odaiba (Gundam) - 56

Odaiba (Gundam) - 57

Odaiba (Gundam) - 58

Odaiba (Gundam) - 59

Odaiba (Gundam) - 60

(I like the underwater feel of this display..)

Odaiba (Gundam) - 61

Odaiba (Gundam) - 62

Odaiba (Gundam) - 63

Odaiba (Gundam) - 64

Odaiba (Gundam) - 64

Odaiba (Gundam) - 65

Odaiba (Gundam) - 66

Odaiba (Gundam) - 67

Odaiba (Gundam) - 68

(It’s like time frozen for this display.. I wonder what will the destruction will be like when the time start..)

Odaiba (Gundam) - 69

Odaiba (Gundam) - 70

Odaiba (Gundam) - 71

Odaiba (Gundam) - 72

(Time really frozen here again…)

Odaiba (Gundam) - 73

Odaiba (Gundam) - 74

Odaiba (Gundam) - 75

Odaiba (Gundam) - 76

Odaiba (Gundam) - 77

Odaiba (Gundam) - 78

(Wow.. Just wow… it really seem this mobile suit was just recovered from the sea recently..)

Odaiba (Gundam) - 79

Odaiba (Gundam) - 80

Odaiba (Gundam) - 81

Odaiba (Gundam) - 82

Odaiba (Gundam) - 83

(Destruction of building, ruins are a common sight in the Gundam world, but to build them for Gunpla.. is another thing..)

Odaiba (Gundam) - 84

(I think someone just move the Gundam to it left… or that it really move on it …)

Odaiba (Gundam) - 85

There are many nice clothes, bag and stuffs to grab with clean hands at the shops here over at Gundam Front.

Well the prices can be as high as a 8000 yen for one item, but there are cheaper alternative.

Odaiba (Gundam) - 86

(I pretty tempt to buy this game to play myself..)

Odaiba (Gundam) - 87

(Due to it limited Gunpla… but wasn’t able to get it..)

Odaiba (Gundam) - 88

(Hey.. it a Gunpla Hanger!! Those Spare part on the hanger? Ya.. You can really build one Gunpla out of them…)

Odaiba (Gundam) - 89

Odaiba (Gundam) - 90

Odaiba (Gundam) - 91

(The most cheapest alternative? .. .. Capsule!!!)

Odaiba (Gundam) - 92

(Ya.. if only you going to get one only… but there are collectors too…)

Odaiba (Gundam) - 93

Odaiba (Gundam) - 94

There were more and more different Gunpla on display as you get near to the Gunpla shop.

Personally even I was to grab a lot of them myself.

Odaiba (Gundam) - 95

(Sold Out… (TwT||) )

Odaiba (Gundam) - 96

(You can leave your mark here…)

Odaiba (Gundam) - 97

(But of course that sitting on that and mark that kind of mark..)

Odaiba (Gundam) - 98

(My Sparkly Eyes can’t seem to switch off for unknown reason..)

Odaiba (Gundam) - 99

(And they sell tasty yummy Gundam Snack here…)

Odaiba (Gundam) - 100

Odaiba (Gundam) - 101

Odaiba (Gundam) - 102

Odaiba (Gundam) - 103

(The master with his signature sunglass showing steps to build a Gunpla)

Odaiba (Gundam) - 104

Odaiba (Gundam) - 105

Odaiba (Gundam) - 106

Odaiba (Gundam) - 107

Odaiba (Gundam) - 108

Odaiba (Gundam) - 109

Odaiba (Gundam) - 110

Odaiba (Gundam) - 111

Odaiba (Gundam) - 112

Odaiba (Gundam) - 113

Odaiba (Gundam) - 114

(So many different Gundam… Even I’m tempted to grab them… but most of them are sold out..)

Odaiba (Gundam) - 115

Odaiba (Gundam) - 116

Odaiba (Gundam) - 117

As it near to sunset at around 4pm, of course it about time to head down to take a few nice photos of the big Gundam first before it turn dark.

Another reason was that I wanted to take a bite first at the ‘food court’ near that place.

Odaiba (Gundam) - 118

(The real size scale Gundam is simply too gigantic..)

Odaiba (Gundam) - 119

(There wasn’t even a big robot in sight back when I first visit in 2008..)

Odaiba (Gundam) - 120


Odaiba (Gundam) - 121


There is a Gundam Cafe and a small Gunpla shop behind the big Gundam, so you can still enjoy some tasty meal while looking out at the back of the Gundam.

Or get some Gunpla or stuffs to keep.

Odaiba (Gundam) - 122

(It really seem ready to take down the bad guys who dare to threaten the safety of Tokyo..)

Odaiba (Gundam) - 123

Odaiba (Gundam) - 124

Odaiba (Gundam) - 125

Odaiba (Gundam) - 126

Odaiba (Gundam) - 127

(Since I visited this place during winter season, how am I going to miss it night Winter Light Up show?)

Odaiba (Gundam) - 128

(A moment of the nice scenery again that surround the big Gundam)

Odaiba (Gundam) - 129

Odaiba (Gundam) - 130

(By far one of my favorite photos taken during Japan Walking Session)

Odaiba (Gundam) - 131

Odaiba (Gundam) - 132

Odaiba (Gundam) - 133

Odaiba (Gundam) - 134

Odaiba (Gundam) - 135

I find it really interesting that when the light on the Gundam turned off, Diver City also switch off most of the display light to make the Gundam Winter Light Up a nice show to watch and remember..

I had taken a few photos of them, and I did recorded them.. well.. here are the videos that you might want to watch instead of my talking..

But do forgive of the bad shaking.. It’s really was very cold and my clean hands were numb during the recording.

I recorded 2 different light up show, but I accidentally press the pause on the second show, so I got 2 different parts of the video.

Odaiba (Gundam) - 137

Odaiba (Gundam) - 138

Odaiba (Gundam) - 139

Odaiba (Gundam) - 140

(Ok.. It’s really seem to me that it ready to launch…)

Odaiba (Gundam) - 141

Odaiba (Gundam) - 142

Odaiba (Gundam) - 142

Well, if you’re at Tokyo for some Walking session yourself, plus if you’re a fan of Gundam, best head over to Diver City at Odaiba.

Even if you don’t like them, the big Gundam is an attraction over there, so you can snap photos of yourself with the big robot to show off to your friends like what this post seem to be..

In any case, hope you enjoy the whole lot of photos I taken, and like and share this posts.

Anime Festival Asia Singapore 2014 Booths – Gundam (Bandai)

AFA SG Gundam 1

Gundam is one of the hit in Singapore among it local fans, and even I got a few Gunpla in my hiding spot.

Though a few series like Gundam Wing and Gundam Seed are my favorite, many other Gundam model just look so much cooler that I had to stop my temptation to grab them with my clean hands.

As Gundam show tribute of it 35th Anniversary at Anime Festival Asia Singapore 2014, let take a few look at the booth expedition.

AFA SG Gundam 2

From old Fans to new in-comers, Gundam has been gathering many Gundam / Gunpla lovers from all over the world, with positive result and well-loved by many of all ages.

It would nice to include Gundam as a lesson in this planet Earth, with many young children now can also come to love Gundam.

Even now Gunpla are easy to make by younger age child.

AFA SG Gundam 3

Though I come to love Gundam first and Gunpla at a later time, the amazing thing about Gundam is that each series their main characters Gundam model look so cool and powerful; that their franchise Gunpla are a good seller.

The steps to build is hard for newcomers, but the experience and process of making the Gunpla is irreplaceable with the end result is the product of your hard work.

AFA SG Gundam 4

The Gundam Anime keep on coming with many different series, stories and plots, the one thing that you can’t deny is that they are involve of Gundam.

And with each passing series, new and powerful Gundam will have it plastic model kit Gunpla ready to interest the Gundam Fans.

AFA SG Gundam 5

(If Gundam is going to be an education, I wonder if their history will be one of the subject…)

AFA SG Gundam 6

AFA SG Gundam 7

(35 different-colored Gundam to kick off it 35th Anniversary Tribute)

AFA SG Gundam 8

AFA SG Gundam 9

With Gundam passing it 35th year, I can only admit that I will be getting older each year with them.

But what I can say is that, Gundam is one nice machines that you might like to pass down to the later generation; I wonder if I will be having a later generation let alone a girl first… (TwT||)

AFA SG Gundam 10

Well, I’m not going into detail of each Gunpla here, but all I can say is “Enjoy those lovely Gunpla photos <3!)

AFA SG Gundam 11

AFA SG Gundam 12

AFA SG Gundam 13

AFA SG Gundam 14

AFA SG Gundam 15

(One of my favor Gundam ever..)

AFA SG Gundam 16

(…With Freedom tie with it)

AFA SG Gundam 17

AFA SG Gundam 18

AFA SG Gundam 19

AFA SG Gundam 20

AFA SG Gundam 21

AFA SG Gundam 22

AFA SG Gundam 23

AFA SG Gundam 24

AFA SG Gundam 25

AFA SG Gundam 26

Ok, that is all… but if you do want to see more Gundam photos in ReV-AMF… well … I did head over to Odaiba and see the lovely and gigantic Gundam, and enter the Gundam Tokyo Front. (=w= ||)


Stay tune to ReV-AMF as I will be covering that post (hopefully) soon. (^w^ !!)

Skiing at Gala Yuzawa

Gala Yuzawa Ski 1

When you go to Japan during a Winter period, the best thing to do is not just photo-taking of the place, or try out a few nice food down the street.

During the walking session at Japan, I did went to Yuzawa to ski and play in the snow like a crazy like kid.

But skiing isn’t easy at all… But I did managed to take a few nice photos of Yuzawa to share them. Maybe you can consider going Yuzawa to ski next time during your Japan Winter season.

Gala Yuzawa Ski 2

The amazing thing about taking a Rail Train is that you need to be in time, and the train will go off just right on time… I almost was late (=w= ||)

But the next amazing thing?

I do like to take a few nice photos of the scenery of building at Japan, and I wonder how do one normal place from near the city can get to…

Gala Yuzawa Ski 3

A snow covered place after passing a tunnel….

I wish I can stay there and enjoy the snow… though I hate being too cold.. (=x= ||)

Gala Yuzawa Ski 4

Gala Yuzawa Ski 5

Gala Yuzawa Ski 6

Almost everywhere is covered in snow, and I just can’t stop taking nice photos of them.

Gala Yuzawa Ski 7

After renting some ski equipment and boots, of course it’s time for some skiing.

There is a store that sell gloves, neck-warmers, and goggles, though you can consider renting them at a fee, I just grab a goggles to use, and for keeping (=x= ||)

Not easy to walk to the cable car due to the ski boot, but half way something just caught my Sparkly Eyes.

Gala Yuzawa Ski 8

Spongebob Sqarepant… a few will take a photo together with him though I prefer to take a photo of him.

Gala Yuzawa Ski 9

It’s really a good way to remember Gala Yuzawa by take a nice photo.

Gala Yuzawa Ski 10

Initially I thought of having fun and to just ski, but somehow I didn’t know you can pose at the place too… or not?

Gala Yuzawa Ski 11

To be honest, I got acrophobia but I still able to manage, plus it a long way up..

Gala Yuzawa Ski 12

Gala Yuzawa Ski 13

Gala Yuzawa Ski 14

The place sure is crowded with many skier, and the temperature here is very very cold.

Gala Yuzawa Ski 15

Gala Yuzawa Ski 16

Gala Yuzawa Ski 17

Well it’s freaking cold and there was a few moment of storm, I did have my fair share of fun… with a moment of being a Titan on the mountain.. (>w< |||)

Gala Yuzawa Ski 18

Yes.. the weather was starting to be bad, so decided to head to the hotel to rest.

Gala Yuzawa Ski 19

Gala Yuzawa Ski 20

Into the … Whiteness?

Gala Yuzawa Ski 21

Gala Yuzawa Ski 22

Gala Yuzawa Ski 23

If you’re a beginner trying to ski, try to take a course first before even trying.. I did hit into 2 pretty girls (>w< |||) and did a few crash landing, to the point that I sprained my left wrist and had to receive a quick first aid.

But overall it was still fun and enjoyable. Well, you can consider Gala Yuzawa as a place to ski, but I would recommend skateboard instead, since it’s easier in my opinion; I might be wrong too. (>x< ||)

Gala Yuzawa Ski 24

As it extremely cold there, do try to keep yourself as warm as possible so that you will not catch a cold or flu.

But overall, just have fun and enjoy.

Anime Festival Asia Singapore 2014 Day 1/2/3 – Cosplayers

AFA SG 2014 Cosplayer 1

Ok.. I’m sure many would like to take a peek into nice cosplayers during my walking session at AFA SG 2014, and to be honest, I did delayed it since I got a hard time choosing the best out of them.

Even I do need to use photoshop to brighten them up or they will be too dark to look into; even when I was using my D7000 Nikon DSLR Camera.

This time I will not be commenting much about them, but let take a look at those handsome and pretty cosplayers that I come across during the walking session.

AFA SG 2014 Cosplayer 2

(There were many who like Idol anime characters from Love Live and other, and it seem that they are a popular choice among girls.)

AFA SG 2014 Cosplayer 3

(I wonder if I can go on the same course as her…)

Of course there are a few cosplayers who cosplaying for company’s mascots. They look very lovely, and while many of them are pretty girls, there are cute mascots too.

AFA SG 2014 Cosplayer 4

(Don’t be surprise to see this is a Vocaloid character called Mayu, I had went to Japan to learn about Exit Tunes and they are very popular, will be covering them in due times.)

AFA SG 2014 Cosplayer 5

(Mako-chan of Toycoin is also around)

AFA SG 2014 Cosplayer 6

(I wonder if she doing to sing a song too…)

AFA SG 2014 Cosplayer 7

AFA SG 2014 Cosplayer 8

(Ok.. I had history of Depression and I don’t mind getting her number to know about Despair… She just too cute…)

AFA SG 2014 Cosplayer 9

(In case you want to confirm her wig was pink… before photoshop) (>w< ||)

AFA SG 2014 Cosplayer 10

(Wait a … Am I seeing double!?)

AFA SG 2014 Cosplayer 11

(To be honest, I was a bit shocked as I mistook him as a statue at the Garo Booth)

AFA SG 2014 Cosplayer 12

(I love a cute Mascot, and I do want to cuddle them up..)

AFA SG 2014 Cosplayer 13

(But it just too shy for it.. and I need to coax it for a photo too..)

AFA SG 2014 Cosplayer 14

AFA SG 2014 Cosplayer 15

(Hmm… I wonder what this blue raccoon mascot is..  but it’s sure is cute..)

AFA SG 2014 Cosplayer 16

(Domo!! I taken a photo with it, and it just too cute not to take a photo with.)

AFA SG 2014 Cosplayer 17

(Hmm… I didn’t know Nissin got their own mascot… that come with a dangerous and huge fork…)

AFA SG 2014 Cosplayer 18

(Be very afraid… not because he’s the biggest titan… but his face look … weirdly scary…)

AFA SG 2014 Cosplayer 19

AFA SG 2014 Cosplayer 20

AFA SG 2014 Cosplayer 21

(Even cosplayers can sing…)

AFA SG 2014 Cosplayer 22

(… Or enjoying them as the audience)

AFA SG 2014 Cosplayer 23

(I wonder prefer someone to cosplay as an idol and sing though..) (>w< |||)

There are many individual cosplayers who wander around at AFA SG 2014, so it isn’t hard to notice them; problem will be asking them for a photo shot..

AFA SG 2014 Cosplayer 24

(I wonder if Shiroe is checking out AFA SG)

AFA SG 2014 Cosplayer 25

AFA SG 2014 Cosplayer 26

(Please don’t cry.. it just a photo-taking..)

AFA SG 2014 Cosplayer 27

(Er… I will just take a photo.. please don’t look so scary and as if you’re ready to kill…)

Well there are individual cosplayers posing for camera, many come as a group and they sure look cool together.

AFA SG 2014 Cosplayer 28

AFA SG 2014 Cosplayer 29

(A whole group of cosplayers sure look good when they are posing together)

AFA SG 2014 Cosplayer 30

(Hmm… I wonder if they’re blocking the pathway with their flag and say ‘You should not pass’ ; or they are just posing nicely)

AFA SG 2014 Cosplayer 31

(This duo caught my attention; prove that cosplayers need to strong physically too in order to do many nice poses)

AFA SG 2014 Cosplayer 32

(Or you can just sit on the floor and be done with it..)

AFA SG 2014 Cosplayer 33

(I lovely this duo or Rin and Len pose)

AFA SG 2014 Cosplayer 34

(But I wonder if someone at the back is cosplaying as Sadako Yamamura unintentionally.. or she is Sadako herself…)

AFA SG 2014 Cosplayer 35

There are many pretty cosplayers at AFA SG 2014, too bad it was too crowd to take nice photos of them..

But either way, just a few more to go.

AFA SG 2014 Cosplayer 36

(Hmm.. I not sure who’s this character, anyone care to enlighten me, and she look pretty too.)

AFA SG 2014 Cosplayer 37

(Hmm… if only that white pillar is gone, it would be a nice photo..)

AFA SG 2014 Cosplayer 38

(Too many pretty cosplayer to look at… I think I need to clean my eye again after this..)

Well.. there is the last of the photos that I’m happy to share with. There are a few more too, but my apologize as a few of them aren’t that good with reasons like too blur or I didn’t take a good shot of them.

Hopefully this year I will be taking photos of cosplayers, but till then, I will finish up many posts that I due since last Dec…

Yuuki’s Music Pick for Feb Releases

Yuuki’s Music Pick for Feb Releases

Being a while since I’ve posted this article. My apologies for missing the previous month’s post, as I was overseas during the whole period of time. When I was about ready to post January’s releases, half of the month has already passed. =p

So, without further ado, below is the list of releases for the month of Feb15!

*This list is by no means a complete listing of releases for Febuary. This is just a list of singles and albums that caught my eye and thus would be looking out for.

Feb 03 – 10color’s – Francois-Todokanai Kataomoi-
Feb 03 – Heisei Kotohime – 乙女革命
Feb 04 – Kaori Sadohara – Still Sis
Feb 04 – ANGEREME – Taikibansei / Otome no Gyakushuu
Feb 04 – OKAMOTO’s – Headhunt
Feb 04 – EXILE ATSUSHI – Sakura no Kitsetsu
Feb 04 – VALSHE – Kimi He no Uso
Feb 04 – ChiCO with HoneyWorks – Ai no Scenario
Feb 04 – Fo’xtails – Glitter Days
Feb 04 – Sawano Hiroyuki – &Z
Feb 04 – fhana – Outside of Melancholy
Feb 10 – AngeReve – Yuukan na Koi no Serenade
Feb 11 – Papimache – Tokimeki Sparkling
Feb 11 – ミライスカート – Nanaonai Oto
Feb 11 – Diana Garnet – Spinning World
Feb 11 – Aoi Yuki – Ishumeru
Feb 11 – TRUE – Ailes
Feb 11 – angela – Exist
Feb 11 – Chu-Z – Hana no Arch / Brand Boy
Feb 11 – Bitter & Sweet – Renai Wars / Koigokoro
Feb 11 – Afilia Saga – Never Say Never
Feb 11 – JAM Project – B.B.
Feb 11 – sphere – Jounetsu Continue
Feb 11 – Gekijo METALicche – Mirai Antai
Feb 11 – Dream – Konnanimo
Feb 18 – Aoi Eir – Genesis
Feb 18 – Konomi Suzuki – Absolute Soul
Feb 18 – i Ris – I Ris 8th Sg Pripara Dai 3 Cours Op
Feb 18 – May’n – Re:May’n Act
Feb 18 – AKINO with bless4 – Miiro
Feb 18 – melost – Melody Stock
Feb 18 – Flower – Sayonara.Alice/Tomorrow-Shiawase no Housoku-
Feb 18 – Prizmmy☆ – I just wanna be with you
Feb 18 – SUPER☆GiRLS – Giragira Revolution
Feb 18 – Nakagawa Shoko – Doridori
Fev 18 – Cyntia – Akatsuki no Hana
Feb 18 – Nitta Emi – 探究Dreaming
Feb 25 – Ohashi Ayaka – Ohashi Ayaka 2nd Single
Feb 25 – Hanazawa Kana – Kimi ga Inakucha Dame Nanda
Feb 25 – May J. – ReBirth
Feb 25 – miwa – 360°
Feb 25 – Gacharic Spin – Sekira Liar / Tokenai Candy

For this month, there are numerous releases that are scheduled to be out, but most probably I could possibly be only picking out sphere’s new single, Jounetsu Continue, into my cart. Recently, due to a lack of Vitamin M (especially after the trip), I’m most probably unable to get much releases online (As I mentioned previously, SHIPPING FEE IS A KILLER!). I’ll probably look ahead to bunch this up in the coming month’s shipping list too.


It’s being a while since sphere is releasing a new single. The last single and album were released ages back, during the first half of 2014. This new single is the ED for the anime “Yoru no Yatterman”, which I did not have the time to watch yet [time constraints =( ]

The song, IMHO, sounds really good, and has a vibe that can enticed listeners to switch on the ‘Repeat One’ function on the iTunes. =D. It will take quite a while to reach my residence if I was to order next month, but seeing as there’s no further choice, will have to wait till then. (Now.. my only concern would be if the limited edition would still be available till then.)

Signing off,  Yuuki~