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Other Alias name: Mada Faith Dale Walker (MadaWalker for short)

Previously known as Mada Faith Dale Walker, or MadaWalker for short, started blogging about his life on the same year when Anime and Manga started to influence his life in 2007.

Initially started to blog on his daily life, the site were on a hiatus due to family issues and National Service, in which after that come back with a new goal of posting on Anime and Manga in February 2012.

Games and Figurines were later added on as interest and hobby.

Despite also posting on daily life, the site gain it readers though his thought and review on Anime, Manga, Games and Figurines.

Having new goal and co-founded ReV-AMF with his friend, Yuuki. Nagakun later on retired the old blogger site on January 2014, and started out ReV-AMF to continue review more on Anime, Manga and many more.

Review of Anime, Manga, Music and Figurines