About Rev-AMF

Rev-AMF (Review Anime, Manga, Music and Figurines)

Originating from a blogger site, Mada Faith Dale Walker, which started back in 2007, posting daily about the owner’s life, however it was put into hiatus in 2009 due to personal issues and having to serve National Service.

The blog was later resurrect after a two and a half years, with a new direction to start posting on Anime, Manga and Games, and slowly Figurines, Anime products, or events at Singapore like Singapore Toys, Games, Comic Convention (STGCC) or Anime Festival Asia (AFA) and even Culture Japan Night Singapore (CJN SG).

The site was official retired in January 2014, and succeeded by this current site, Rev-AMF.

Like the name explained, this site will be post mainly on Anime and Manga with the owner’s Peeking Eye can peek on, Music which his Listening Ear can listen to, Figurines which his Clean Hands can hold on to.

Though there is only 1 ‘M’ in the title, the logo has a ² to indicate as square for letter M. Despite previously having Walking/Peeking Session, this will be change to Events post, but that doesn’t mean the name will change that easily.

Don’t think Game / Light Novels post will be gone, but they will appear sometimes when they sometimes links with either Anime or Manga.

New type of posts and stuffs will be added, but will be under future idea. As for now, look forward to Rev-AMF.

Review of Anime, Manga, Music and Figurines