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Japan Walking Session 2014 – Odaiba (Gundam)

Odaiba (Gundam) - 1

When one go on a walking session over at Japan, one need to head over to Odaiba for a few reason despite the expensive train ticket in order to enter there.

Ya.. it cause around 500 yen and above, but hey, I had to go there twice for a few reason myself; Tokyo Big Sight for Comiket and Diver City for Tokyo Gundam Front.

Odaiba (Gundam) - 2

One of the entrance is though the famous Rainbow Bridge, and the monorail was pretty nice to sit on.

I mean; ‘Come On!’ Singapore trains transport sit are hard plastic but Japan’s is soft cushion seats?!

Not only did I enjoy the scenery during the ride, while standing up to take a few nice photos on train like a frantic tourist should.

Odaiba (Gundam) - 3

But it been so long since the last time I was here on 2008 August.

This time I going on a free time, so I can get to enjoy walking around, taking a few nice photos, plus watching the nice show at Diver City; The big Gundam Winter show… I will show them at the near end of this post.

Odaiba (Gundam) - 4

Odaiba (Gundam) - 5

Odaiba (Gundam) - 6

Ya.. many who know this building will know where I am…

While the front is the famous Aqua City, the back is the Diver City; both shopping center are pretty near to each other, and easily reached by foot.

Odaiba (Gundam) - 7

But as a frantic tourists, since the Gundam show is at around 5 – 6pm, of course I need to take a few nice photo shots of the place.

Odaiba (Gundam) - 8

Odaiba (Gundam) - 9

She is in bad mood today… (Her face is very … dark…)

I will show much of the Aqua City at a later posts, but the important is about Gundam, right?

I did promised previously about them.

Odaiba (Gundam) - 10

At level 7 of Diver City, there is a Tokyo Gundam Front which is very hard to miss.


Well… firstly there is a gigantic picture of a Gundam, and it pretty easy to get to there.

Odaiba (Gundam) - 11

Odaiba (Gundam) - 12

There are just to many pretty, cute, cool, expensive, cheap… blah blah blah and etc… Gundam on display from the entrance all the way to it interior.

Well, I’m not gonna going to talk much or even comment too much about those photo.. I mean .. there about a hundred plus photos here.

So just take the peek into them while scrolling down, just hope your computer not lagging on the loading of the photos. (=w= ||)

Odaiba (Gundam) - 13

Odaiba (Gundam) - 14

Odaiba (Gundam) - 15

(So many different Gundam on display.. I wish this was my room…)

Odaiba (Gundam) - 16

Odaiba (Gundam) - 17

Odaiba (Gundam) - 18

Odaiba (Gundam) - 19

(Ok.. too many varieties….)

Odaiba (Gundam) - 20

Odaiba (Gundam) - 21

(Photos is very very ok here, so many people can snap a few nice photos of them as a whole or individual as they like..)

Odaiba (Gundam) - 22

Odaiba (Gundam) - 23

(Wait… are they shiny or real gold?!?)

Odaiba (Gundam) - 24

Odaiba (Gundam) - 25

Odaiba (Gundam) - 26

If you really like those nice Gundam, you may find them at their stores at the back, but do take note… the display is a “sample” and not for sale; so when you build your own Gunpla, it might not look the same as the “sample”

Odaiba (Gundam) - 27

Odaiba (Gundam) - 28

Odaiba (Gundam) - 29

Odaiba (Gundam) - 30

Odaiba (Gundam) - 30

There are a few exclusive Gunpla which you may only grab them here.

So it a good time to grab a few of your favorite here, plus a few of the Gunpla are actually cheaper than the one I find mostly in Singapore.

Problem would be how to bring them back to Singapore due to the box size though… (=x= |||)

Odaiba (Gundam) - 32

Odaiba (Gundam) - 33

Odaiba (Gundam) - 34

Odaiba (Gundam) - 35

Odaiba (Gundam) - 36

Odaiba (Gundam) - 37

(A difference of Gundam Scale and Grade)

Odaiba (Gundam) - 38

(I don’t care if it’s a SKE 48 version or what, but it look so pretty in my Sparkly Eyes…)

Odaiba (Gundam) - 39

Odaiba (Gundam) - 40

Odaiba (Gundam) - 41

(They sure got a lot of different Gundam that are “Coming Soon” to the shelf..)

Odaiba (Gundam) - 42

Odaiba (Gundam) - 43

Odaiba (Gundam) - 44

(There is also a display of Gunpla done by different country Gunpla lovers.. I mean competitor.. Well.. I show 2 from Singapore.)

Odaiba (Gundam) - 45

Odaiba (Gundam) - 45 p1

Odaiba (Gundam) - 45 p2

Odaiba (Gundam) - 46

I really like most of the display set which not only did they did a good job on their Gunpla, but a great job on the environment for the Gunpla to display in.

Really give a good feel to the Gunpla.

Odaiba (Gundam) - 47

Odaiba (Gundam) - 48

Odaiba (Gundam) - 49

Odaiba (Gundam) - 50

Odaiba (Gundam) - 51

Odaiba (Gundam) - 52

A few Gunpla do not have their place.. but the detail on the Gunpla are not to be overlook, and their poses are pretty cool too.

Odaiba (Gundam) - 53

Odaiba (Gundam) - 54

Odaiba (Gundam) - 55

By far this is my favorite one, in which showing one Gunpla building snowman with a child.

I wonder what will it be to be playing snowball with a Gundam / Mobile suit… the first thing I would like to see is the size of their snowball… (=x= |||)

Odaiba (Gundam) - 56

Odaiba (Gundam) - 57

Odaiba (Gundam) - 58

Odaiba (Gundam) - 59

Odaiba (Gundam) - 60

(I like the underwater feel of this display..)

Odaiba (Gundam) - 61

Odaiba (Gundam) - 62

Odaiba (Gundam) - 63

Odaiba (Gundam) - 64

Odaiba (Gundam) - 64

Odaiba (Gundam) - 65

Odaiba (Gundam) - 66

Odaiba (Gundam) - 67

Odaiba (Gundam) - 68

(It’s like time frozen for this display.. I wonder what will the destruction will be like when the time start..)

Odaiba (Gundam) - 69

Odaiba (Gundam) - 70

Odaiba (Gundam) - 71

Odaiba (Gundam) - 72

(Time really frozen here again…)

Odaiba (Gundam) - 73

Odaiba (Gundam) - 74

Odaiba (Gundam) - 75

Odaiba (Gundam) - 76

Odaiba (Gundam) - 77

Odaiba (Gundam) - 78

(Wow.. Just wow… it really seem this mobile suit was just recovered from the sea recently..)

Odaiba (Gundam) - 79

Odaiba (Gundam) - 80

Odaiba (Gundam) - 81

Odaiba (Gundam) - 82

Odaiba (Gundam) - 83

(Destruction of building, ruins are a common sight in the Gundam world, but to build them for Gunpla.. is another thing..)

Odaiba (Gundam) - 84

(I think someone just move the Gundam to it left… or that it really move on it …)

Odaiba (Gundam) - 85

There are many nice clothes, bag and stuffs to grab with clean hands at the shops here over at Gundam Front.

Well the prices can be as high as a 8000 yen for one item, but there are cheaper alternative.

Odaiba (Gundam) - 86

(I pretty tempt to buy this game to play myself..)

Odaiba (Gundam) - 87

(Due to it limited Gunpla… but wasn’t able to get it..)

Odaiba (Gundam) - 88

(Hey.. it a Gunpla Hanger!! Those Spare part on the hanger? Ya.. You can really build one Gunpla out of them…)

Odaiba (Gundam) - 89

Odaiba (Gundam) - 90

Odaiba (Gundam) - 91

(The most cheapest alternative? .. .. Capsule!!!)

Odaiba (Gundam) - 92

(Ya.. if only you going to get one only… but there are collectors too…)

Odaiba (Gundam) - 93

Odaiba (Gundam) - 94

There were more and more different Gunpla on display as you get near to the Gunpla shop.

Personally even I was to grab a lot of them myself.

Odaiba (Gundam) - 95

(Sold Out… (TwT||) )

Odaiba (Gundam) - 96

(You can leave your mark here…)

Odaiba (Gundam) - 97

(But of course that sitting on that and mark that kind of mark..)

Odaiba (Gundam) - 98

(My Sparkly Eyes can’t seem to switch off for unknown reason..)

Odaiba (Gundam) - 99

(And they sell tasty yummy Gundam Snack here…)

Odaiba (Gundam) - 100

Odaiba (Gundam) - 101

Odaiba (Gundam) - 102

Odaiba (Gundam) - 103

(The master with his signature sunglass showing steps to build a Gunpla)

Odaiba (Gundam) - 104

Odaiba (Gundam) - 105

Odaiba (Gundam) - 106

Odaiba (Gundam) - 107

Odaiba (Gundam) - 108

Odaiba (Gundam) - 109

Odaiba (Gundam) - 110

Odaiba (Gundam) - 111

Odaiba (Gundam) - 112

Odaiba (Gundam) - 113

Odaiba (Gundam) - 114

(So many different Gundam… Even I’m tempted to grab them… but most of them are sold out..)

Odaiba (Gundam) - 115

Odaiba (Gundam) - 116

Odaiba (Gundam) - 117

As it near to sunset at around 4pm, of course it about time to head down to take a few nice photos of the big Gundam first before it turn dark.

Another reason was that I wanted to take a bite first at the ‘food court’ near that place.

Odaiba (Gundam) - 118

(The real size scale Gundam is simply too gigantic..)

Odaiba (Gundam) - 119

(There wasn’t even a big robot in sight back when I first visit in 2008..)

Odaiba (Gundam) - 120


Odaiba (Gundam) - 121


There is a Gundam Cafe and a small Gunpla shop behind the big Gundam, so you can still enjoy some tasty meal while looking out at the back of the Gundam.

Or get some Gunpla or stuffs to keep.

Odaiba (Gundam) - 122

(It really seem ready to take down the bad guys who dare to threaten the safety of Tokyo..)

Odaiba (Gundam) - 123

Odaiba (Gundam) - 124

Odaiba (Gundam) - 125

Odaiba (Gundam) - 126

Odaiba (Gundam) - 127

(Since I visited this place during winter season, how am I going to miss it night Winter Light Up show?)

Odaiba (Gundam) - 128

(A moment of the nice scenery again that surround the big Gundam)

Odaiba (Gundam) - 129

Odaiba (Gundam) - 130

(By far one of my favorite photos taken during Japan Walking Session)

Odaiba (Gundam) - 131

Odaiba (Gundam) - 132

Odaiba (Gundam) - 133

Odaiba (Gundam) - 134

Odaiba (Gundam) - 135

I find it really interesting that when the light on the Gundam turned off, Diver City also switch off most of the display light to make the Gundam Winter Light Up a nice show to watch and remember..

I had taken a few photos of them, and I did recorded them.. well.. here are the videos that you might want to watch instead of my talking..

But do forgive of the bad shaking.. It’s really was very cold and my clean hands were numb during the recording.

I recorded 2 different light up show, but I accidentally press the pause on the second show, so I got 2 different parts of the video.

Odaiba (Gundam) - 137

Odaiba (Gundam) - 138

Odaiba (Gundam) - 139

Odaiba (Gundam) - 140

(Ok.. It’s really seem to me that it ready to launch…)

Odaiba (Gundam) - 141

Odaiba (Gundam) - 142

Odaiba (Gundam) - 142

Well, if you’re at Tokyo for some Walking session yourself, plus if you’re a fan of Gundam, best head over to Diver City at Odaiba.

Even if you don’t like them, the big Gundam is an attraction over there, so you can snap photos of yourself with the big robot to show off to your friends like what this post seem to be..

In any case, hope you enjoy the whole lot of photos I taken, and like and share this posts.

Anime Festival Asia Singapore 2014 Day 1/2/3 – Cosplayers

AFA SG 2014 Cosplayer 1

Ok.. I’m sure many would like to take a peek into nice cosplayers during my walking session at AFA SG 2014, and to be honest, I did delayed it since I got a hard time choosing the best out of them.

Even I do need to use photoshop to brighten them up or they will be too dark to look into; even when I was using my D7000 Nikon DSLR Camera.

This time I will not be commenting much about them, but let take a look at those handsome and pretty cosplayers that I come across during the walking session.

AFA SG 2014 Cosplayer 2

(There were many who like Idol anime characters from Love Live and other, and it seem that they are a popular choice among girls.)

AFA SG 2014 Cosplayer 3

(I wonder if I can go on the same course as her…)

Of course there are a few cosplayers who cosplaying for company’s mascots. They look very lovely, and while many of them are pretty girls, there are cute mascots too.

AFA SG 2014 Cosplayer 4

(Don’t be surprise to see this is a Vocaloid character called Mayu, I had went to Japan to learn about Exit Tunes and they are very popular, will be covering them in due times.)

AFA SG 2014 Cosplayer 5

(Mako-chan of Toycoin is also around)

AFA SG 2014 Cosplayer 6

(I wonder if she doing to sing a song too…)

AFA SG 2014 Cosplayer 7

AFA SG 2014 Cosplayer 8

(Ok.. I had history of Depression and I don’t mind getting her number to know about Despair… She just too cute…)

AFA SG 2014 Cosplayer 9

(In case you want to confirm her wig was pink… before photoshop) (>w< ||)

AFA SG 2014 Cosplayer 10

(Wait a … Am I seeing double!?)

AFA SG 2014 Cosplayer 11

(To be honest, I was a bit shocked as I mistook him as a statue at the Garo Booth)

AFA SG 2014 Cosplayer 12

(I love a cute Mascot, and I do want to cuddle them up..)

AFA SG 2014 Cosplayer 13

(But it just too shy for it.. and I need to coax it for a photo too..)

AFA SG 2014 Cosplayer 14

AFA SG 2014 Cosplayer 15

(Hmm… I wonder what this blue raccoon mascot is..  but it’s sure is cute..)

AFA SG 2014 Cosplayer 16

(Domo!! I taken a photo with it, and it just too cute not to take a photo with.)

AFA SG 2014 Cosplayer 17

(Hmm… I didn’t know Nissin got their own mascot… that come with a dangerous and huge fork…)

AFA SG 2014 Cosplayer 18

(Be very afraid… not because he’s the biggest titan… but his face look … weirdly scary…)

AFA SG 2014 Cosplayer 19

AFA SG 2014 Cosplayer 20

AFA SG 2014 Cosplayer 21

(Even cosplayers can sing…)

AFA SG 2014 Cosplayer 22

(… Or enjoying them as the audience)

AFA SG 2014 Cosplayer 23

(I wonder prefer someone to cosplay as an idol and sing though..) (>w< |||)

There are many individual cosplayers who wander around at AFA SG 2014, so it isn’t hard to notice them; problem will be asking them for a photo shot..

AFA SG 2014 Cosplayer 24

(I wonder if Shiroe is checking out AFA SG)

AFA SG 2014 Cosplayer 25

AFA SG 2014 Cosplayer 26

(Please don’t cry.. it just a photo-taking..)

AFA SG 2014 Cosplayer 27

(Er… I will just take a photo.. please don’t look so scary and as if you’re ready to kill…)

Well there are individual cosplayers posing for camera, many come as a group and they sure look cool together.

AFA SG 2014 Cosplayer 28

AFA SG 2014 Cosplayer 29

(A whole group of cosplayers sure look good when they are posing together)

AFA SG 2014 Cosplayer 30

(Hmm… I wonder if they’re blocking the pathway with their flag and say ‘You should not pass’ ; or they are just posing nicely)

AFA SG 2014 Cosplayer 31

(This duo caught my attention; prove that cosplayers need to strong physically too in order to do many nice poses)

AFA SG 2014 Cosplayer 32

(Or you can just sit on the floor and be done with it..)

AFA SG 2014 Cosplayer 33

(I lovely this duo or Rin and Len pose)

AFA SG 2014 Cosplayer 34

(But I wonder if someone at the back is cosplaying as Sadako Yamamura unintentionally.. or she is Sadako herself…)

AFA SG 2014 Cosplayer 35

There are many pretty cosplayers at AFA SG 2014, too bad it was too crowd to take nice photos of them..

But either way, just a few more to go.

AFA SG 2014 Cosplayer 36

(Hmm.. I not sure who’s this character, anyone care to enlighten me, and she look pretty too.)

AFA SG 2014 Cosplayer 37

(Hmm… if only that white pillar is gone, it would be a nice photo..)

AFA SG 2014 Cosplayer 38

(Too many pretty cosplayer to look at… I think I need to clean my eye again after this..)

Well.. there is the last of the photos that I’m happy to share with. There are a few more too, but my apologize as a few of them aren’t that good with reasons like too blur or I didn’t take a good shot of them.

Hopefully this year I will be taking photos of cosplayers, but till then, I will finish up many posts that I due since last Dec…

Anime Festival Asia Singapore 2014 Day 1/2/3 – Signage

AFA SG 2014 Signage 0
(Nope, not that type of signing..)

Signage is very important on the road, acting as direction for people to get to their destination, or warning to inform other of danger.

While those are known as road sign or warning sign, we can’t deny the fact that not much people seem to be bother with those all-so-important signage that appeared down at AFA SG 2014.

And here I will be showing a few interesting signs and boards that play a big part.

But before we go about presenting of photo of events happening at AFA SG 2014, I’m sure many are aware that there are times when it’s ‘OK’ to take photo, and times when they’re not.

AFA SG 2014 Signage 1
(Photo ‘OK’ to be taken!)

No Photo basically mean that you’re not allow to take photos, but many have been use to whether it’s okay to take a photo; that you can / allow taking photo.

It’s basically short and easy to understand that even when I’m in Japan and asking a few people in Japan whether it’s fine to take photo of them; instead of “May I take a photo of you?”, I would simply just ask “Photo, Ok des?”

AFA SG 2014 Signage 2
(Yes.. I know it’s very sad that there are some events which you’re not allow to take a photo)

I’m not acting cute to end with the des, but even I not sure why I would end with that; probably I following Anime / Manga example too much.

But in anyway, it’s always polite to ask if photos are permitted to be taken first. But if there is a ‘No Photo’ sign, just kindly don’t take any photo.

Well, I’m sure those signboards would love to be seen by many passers-by.

AFA SG 2014 Signage 3
(Instead of displaying their booth name, a few booths display what they had in sale / stock)

Well many booths have names on them, a few booths like Star Child made good use of them to display what they are selling, and displaying of their events.

It’s really easy to see what are on sale at their booth, with the sample picture and their prices.

A few other booths did the same ways like Culture Japan, Volks and other more.

Really a good way to let passers-by to know what is still in stock.

AFA SG 2014 Signage 4
(Good Smile Company Expression Challenge was a hit with many people wishing to draw a nice face expression on their Nendoroid face, all for a dollar!)

Those are a good use of displaying their goods / stocks, and giving passers-by at the events the information they required.

Normally a shop signage would display their booth name, to let one know the shop / booth he or she is visiting.

However it’s also common to see many being display as normal signboard with information or instruction on what their booths are instead of the names.

AFA SG 2014 Signage 5
(This signboard was pass to the last person of the line at Culture Japan; this guy waiting for the next ‘last’ person to pass that to him/her)

Another common signboard that appeared at AFA SG 2014 is the “End of Line / Queue” sign board.

These signboards are very useful when the queue start to get longer especially when someone wishes to join the queue.

Though it’s common in Singapore for people to join the queue without knowing what the line is for, but the “End of Line” sign also show what the queue is for.

AFA SG 2014 Signage 6
(A very simple sign to let passers-by know what the queuing line is for, as well as knowing where is the end of the queue)

So when one join the queue at the end; they would know which is the queue they required to line up, or knowing what is the line they queuing for.

To be honest, there were many many different type of queue at the events, so it really kind of a problem to navigate around the place, since it really easy to get lost.

Even the crowds aren’t helping (>w< ||)

AFA SG 2014 Signage 7
(When they do not have enough manpower to ask for help, Asuna is up to help)

Another interesting thing that I come across is how those sign give the type of information that you’re looking for; example is like when you do not understand why Aniplex was temporary closed during the AFA event.

Well, while Mr. ‘Kirito’ is busy having his autograph for his fans, his wife, Asuna, is outside helping to keep order on the crowd.

I’m more preferred to get her autograph myself though. (=w= |||)

AFA SG 2014 Signage 8
(Little Miku is also assisting at the Aniplex booth; I really wonder how they able get her help too…)

Another funny thing that tend to happen (including myself) is that when queuing up to enter a few booth like Aniplex where there is an entrance and exit; the exit become the entrance.

It might be that many wish to cut the queue, or some just aren’t sure where the entrance are, the sign board that show where is the entrance and exit, do help a lot.

At least, passers-by are aware where they’re heading.

AFA SG 2014 Signage 9
(Rin and Archer are ready to take any Masters and Servants, but at the moment they are also ready to pose for photo-taking)

The common thing that many people tend to take note is how cute, cool and nice all those figurines and model kits at AFA are.

The displaying of figurines is common that many photographers tend to take photo of them.

But what many didn’t seem to take note is the ‘name card’ to show what is the figurines’ name, or what series it from.

AFA SG 2014 Signage 10
(Is it just me, or do those Gundam seem to look real enough to move?)

I know there many who wish to take photo of those figurines / model kits alone without their name, but those name cards is to indicate them so that new fans can learn about them.

There are many new otaku in the world, and funny thing is that they do not know much about a few anime, as they tend to watch their favorite one.


Of course I do watch my favorites too, but I do watch most other to see their story, plot and art.

AFA SG 2014 Signage 11
(Many of my favourite Nendoroid and figurines are sold out… (TAT ||) )

While most of the figurines and model kits on display are also sold on booths nearby, many of them are pretty much sold out earlier as they are at a lower price than most store in Singapore.

The Miku Nendoroid series are pretty much cheaper and cute, which is why they sold out fast.

And they do have the sold out sign to indicate that.

Those ‘Sold Out’ can be seen in most booths like Volks, Good Smile, and even Culture Japan; well at least you get to know which items was the fast selling one.

AFA SG 2014 Signage 12
(Displaying of information of arts are pretty common signage too; like who did the art, the size of the art and where to purchase them)

Which is why first day of AFA, many tend to always be in a rush for people to buy stuffs as soon as they possibly can.

Also another thing to note is that most of the stuffs are mostly pre-order at AFA, but those aren’t really exclusive item; just that you get to see what or how the item will be like when you going purchase it.

The information on the sign is clearly stated on the side of the art, so interested fans will get to know where to purchase them; a pretty nice way of advertising while displaying those nice arts.

AFA SG 2014 Signage 13
(The information on the board are detailed and easy to read; but I wonder how many take their time to read them…)

When it comes to information, as I mentioned not many Otakus are aware of anime series or sequel.

Take Gundam for example; there are many different series and sequel, and while many would like the newer version, they might not be sure about the origin.

So those information on the board are pretty important to tell the fans and new Otakus about the series they.

Plus even if they are new to the new series, they can learn about them and possibly like it too.

AFA SG 2014 Signage 14
(There was a moment of taking a photo with Domo, and the funny thing was that I wasn’t sure how long the session was – 11 am to not sure when)

That including letting people knowing what event is happening at the booths too.

A few sign boards of information do help a lot for me during the walking session, like when I can take a photo with Domo, or when is the autograph of a few artistes.

But frankly speaking, many people tend not to take much notice of those lovely sign other than walking pass, or just stare at them for a while and forget about them the next moment.

AFA SG 2014 Signage 15
(Ok… maybe a Signage need some Signing of Autograph by Artistes here…)

But that doesn’t mean that there is no one taking photo of them.

A few signage that were taken photo of are probably a few nice display of Artiste or Anime with information on them; which tend to be more like posters.

I’m sure many people would like to tear those lovely pictures and bring it back home; that would be very priceless.

Problem would be where they will be displaying them at home; even I don’t have much spare at my hiding spot myself.

AFA SG 2014 Signage 16
(Many might like the AFA display showing at Suntec City big screen, but do you know that is known as Digital Signage?)

But what I might try to display a few would be a Ditial Signage, like using my phone or even the monitor screen.

Problem about using them is electricity bills will go up high, but when showing nice animation or photos, why not?

The only notable digital signage is the one that AFA is advertising at the Suntec City big screen – well, that is a lot of screen to be such a big Signage Screen.. (OAO !!!)

AFA SG 2014 Signage 17
(Knowing where is the Exit do help, but I need to know where is the entrance…)

If there aren’t any signage at the events, it would easy to get lost, or not knowing what are the in and out at the event; just prove that they are very common, and very useful.

There are just so many different Signs to look out at AFA SG 2014; I wondered what kind of signage I will get to see this year 2015 though..

Fate/stay Night: Unlimited Blade Works (2014 TV Anime)


Feito/sutei naito Anrimiteddo Bureido Wākusu
Fate/stay Night: Unlimited Blade Works

Original Series – “Fate/stay Night” by Type-Moon

Anime (Alternative Route / TV)
Directed by Takahiro Miura
Written by Kinoko Nasu
Music by Hideyuki Fukasawa
Studio – Ufotable
26 Episodes [Ongoing]

1st Opening – “ideal white” by Mashiro Ayano
1st Ending – “Believe” by Kalafina

More Info
@Wikipedia | @Anime News Network

@ufotable | @Type-Moon


Story for Fate/Stay Night: Unlimited Blade Works is how Rin Tōsaka and Shiro Emiya work together closely with many odds against them, and always getting into more pinches than they asked for.

The starting is the same as the original Fate/stay Night, where Rin summons Archer as her servant and saved Shiro who was wounded by Lancer during their fight.


Up to the part when their first fight against Illyasviel von Einzbern and Berserker, the story head into a different route known as “Unlimited Blade Works” and also the Noble Phantasm of Archer, the future version of Shiro himself, and telling of his personal goal in this Holy Grail War where he will be playing a bigger role that will affect the whole story in this route.

I had watched and followed many Fate series, and I took an instant liking to it when I peeked into the first Fate/stay Night anime, as well as the anime film version of the Unlimited Blade Works route.


Of course I am very excited when they announced this anime series, as I have been a long time fan for Fate Series, and this time they are expanding the story of the Unlimited Blade Works route; with more actions, more conversation and more insight story as it is going to be a 26 episodes.

One notable thing was that there was an episode 0, which step into how Rin summons Archer, and during one of her investigation at her school encounter Lancer, and saving Shiro which signify the start of the Fate/stay Night story.


Though the story having focus on Shiro, the anime also show the movements and actions of Rin, including how she investigate the death and murders done by other Masters / Servants, making her the heroine of the story route.

Both Rin and Shiro agree to team up earlier in the story before agreeing to settle among themselves due to the happening in the city, as well as to their close-by.


The story is also how both of them seemingly powerless against the odds and even having their hopes got crush before them as they try ways to get back on bad guys.

The interesting about the 2014 version of Unlimited Blade Works is not just how the anime step into each of the story, but how they able to bring out battle actions of each servants and masters.


I got quite the shock from the initial battle between each Servants like how the anime focuses on the parts when their weapons clash, their staring, and the impact of the damages they left behind, which show the awesomeness of each Servants, even Rin and Shiro get into the fight themselves.

The anime also expand the fighting of each Servants unlike the first Fate/stay Night or the anime film version, which I was simply stare with my jaw dropped as I continue to stare into the anime at the moment of the fight between each Servants.


Another expansion would the conversation of each characters which show more insights and information, as well as their screening time.

I like how the anime took care of even the minor details like the Servants disappearing into the shadow, and even to the Masters’ command seals; when both Rin and Shiro use their first vague commands, instead of complete removal of one of the lines, they remain faintly to signify the usage.


The route of Unlimited Blade Works is also quite dark due to the killing and death occurring in the city where some Servants kill innocents civillan to gain more power and to resupply their magic sources; Mana.

There is also unexpected appearance of some characters, as well as actions / decision by some Servants, which make me want to know how this anime will be showcasing the story route.


Though the anime will be airing 26 episodes for 2 seasons, I will still look forward to each episodes of Fate/stay Night: Unlimited Blade Works.

Fate Stay Night: Unlimited Blade Works Ending – “Believe”

Singers – Kalafina
Lyrics / Composer – Yuki Kajiura
Anime – Fate Stay Night: Unlimited Blade Works (2014) (Ending)

More Info @Lyrics Nonsense

believe by Kalafina

As I have previously mentioned about the opening anime song “ideal white” for Fate Stay Night: Unlimited Blade Works, the ending song “Believe” also make it mark to my list of favor song too.

The only problem that I will be facing is that there are simply too many nice Japanese anime song with the title “Believe”; one is from One Piece (sing by Folder 5), another from Gundam Seed (sing by Nami Tamaki) and last one that I know is for Tsubasa Chronicle (perform by Yuki Kajiura).

believe by Kalafina 1

I believe there are many other songs with the same title, yet this ending anime song “Believe” by Kalafina did earn it score and credits as Kalafina do sing the song very well in tone and harmony.

Another credits need to give would be the one whom not only come up with the nice lyrics, but compose the nice music instrumental for the song. How irony to know that the same person who one performed “Believe” for Anime series “Tsubasa Chronicle” decided to make another nice “Believe” for Anime series “Fate Stay Night: Unlimited Blade Works”.

believe by Kalafina 2

All I can only give is a good amount of applause for her and her nice music, which made me wonder how was she able to come up with another interesting piece of “Believe”.

As a whole, the interesting thing that got me listening very carefully to the song is how well each music instrumental and lyrics mix very well with each other, that my Listening Ears took an instant like for the song, even the starting music is also very smooth and nice to when Kalafina start singing.

believe by Kalafina 3

Kalafina girls sure sing very nicely for this song, since I personally like this type opera-similar-type of sing, and it really not easy to sing in tone and in harmony. And back to the ending anime, they really did mix in well with the song lyrics.

Showing the innocent young Shiro and Rin, the age when they do not know much or think for themselves, though both of them live differently. But when both of them are in high school, both have grown up and make friends as well as getting along with their own servants.

believe by Kalafina 4

On a personal note, I actually like how they draw out each nice background with the characters as the main focus, since it’s actually nice to listen to some nice song while looking at the pictures.

Even though the song is very short of the anime ending, however it did gotten me to like this song instantly that I need to find it full version to listen. So for now it would seem that I will need to listen more to “Believe” by Kalafina. (=w= ||)

Fate Stay Night: Unlimited Blade Work Opening Song – “ideal white”

ideal white
Singer – Mashiro Ayano
Lyrics – megrock
Composers – Carlos K. / Toshi-F
Music Arrangement – Carlos K. (Ariola Japan)
Series – Fate Stay Night: Unlimited Blade Work (2014 Series) (Opening)

More Info @Lyrics Nonsense

This is Mashiro Ayano’s first single album and yet she get to sing for one of my favor series of all time, Fate Stay Night: Unlimited Blade Work.

But all I can say when I first listen to the anime opening, I was seemingly shocked; not only did she sing so well, but I actually fall in love with her voice and “ideal white” have get listed in my top favor anime song list, and I personally don’t mind listening to it non-stop myself.

Even as I give a lot of credits to Mashiro Ayano for her nice voice and singing for “ideal white”, I just have to give as much of credits to the one who come up with such nice music instrumental.

I personally like each of the beat and tone of the music, which not only bring out Mashiro Ayano singing, but ensuring each lyrics mix in well on each singing.

There are times when I got lost in thought listening to the song that I forgotten what I was suppose to do next, which got me realized how poisonous this nice music is to me that even my Listening Ears just can’t stop listen to it.

The lyrics actually also got my interests to the point that it gotten me wondering about how did megrock can think it up; not because how smooth Mashiro Ayano was able to sing it, but also how the music instrumental was able to mix in well to suit it.

Fate Stay Night can consider a dark story, due to the killing, death, and fighting, so I really like how the lyrics go, and I really find this song “ideal white” suit well for one of the series I like so much.

The opening anime also mix in very well with the lyrics and singing too, like how the singing go a bit on the dark part, the anime show about the dark side on Fate Stay Night, and I like the part about the servants fighting each other.

Really make me wonder just how powerful are they, and I will be looking forward each of the fights in the later episodes.

Well, it is also about timing for me to do some anime posts, though at the moment I would like to get in thought while listening to “ideal white”

Arpeggio of Blue Steel: Ars Nova Opening Song – “Savior of Song”

Savior of Song
Performers – Nano feat. MY FIRST STORY
Lyrics – Nano
Music Arrangement – WEST GROUND
Anime – Arpeggio of Blue Steel: Ars Nova (Opening)

More Info @Anime Lyrics

savior of song

First we have Trident doing the ending anime songs for Arpeggio of Blue Steel, so how can I go and forget about the opening anime song?

Well, one thing for sure is that the anime opening song “Savior of Song” did make it to my list of favor anime song, and I had to admit that the song is really very catchy and nice.

savior of song 1

Not only did the singers sing and rap very well, the music instrumental was really done nicely mixing in well with the singers. Sometime when I want to stop playing the music or skip to next song, the music just seem to stop me from doing so.

Even when I just listen to it for a while would end with me listening non-stop to the music. Also they did mix in well with a few English to the lyrics, rapping smoothly and singing to the tone.

savior of song 2

Well, the singers are that good, as well I will give credits to the one who come up with the music tone since the music beat is really catchy and nice to listen.

For the anime opening, they did sure did the opening anime nicely and in tone with the song, even the soft rap start, they did show the destruction of the world done by the Fog Fleet, and showing the crew of I-401 Iona

savior of song 3

Interestingly thing to note is that they also feature the data and information of the Fog ship like Iona, Takao and the others. But for someone like who is low knowledge on ship, the only thing that I will prefer to see is those ship in action, firing their missiles and stuffs.

Well, the later part did show interesting and very beautiful pictures, and how each ship and submarine firing their beams and missiles, which can leave me very speechless.

savior of song 4

Though one can see that the opening anime action move very fast, which make me wonder if it was due to the fast pace on the song, or that action tend to happen fast.

Even so, the action of the anime move at a pretty nice pace, and that I need to pause each movement to see the spec of the ship, but I tend to stare at each Fog girls instead. Really need to give good credit to those who model them out for this anime.

savior of song 5

But as speechless as I can get or the amount of staring at the anime, I just need to listen to the nice song of “Savior of Song”.

Gallery of the Fog Fleet girls

Arpeggio of Blue Steel: Ars Nova Ending Song – “Blue Field”

Blue Field
Singers – Trident (Mai Fuchigami | Manami Numakura | Hibiku Yamamura)
Lyrics / Composer – Heart’s Cry
Anime – Arpeggio of Blue Steel: Ar Nova (Ending)

More Info @Deciphered Melody

blue field

I always wonder if those female voice actresses need to be a nice singers too in order to voice, or that they got beautiful voices, since the three female VA in Trident got role in the anime “Arpeggio of Blue Steel: Ar Nova”.

Mai Fuchigami voice Iona(401), Takao for Manami Numakura, and Hibiku Yamamura is Haruna. The song “Blue Field” itself attracted me to the point that I don’t really mind playing this song over and over again for the whole day, and that including when I sleeping.

blue field 1

One thing for sure, the music instrumental play one big part of the reason why I like this song, on top of the lyrics, which is why “Heart’s Cry” did earn one of the credits for making this song a success in my view.

I wonder if it was because the lyrics, composer and music arrangement are done by “Heart’s Cry”, but the Trident girls also play another part in sing smoothly for the song as well as in harmony, leaving no gap or break in between when they sing together in syn.

blue field 2

Another interesting play on the song title and lyrics is would be how they decided the song anme the “Sea” or “Ocean” as Blue Field, which mean the sea or ocean water is a field of blue water in the eye of those who are out into the water.

I really amazed at the title being call “Blue Field”, though I wonder how can the “Heart’s Cry” mix in a few nice tone of English words into the lyrics. It really give the ring to the song, while at the same times maintaining the flow of the music.

blue field 3

Well, if it wasn’t for this nice song, I would not have the problem of trying ways to grab hold of this song and play it non-stop, even till now, I am still not bored with the song.

Back to the ending anime, one thing that I like about the anime is that they make good use of 3D animation for it, and for the ending they show each fog ships trying to link with each other by reaching out for each other.

blue field 4

“Blue Field” is the ending for the anime episodes (1 – 4, 6 – 8) though the interestingly for episodes 7; while the other episodes ending anime is showing of each girls reaching for each other, that special episode show of each fog girl in their ship mode and reaching out for each other.

Normally I would thing that it funny and crazy at how each ship reaching for each other, and that would meaning crashing into each other, but what I have to give credits to the one who think up of this nice idea.

blue field 5

The reason being that the detail design of each ship are really nicely done, and I was just amazed with my Jaw dropped at how much work is done just for this episodes anime ending.

The only similar would be the song, and the starting words “Where Do We Come From? What are We? Where Are We Going?”, which signify about the fog fleet, but the starting music instrumental is also what I play about the song.

blue field 6

I still prefer to listen to the song non-stop, though I don’t really mind staring at those look fog girls since they are pretty themselves, and some time at the ship since their model are really nicely done.

As a whole, this song really captured my Listening Ears which I doubt I will be getting bored to the song, so I will seeing myself crazy enough to be listening to “Blue Field” non-stop for now.

Kanojo ga flag o Oraretara Opening – “Cupid Review”

Cupid Review
Singer – Aoi Yūki
Lyrics – Shoko Fujibayashi
Composer – zakbee
Anime – Kanojo ga Flag o Oraretara

More Info @Anime Lyrics

cupid review 0

Aoi Yuki do voice for many characters and that no exception for Serika Gin’yūin of “Kanojo ga flag o Oraretara”, and she do have a cute voice to top it off, even for the starting song, “Cupic Review”.

I was wondering why did the opening music instrumental was that interestingly, only to realize the music video was that Aoi Yuki is putting up a show herself. Well, the opening anime of “Kanojo ga flag o Oraretara” also seem to show it fair of flags since the anime did use flags event as the base story plot.

cupid review 1

Well, I don’t really get tired for this quick pace and yet at the same time cute song, and you don’t really get a lot of cute opening.

Another nice saying is raising a flag event of the opposite gender, which also mean the Love flag, and this song do have Cupid who also can mean for love. Well, have to give credit to the one who create this interesting lyrics in the first place.

cupid review 2

Even when the lyrics and singer are good, the music instrumental however is very good in bringing the song out too, which sound not only catchy but at the time being exciting. Why would I say that?

Well, as I mentioned about the music video being Aoi Yuki putting up a show, so it like she is singing while performing, which the music instrumental sound really nice.

cupid review 3

For the opening anime, since the lyrics did mention about building relation, interestingly Souta did get to interact with a lot of girls and getting along with them. One of them is a trap though, and yet the flag had been raised.

As for me, maybe I need to listen to the music a few time since I can’t stop myself from the cute singing of “Cupid Review”.

Kanojo ga Flag o Oraretara

Garewara 0

Kanojo ga Flag o Oraretara
If Her Flag Breaks

Creator – Tōka Takei


Light Novel
Arts by Cuteg
Published by Kodansha
10 Volumes [Ongoing]

Drawn by Nagian
Published in Monthly Shōnen Rival, Kodansha
8 Volumes [Ongoing]

Kanojo ga Flag o Oraretara: Ō Yūsha yo, Flag o Tateteshimau to wa Nanigoto da!?
Drawn by Nagian
Published in Monthly Shōnen Rival, Kodansha
1 Volumes [Completed]

Kanojo ga Flag o Oraretara: Root Love
Written by Kazuki Ayasaki
Published in Monthly Shōnen Sirius, Kodansha
2 Volume [Completed]

Directed by Ayumu Watanabe
Studio – Hoods Entertainment
13 Episodes [Completed]
OVA – Scheduled [2nd December 2014]

More Info
@Wiki | @Anime News Network | @Baka


@Batoto (Manga)

Garewara 1

Story start about Nanami Knight Bladefield witness a car accident during her way to the school, but was luckily avoided thanks to Souta Hatate. Well, someone did raise a death flag and luckily avoid the death of many.

Finding it suspicious, Nanami was trying to find the one who talk to the one who raised the death flag and avoid the accident, though it turned out that Souta is a newly transfer student to her class.

Garewara 2

As other students try to befriend with the new student, Nanami noticed that Souta choose not to get close with them, and somehow managed to get away from them.

After Nanami confront with Souta that he finally reveal about his power to see flag, and that he had the power to break them by using the right words.

Garewara 3

Interestingly, he do not want to interact with the other students and able to see their flag on their head, but somehow he could not see one on Nanami’s. Later on he did promised not to break them that easily, unless it a death flag.

There are many different type of flag, love flag, friendship flag, death flag, and other more. Initially Nanami didn’t believe it and laughed about it, though she believe it to some extend. One example was how Souta try to break Akane Mahougasawa friendship flags, which seem to respawn no matter what or how he tried.

Garewara 4

He did learnt that Akane is the rich granddaughter of a well known company and Nanami is a princess of a country in Europe. Akane wanted to go to see his dorm as a friend though both she and Nanami was shocked to see the building to be old and abandon, thanks to the mistake by the student president, Mimori Seiteikouji.

But what they didn’t know that this building will be links to what Souta will be on a quest; to break his own death flag. Well, Souta is kind to break many other people death flag, even going as far as kissing Akane so that she will continue living, and fall for Souta at the same time.

Garewara 5

Another girl who stay strong even when her flag got broken is Kikuno Shōkanji, who act like an elder sister to Souta and is his childhood friend. Problem tend to be that she like to spoil Souta to the point that it get to the other easily, and she doesn’t mind Souta getting the love of other girls.

Interestingly, Souta somehow managed to have Tsumugi Ryuukishibara to be like his grandmother despite her young look. Tsumugi may be in the same class as Souta, but she is rumor to be older than the school, and she like to tell tale of her past. Well, she did show her past look which shocked the other.

Garewara 6

Megumu Tōzokuyama is another boy, and a trap, who can spawn flag as if it is easy. Well, thank to his look, many tend to mistake him as a girl even though he is wearing a boy clothes. Well, the trap joke tend to be how the girls mistake Megumu as a girl then realize him as a boy, but his action and wanting to be with Souta can easily mistake Megumu as a girl instead.

Ruri Ninjabayashi, an android created by Akane’s company, was tasked to take care of Akane but due to some impact at first, the impression did send chill down their spine; having her head drop as if it normal. Even I can get a shock to see a head talking or even smiling when it not attach to the body.

Garewara 7

Later on, Rin Eiyūzaki stepped into the group and seem to hate Souta for being weak, and wanted to train him properly.. But somehow along the way as she acknowledge him, turned out that they were childhood playmate and Rin have a crush on him. Her first task was to train the girls and Souta for the school sport festival.

Mimori really like to give them more trouble than they would ask for. But Rin can be more problematic for Souta, as it turned out that she is the Yandere, which he always have to be on the look out whenever that Yandere flag pop on top of Rin’s head.

Garewara 8

As more girls stepped into the group, turned out that fate is playing a trick on Souta, and that in order to live on, he have to learn the truth of the world and understand his link to it. Interestingly, a mysterious organisation did sent in Mei Daimyōzamurai, as an observer and have the similar power to see flag who not only save Souta once, but later lose her memories and at the same time falling in love with him.

The anime did different somewhere along the way from the original plot, but even so, the anime is still interesting and funny at the same time. Even I do want to know what is the quest that Souta need to do and to learn of the truth hidden.

Garewara 9

Interesting thing is how the dorm that Souta stayed turned out to be one hidden link for him to start the quest, and is also call the Quest dorm. Even Ruri play an important for Souta to know more about what he needed to do.

Even Nanami’s family is also part of the whole match up, and the part where she will meet Souta will change their life too. Well, I understand many people like to prefer thing or events as a flag, but somehow I like this story plot where those flags are events for Souta needed to play along and to understand.

Garewara 10

Somehow he did initial wish not to interact with many people, but that change when he promised not to break any flag and to go along with it, other than death flag. Interestingly, there is also an quest flag like Kurumiko Daishikyōgawa case. Souta have to follow up on that quest and even help Kurimiko from the death flag.

Both Kurimiko and Ruri tend to be like a little siter to Souta, but Kurimiko tend to be quest advance flag while Ruri would unlock more knowledge on the quest for Souta, which also lead to more questions.

Garewara 11

Even despite the change in plot for the anime, the light novel story still leave mysteries behind, and giving more questions which Souta and his group need to solve. At first Souta wanted to do it alone but he also learn that he need to depend on other too.

I find it interesting that there are parallel world theory in this world, where Souta did step into there and learn of the contradict between each world, and how it may affect his current world. Well, the power to see flag is also something that isn’t normal too.

Garewara 12

Well, even though there are so many volumes for the light novel, I had yet to peek into most of the story, so I could not say more than to what I understand. But one thing for sure is that Souta’s life is really full of flag events.

Well, the story did show some interesting slice of life despite all those flag events, even I like how Souta get to interact with the members in Quest Dorm too.

Garewara 13

So do you want to have the power to see flag too in Kanojo ga Flag o Oraretara?