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Anime Festival Asia Singapore 2014 Day 1/2/3 – Food and Beverage

AFA SG 2014 F&B 2

(There are so many various of Nissin Cup Noodles, I only prefer the creamy chicken)

Having eaten many tasty foods in Japan, I still remember the moment of tasty food at AFA SG 2014 where I eaten 3 days straight of cup noodles…

Please don’t take that as a pity where I can only managed to eat cup noodles, but it turned out that Nissin was having a booth with their lovely mascot going around to advertise too.

I still remember the funny and amazing moment when I was looking at their soccer advertise video when one Samurai showing many people off his skills and until the end did it show it was advertising for Nissin when there no sight of any cup noodles…

AFA SG 2014 F&B 1

(Not sure they’re queuing to get one cup each, or just watching the interesting video of a samurai showing off his football skills)

This time they show (repeatedly non-stop) a short video about the same Samurai taking on football skills showdown with 3 Ninja.

Well.. I can only mentioned that many was so awe with their skills that there are time when I noticed many people take their time to watch the video, and making me wonder if they are queuing up to get a cup noodles themselves or just simply watching the interesting video.

AFA SG 2014 F&B 3

I personally prefer Mr. Nissin Mascot standing guard at their booth with his dangerous (and did I mentioned big?) fork and ensuring the queuing order.

The funny thing I noticed (by chance when I went pass the back of the Nissin booth) was that due to the demand of the Nissin cup noodles, the staffs are wasting no time to boil as much water as possible.

AFA SG 2014 F&B 4

(Hmm… so 3 packet of cup noodles got discount ar?)

Well, considering the it SGD 2 for one cup, the least was that it’s cheaper than any meal, plus many people doesn’t want to get out of the hall just to find food (and maybe at higher price)

That is also my reason as to why I ate 3 days straight of Nissin cup noodles, and thanks to that, I forced myself to eat other stuffs other than noodles since I got addicted to it easily.

But is Nissin the only food that selling at AFA SG 2014?

Nope, it’s just that not many want to waste more money on food since they can use their money to grab hold of other nice anime merchandises.

AFA SG 2014 F&B 5

(Seriously.. I was really shocked and amazed that the arrow was pointing to the sign when I took this photo)

As previously AFA have introduce their new mascot character, Seika, they also have a nice booth named after her; Seika Cafe.

Selling some tasty (and very small serving of) foods, there are of course many who prefer the cheaper Nissin cup noodles, but that doesn’t mean there are no one purchasing those expensive food.

Ok, ok..

SGD 8 for one curry rice that doesn’t fill my stomach is bit of crazy, which I can just buy 4 Nissin cup noodles at the same price.

AFA SG 2014 F&B 6

(Ya… I know they’re expensive… but they do look very appetizing)

For those who don’t like to eat instant noodles, they can go to the food courts or restaurants at Suntec City to eat.

But despite the price, there are few who purchase those tasty foods to try out or just simply to eat.

I got no idea how tasty they are, since I prefer to spend my money on getting other stuffs, but they do kind of look nice and tasty.

AFA SG 2014 F&B 7

My honest opinion would be just buy one cheap up-sized Mchicken meal at the nearby McDonald if possible, at the very least that is fulfilling.

Or I can just bring along a Bento ~!

As for drink, I did notice there is also a small booth selling very expensive and precious mineral water.

So far I bring my own water bottle to AFA SG 2014 for all days, and when I run out of water, just head down to the supermarket ‘Giant’ and get one cheap and big bottle of Pokka green tea for the nearly same price.

AFA SG 2014 F&B 8

(Water are very precious… so they are very expensive…)

Well, if you’re too thirsty to move and so happen to be the mineral water booth, just sacrifice that money and drink that precious water then just suffering the thirst…

That’s the reason why I mentioned that mineral water are expensive and yet very precious; at least you may (or not) remember to try bring or buy your own next time.

Food and Beverage is our daily necessity where we would normally eat 1-3 meals daily. And good thing is that they did have a corner where food and drink are selling and serve; at the very least many people at AFA SG 2014 are sitting down and enjoying their tasty meals.