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ToyCoin Kuji Website – Interview

Kuji Toycoin banner

Back in Oct 2014, ReV-AMF was given the honor of interviewing ToyCoin, and during the interview, I was able to get some insight about their major project; Kuji Website.

Links :

While lady boss Wendy did reveal about way to promote Kuji, what Toycoin going for was a simple online platform option for collector to get their clean hands on the kuji.

Simple reasons being having no retail shop, plus at time when one wish to grab hold of their favorite Kuji but having the Kuji Ticket sold out especially during events.

Kuji Toycoin kuji

The Kuji website give everyone a chance, and there is a limit to how much ticket per person can buy.

Say good bye to Queuing up or Giving up half-way when you notice the prize zone is sold out.

Each Kuji Ticket price range starting from SGD 8 and over, depending on which Kuji set you’re getting.

All prize are only reveal during a small live event when ToyCoin reveal the result, so even if you got your online ticket, you wouldn’t be able to know which prize you’re holding until the result date.

Kuji Toycoin kuji Madoka

Another interesting way of purchasing their Kuji?


It also seem that the Kuji Website also offer a last ticket special prize for the last person who purchase the last ticket – A special prize will be stated at the start to show which prize will be given as a special prize for the last person who purchase the last prize.

So don’t worry about getting the last ticket, you might WANT the last special prize instead.

While many might want to go for first in hope of getting the prize(s) they want, getting last might not be a bad option too.

Again, ReV-AMF was given the same honor of interviewing ToyCoin regarding Kuji Online.

Kuji Toycoin kuji angel beat

What give you the idea of starting a Kuji Website?

Wendy: As Toycoin do not have a retail outlet, I wanted to develop an online platform webpage where customers are able to enjoy Kuji events, at their own house / time.

Care to share more about your Kuji Website?
Wendy: I very excited about this project, as we were able to order preorder for it.

Kuji cannot be bought in advance, and even if the customers reached their turn; the Kuji might be sold out.

I am able to get the preorder and then open up the pre-sales, so customers will be able to purchase their ticket(s) without needing to buy entrance / travel fee in order to get Kuji at Anime Events.

Kuji Toycoin Angel Beats Kuji

What challenges have you face so far?
Wendy: It’s a very major project which was developed since a year ago, and there were many hiccups along the ways.

There were delays when it was supposed to be launch earlier this year, due to the site layout, programming errors etc. However, currently it’s still running on schedules and we hope to launch it in late 2014 or early 2015.

What are the chances for a customer to obtain the kuji top prizes?
Wendy: It’s the same as normal kuji; depend on the customers’ chances and luck. So if there are 100 prizes, each people can purchase the ticket(s) but they will not be able to know what prize(s) they will be getting until the result is announced.

Kuji Toycoin kuji SAO

How will the customers get to know what winning prize they’re getting?
Wendy: The result will be announce live with a date stated on the site, even if the customers purchase the ticket on that day, they will not be able to know what prizes they win immediately.

The fun and interesting part about the live broadcast is that the winner list will display the customers’ name / ign, and what prize(s) they won; so people will get to know what prizes did other won!

How many ticket(s) is one customer able to purchase?
Wendy: We cater in a ways where one customer is able to purchase up to ten tickets at one time, and upon completion of purchase, there is will be a ten minutes lockout before the next purchases.

Even if the customer purchases one ticket only, there is still a ten minutes lockout upon purchase completion. This is to give other customers a chance at Kuji.

Some Kuji have last prize, and i do not wish customers to purchase all the tickets just only for the last prize. I want customers to enjoy the fun of kuji and try winning a kuji prize using their luck.

Do you have other plans for the Kuji Website?

Wendy: I hope to spread the Kuji Website oversea, so that many otaku in the world can also get to enjoy the fun of Kuji online.

Kuji Toycoin SAO Kuji

Wow.. I’m sure many people are able to grab hold of their favorite kuji without the need to wait till events where you need to queue up for it, and be disappointed when your favorite prize or the ticket being sold out; all you need is just grab the ticket online and wait till the result date to know what you got.

Take normal working days, one is only free when reached home and not really in the mood to go shopping; but you can get a kuji ticket online and wait till the event day to see what you got.

To me, Toycoin is giving the collectors the option of getting Kuji at an easier and fun way with their clean hands; cos you wouldn’t know what you got till the result are out.

So head over to the Kuji Online Website to register and get ready to test your luck!! (^w^ ||)

Need the know how to kickstart? ReV-AMF of course can guide you along…

AFA 2014 Interview – Aoi Eir


Hi! What’s up peeps! I’ve gotten another interview for AFA14 ready! Took some time to went through the whole audio recording again, my apologies! Today’s interview post would be on Aoi Eir-san! Definitely one of the rising stars in this anime music industry.


A brief introduction to this upcoming star (From AFA official site):

Born on Nov. 30. Native of Sapporo, Hokkaido. AB blood type.

Made her major label debut in October 2011 with her first single “MEMORIA,” which was selected as the ending theme to anime TV series “Fate/Zero”.

Her first full album “BLAU” came out on Jan. 30, 2013 and gained the No. 4 spot when it appeared on the Oricon Album rankings. She has gained much international support, receiving over 330,000 likes from around the world on her official Facebook page and performing in USA, Hong Kong and Indonesia in 2014. The TV anime series “Sword Art Online II” opening theme “IGNITE” is smashing the records!

Official Site:
Official Blog:
Official Twitter:
Official Facebook:


Without further ado, please feast your eyes here for the interview with Aoi Eir and our media friends!

AFA - Eir Aoi


Recently, you have just performed in Moscow, Russia, how does it feel to perform there for the first time, and are there any difficulties encountered in communication?

Aoi Eir: It was the first time I’m performing in Russia. When I first stepped out of the airport, the chilly weather that I felt, reminded me of my birth place, Hokkaiddo. I felt really happy as although it is the first time I’m visiting this country, however it felt like the feeling of returning to Hokkaiddo.
On the day of my live performance, it is actually my birthday as well. After the performance, the attendees sang me a birthday song, which touched me and I even creed a little. Even though the climate in Russia is cold, the people in Russia are really warm. Russia is a very fun place and the experience made me love Russia.

Did you try the local food in Russia? How do you like it?

Aoi Eir: Talking about Russia, one would really need to try borscht. The dish was served with bread, and in the borscht, sour cream was mixed in it. It is really delicious, and I ate too much such that not only my stomach hurts, but my back too! I felt really blessed at that time.

Have you tried paint balls or BB guns before?

Aoi Eir: I have tried air guns before, as my brother has such a hobby in this area. I have held a shot gun before as well. I would definitely like to try survivor games sometime in the future.

Did you fire the shotgun, or just held it?

Aoi Eir: Nope, I didn’t fire it. Most probably if I did fire, I’ll be sent flying backwards by the recoil!

AFA14 - AE01

This is the 2nd time coming to AFASG, what does it feel like to be invited here once again to perform?

Aoi Eir: Last year when I was here in Singapore for the first time, I was really shocked by the amount of fans who are passionate about anime here, despite the difference in our culture. I was really touched at the amount of love that fans are giving to the japanese anime culture.
When I was invited to take part again in this wonderful event, and thinking that I would be able to once again meet this crowd of people, I felt really happy.
Previously in AFA’13, I was only able to perform along with the karaoke set. However, this time around, I’m able to bring my band along with me, and we hope to bring a good time to the fans.

In regards to your work as an artiste, what do you think is the reason that makes the fans love you and your music?

Aoi Eir: There are several reasons in which I sang anime songs. As anime is spreading its influence around the world, it made me feel like anime is a connecting bridge to the other countries. Since young, I have been watching anime, and whenever I listen to the anime songs/themes, it reminds me of my favourite anime scenes. I would therefore like to transmit such feelings that I had to the fans, and that’s what inspired me to keep singing.

AFA14 - AE02

What attributes do you think that differentiates you from the other artistes?

Aoi Eir: I find that I’d display a strong character and at times, can be tomboyish. When my emotions get strong, I would like to display as precise as possible to her fans.

When you found out that it is confirmed you were to sing the theme songs for the anime series, Kill la Kill and Sword Art Online, how do you feel about the decision?

Aoi Eir: For Kill la Kill, its different from the other anime, as it is not adapted from other forms of media. When I thought that I was able to sing the OP for this show, I eagerly look forward for the anime to be aired on TV. Every week when I watch Kill la Kill, I found that the show was very nostalgic, and the story plot has a fast pace, unlike the other shows. To be singing for the OP for the show, I felt very honoured to do so.
For Sword Art Online, I sang for the Fairy Dance arc in the first season, the extra edition and the opening of the second season. To me, the anime, SAO, was becoming very huge. From the start, I enjoyed playing games The protagonist in the anime, is very skilled at them, and I do adore such characters like that. In the series, the plot ties in virtual world with reality, which makes a truly splendid story. As the series goes on, the story keeps captivating me more into the plot. With that, I felt really thankful to be featured in such a wonderful series, and from here on, I would like to sing SAO’s songs, closer to my heart.

After releasing a lot of singles, what’s your favourite song personally?

Aoi Eir: No matter which work, nor song, I love all of them equally. If asked to make a choice, I would never be able to make a decision for it, as I put in all my feelings into singing them.

Could you share with us more on your song, ‘Genesis’, the ending theme for Aldnoah Zero Second Season?

Aoi Eir: My single, Genesis, will be released on February 18th, in Japan. It’s been quite a while since I can have the experience of singing the ending theme song for an anime. Truth be told, its been since ‘Memoria’, my debut single for the anime Fate/Zero. This is the first time I’m challenging to sing a medium ballad type of song, so I hope everyone will look forward to listening to it.

AFA14 - AE03

Can you briefly share with us your 2015 plans? Where there be any more solo concerts in the near future?

Aoi Eir: Currently, there are no concrete plans for 2015, but I do hope that I would be able to do an Asia tour soon. The band that I had brought along for AFA this year, was not my full band.  I will put in most best effort, so I would be able to bring my full band along around Asia for the tour.

How do you foresee the future of the Japanese music and anime industries?

Aoi Eir: Ahhh. This is a tough question, I can’t really foresee on what will happen.

How does you see yourself in the future, in regards to your music.

Aoi Eir: The theme for the songs that I have been singing is ‘No matter how dark it gets, one should continue searching for the light.’ From now on, I would like to write my songs based on this theme. I was able to write the lyrics for my newest single, Tsunagaru Omoi, and in the future, I would like to aspire to be able to write and compose a song myself.

Is there any favourite composer you like to work with?

Aoi Eir: For me, I really do like Do As Infinity. I admire Dai Nagao quite a lot, and would be honoured if he would be able to write lyrics for my songs.

What is your turning point or highlights in your singing career?

Aoi Eir: As I progress through my career, I feel that I become more ambitious. When I first debuted in the industry, I frequently cover my mouth when I sing. That was during the time I do not have any experience in performing live shows. After I have done live performances, I yearn to do more live performances, not just only in Japan, but around the world as well.


There’s no doubt that your most popular song is ‘Innocence’ from SAO, which achieved the rank of No. 6 on the Oricon chart. How do you feel about this accomplishment?

Aoi Eir: ‘Innocence’ was the opening theme song for the Fairy Dance arc of SAO. This song managed to achieve its success on the Oricon chart, due to the fans who watched the anime, and I feel extremely happy about the achievement. Now that this arc is over, I would like express such feelings through the performance of this song in my live performances.

Well, that’s all for this round. Will be back for the next post for upcoming music releases, and more interviews.

Signing off,  Yuuki~

AFA 2014 Interview – Kitamura Eri (KITAERI)

Its being a long time, since I made a post here. Unfortunately, I did not have time to post my monthly releases for music this month as I went on an overseas trip to Japan. I will start posting the February releases soon, before the start of Feb. ^_^”

For now, as you guys probably heard or something, we had acquired a media pass for AFA 2014. Due to my working schedules, I can hardly find time to write for the interviews that we had done in AFA 2014 with fellow media friends. Well, I personally went through the whole interview recording, and translate it from scratch as well, so it took some more time needed. Haha.

Well, this is one of the interview that I was suppose to post last week, but took some time to tie up the backend part.

I will thus work on going through the rest of the interviews that I have on my hands, namely LiSA, Aoi Eir, GARNiDELiA and fripSide. Hope to finish them soon!

So hereby, I shall present you the interview with Kitamura Eri-san! K.I.T.A.E.R.I. yay!

Screen Shot 2015-01-18 at 8.32.34 pm

(NoteQuestions asked are from the media as a group, not just ReV-AMF)

Kitamura-san, is this your first time in Singapore? Have you gotten used to it?

KitaEri: This is the first time that I came to Singapore. After arriving in Singapore, I was constantly involved in stage rehearsals, and thus brings about a tight schedule.

Therefore I could not do much sightseeing. I still do not quite know about Singapore’s ambience. Speaking of whether I am used to it, I would say no, but I have gotten a first feel of things.

Kitamuura-san, You say you are a huge fan of anime. Which are your favourite series?

KitaEri: I really like a lot of anime, and thus I can’t choose. It is quite hard for me to rank them. In terms of genres, I like fantasy, horror, even violence. For anime, I would look at the genre, the characters and the stories.

As my preference for them does change, it would thus be hard for me to rank them. In short, I like different types of anime.

Of all the characters that you had done voice acting for, which do you think represents yourself the most?

KitaEri: For appearance-wise…, none at all. The characters that I had voiced are mostly cute, beautiful or cool. As I am acting to be like them, it would be difficult to gauge, thus I can’t choose.

Eri Kitamura Profile photo

(Profile Photo from Star Child site)

You are both a seiyuu and an artiste (singer), which profession do you like more?

KitaEri: I can’t choose either of them, as I like both of them. As a seiyuu, I can act in a character that differs from mine and I can enjoy the story of the anime.

As an artiste, I can do and challenge the things I like, such as performing and singing, and that is fun to me. The enjoyment for both professions is different and that is why I am unable to choose which one I like more.

Why do you want to be a seiyuu or singer?

KitaEri: Ever since when I was a child, I like anime, games and manga. My mom likes the profession of a seiyuu. When I was young, I already knew quite well about this profession.

And thus, I’m keen to join the industry in which captivated me with the anime, games and manga that I like when I was young, and being able to do creative things in this line.

kos scene

(Anime – Knights of Sidonia)

When watching Knights of Sidonia, what is the thing you like best about it, and what leaves you with the deepest impression.

KitaEri: There are a lot of parts. In general, I quite like robots and sci-fi animation. In this series, the activation scenes and the scene in which the hero launches in the Tsugumori, are done in a stunningly beautiful manner and looks really cool.

I also performed the ending theme, titled Show , for this anime. I wrote the lyrics and made the song, based on my imagination of this anime. Also the scenes in Knights of Sidonia left a deep impression on me, and therefore I like it.

Kitamura-san has recently just launched her own fashion line, Ghost Chest. What are some of the challenges faced?

KitaEri: When I am performing as an artiste, there are situations during my live performances, where I felt like to wearing some type of costumes, in which designs are not readily available in the markets.

And that is where my dream of creating and designing out my own costumes came about. The gothic style that I like, and will thus imagine that it would be nice to be wearing it during my work or as casual.

Based on this image, I’ll design the clothes and that is what Ghost Chest is.

Ghost + Chest

Kitamura-san, you are quite good at sketches and drawings, is there any sketches that you are proud of?

KitaEri: None. Its more like a hobby and interest. There are more talented people around, such as the mangaka-senseis that I like.

Even among the seiyuus, there are many who drew better illustrations than me.

It stimulates me in the way I think my drawings aren’t quite there yet. I don’t think I have any drawings or sketches that are well drawn.

As a seiyuu, you had voiced both male and female characters. Is there any difference in voicing them?

KitaEri: It’s hard to explain. When I’m acting out the roles of both male and female characters, even when voicing out the same line, the loudness, the pitch and other aspects are different.

During my visits to the family restaurants and cafes, I will do human observations. Like “Ah, so that’s how males shout, gets angry, etc.”, “Oh, that’s how girls laugh”.

From there, I will think of how the difference between both genders, and incorporate into my voice acting.

Kitamura-san, do you have any favourite actor or seiyuu?

KitaEri: Though I can’t choose.. (Media: Again?) Yes, again. ~Laughters in the room~. I can’t decide on who ranks first, as voices differs between everyone. It’s the same as acting.

For example, in the series, Cross Ange, in which I’m working with Mizuki Nana-san, I think that her voice is incredibly powerful. Even with a similar powerful voice, male seiyuus, will exhibit a different tone and coolness.

There’s quite a lot of seiyuus, which I hope I can learn from and incorporate their techniques into my voice acting, and thus I could not choose. (in regards to the question)

cross ange

(AnimeCross Ange | Nana Mizuki voiced for Ange while Eri Kitamura voiced for Salia)

How do you usually prepare for your concerts?

KitaEri: In all, I will first listen to my songs numerous times. I’ll use the mirror in my house and do a mock rehearsal. I’ll also imagine meeting everyone, speaking to them, holding the mike and doing the live performance.

Through imaginations… I’ll do some rehearsals… and come the actual event… I’ll forget everything! It will become something totally different from what I rehearse.

But in short, I’ll listen to my own songs in the setlist before the day of the performance.

Based on your previous answer, would you say that you are a good improviser?

KitaEri: The reactions that I had imagined during the day before my performance and the actual live performance, as expected differs greatly. 

As it is something that I can experience only at that time, I would really like to show to the crowd how I really felt then. When I want to express how I really feel, in a blink of an eye, it’s already time for the ending song. When I think about it, I’m unsure if improvisation is one of my abilities.

In comparison, I feel more that the crowd is pulling me into the mood of the performance, rather than the other way around, since I think that everyone is also quite good at improvisation too. ~laughs~

Do you have any artiste or singer that you like to collaborate with?

KitaEri: The music genres that I like are Metal and Rock. As an seiyuu, the characters that I voiced are those with cute voices, those with high keys… But when I’m singing, my key is actually quite low. It might possibly be that a male’s key is more comfortable for my singing.

Of course, I have quite a few female artistes that I like. But I do not have the confidence to sing their types of key. Therefore I have no such person that I would like to collaborate with.

Eri Kitamura @ AFA SG 2014

Since you like the Metal genre, do you have any favourite metal genre bands?

KitaEri: Though I can’t choose whose the first on my list… ~Laughs~. I do listen to several Metal genre bands with female vocals frequently. Of which I liked Nightwish, Delain and Arch Enemy.

I do listen to both major and minor artistes of the genre. Those that I listen to most frequently are an artiste named Ann-san and Within Temptation. For the rest…. it’s top secret.

Kitamura-san, What are your thoughts on Singapore?

KitaEri: For Singapore, what I’m most interested to know would be, ‘Among the works that I have done, which character from which work that is most popular here.’

As this is the first time I’m in Singapore to meet with fans of I Love Anisong, and thought ‘What if I can meet with those who knew KitaEri’. As it is before my live performance, I’m quite interested to find out how do they feel about me. This is what makes me curious the most this time.

I’m thinking it would be really good if I can get people to be interested about. ~laughs~

Is there any advise you want to give to people who wants to be an actor and seiyuu?

KitaEri: I would also like some!~ ~laughs~ This is quite difficult as it depends on timing, chance and opportunity. Although equipped with skills and talent, it would mostly depend on fate.

For me, I feel that I have stumbled upon a chance, and feels that it is a fateful encounter. It is quite tough to explain, so in all, please work hard and do your best!

I’ll also work hard not to disappear. ~Laughters~

-End of Interview-


(Credits – Pictures / Arts / Comic taken from Daiyaku Facebook)

Over the period since I last come across Daiyaku, even way before it even started cute little Aitori (Blue Bird), Daiyaku share on their Facebook a few interesting short comic and artworks featuring their mascot; Daiya.

They do show at times interesting comic of small stuffs like breaking a chopstick, to some current trend in Singapore, and those attracted me to peek into them with my Sparkly Eyes almost every times.

Daiyaku - Chopstick

And during a few events like STGCC and past AFA, I do saw their nice little booths, and their artworks are very pretty and nicely drawn too.

Possibly thank to that, they have produced nice works for a few well-known like ToyCoin, Candy Japan and many other more!

Even I am very tempt to have them draw a cute version of my Mascot myself too… wait.. I have yet to even introduce my Mascot.. well that will be in due time.. (=w= ||)

Location – *SCAPE Co. Ltd 2 Orchard Link #04-01 Singapore 237978
Contact(s) – (+65) 8118 6860 |
Facebook –
Homepage –
Nearest Station(s) – Somerset (MRT)

Daiyaku’s Mission (Taken from Daiyaku Facebook)
We aim to provide our clients, customers and students the best they deserve in their creative needs.

Nagakun’s Interview
As this interview was done very close to Anime Festival Asia Singapore 2014, Daiyaku have been very busy with their personal works, as well as my own.

However, I was still able to get the honor and time from Mr. Jamie, the Marketing Director of Daiyaku for an interview via e-mail due to time constrict on both our end. But that didn’t stop me from not posting this short and interesting interview up to share a bit of experience of what Daiyaku would like to tell.

Daiyaku - Chope Skills

How was Daiyaku was form?
Jamie: Daiyaku was formed by 2 budding artists who shared the same interests in Japanese manga. In 2009, we started out as a doujin group exhibiting at Japanese pop culture conventions and exhibitions.

What’s the focus of Daiyaku?
Jamie: Daiyaku Studios specializes in Illustrations, Graphics, and Social Media Marketing.

We have served clients ranging from event companies, advertising agencies, game studios, authors and retail.

With our lovable mascots; Daiya Aoi and Aitori at the helm, we strive to bring our audiences the slices of life in Singapore as well as promoting the awareness of our vibrant doujin community with their humorous antics within our comics.

Daiyaku - Too cold

Is there any challenges / problem that Daiyaku has faced over the years since it formed?
Jamie: Well, one of our major problems we have is manpower issues. There were numerous instances where both of us have too many projects on hand with pretty tight deadlines, which can be pretty tiring in a long run.

We also had difficulties with conventions where we had to become a 2-man factory with the event being just 2-3 days before.

What changes have you seen in Daiyaku over the years?
Jamie: Over the years, from a small-time art group doing illustrations was just as a hobby.

Gallery of Comic done by Daiyaku for ToyCoin (Click on the arrows to see more)

Previously, you have work with ToyCoin on their mascot and comic, how was the experience?
Jamie: Being our first social media marketing client, we worked with Toycoin to product some social media comics based on their mascot, Mako-chan to promote customer etiquette.

Being a weekly serialisation, there were times where we had to race against the clock to meet certain deadlines, but upon publishing of the comic for the week, it’s really satisfying to see the awareness being spread to the audiences as well as their responses, not forgetting to mention the growth of Toycoin’s website.

Daiyaku have published many interesting and nice comics / artworks across on the Facebook, care to share what inspire you to share those comic / art?
Jamie: Most of them come from our daily life experiences as well as opinions. Things like the local culture of Singapore to the very things we wish to rant everyday such as how tired we can get from work or school.

Daiyaku - Phone drop

What is your favor Anime series this year?
Jamie: Currently it’s Log Horizon. 🙂

Will you like to draw character(s) from the Log Horizon series?
Jamie: Depending on the trends though. Though we would usually concentrate our artworks based on our original characters! But we may consider doing it.

As Daiyaku will be appearing AFA 2014 this, what will Daiyaku bringing over for AFA?
Jamie: We will be doing a Love Live Omikuji as well as some Kancolle Dakimakuras and wall scrolls! We will also be selling our remaining Aitori plushies and merchandises during this season~!

Daiyaku - Omikuji at AFA SG 2014

Nagakun’s Personal note
Daiyaku had produced very lovely and cute artworks over the period, and personally I like their own mascot, and with the addition of Aitori, I was very surprise to see the overwhelming popularity of the cute little blue bird.

Well, even Mako the ToyCoin Mascot is pretty cute too!

Also, a few of Daiyaku’s comic do get feature in SGAG as well at times, and they are pretty funny and interesting.

Daiyaku - Phone poses

Daiyaku do take in a few students to teach them some technique on drawing, so if one is learning to draw well or aiming to step into this industrial, you may also look for Daiyaku for more information.

I’m check they will glad to share a bit, like how they agree to my short interview. (=w= ||)

But for the incoming AFA events, maybe one can have a look out for Daiyaku, as they will be bringing in some lucky charms as well as some cute little birdy.

Daiyaku - SMLJ

Nagakun’s Overview
If you’re looking for someone to draw a cute mascot for you, or someone who wish to learn to draw nicely, maybe you can check with Daiyaku by their email at and do remember to ask them nicely too.

Otherwise, you might take a liking to their interesting comic update at their Facebook.

Collateral Damage Studios (C.D.S)

(Credits – Pictures / Artworks taken from C.D.S homepage and Facebook)

I’ve come across the illustration studio, Collateral Damage Studios (CDS), several times at Anime conventions that were held in Singapore, and from then, I’ve been taken a quick liking to some their artworks.

The interesting aspect about CDS is how well they could showcase the fabulously done artworks of their artists. For instance, at last year’s Anime Festival Asia (AFA), they have garnered a large amount of fans with the creation of Inori Aizawa, the mascot of the ‘“Internet Explorer”, by putting together a video of said character.

Do view below for the featured special animation of Inori created by CDS, which you should definitely not miss!

Come this year’s AFA, CDS has taken another step forward by introducing another character by the name of Seika, for the annually held event. In the animation clip itself, it is seen that they had several interesting characters who are ‘guest-starring’ in it, and to name a few would be Morai from Culture Japan, as well as AFA-chan, the famed mascot for AFA.

Just by watching the clip, it is able to get me all pumped up for this coming year’s AFA! With such a short teaser, once could only imagine what CDS would bring to the tables for this coming event. Something that I’m definitely looking forward to.

When I too, was informed about the Doujin book, “Shin Kai Sei Kan”, which will be drawn with different perspective designs, my Sparkly Eyes were activated, and are filled with desires of obtaining a copy at AFA. Another event which will definitely bring a smile on my face on that day.

Seika character art design

Collateral Damage studios
Contact –
Facebook –
Homepage –

CDS’s Overview (Taken from CDS Facebook)
CDS started as an initiative by a group of art enthusiasts with lofty dreams of conquering the local illustration scene with their unique pop-culture-inspired art direction and to promote local art talents to the Singapore community. Through our artworks, we hope to inspire creativity and generations of artists, making the world a prettier place for the eyes.

Inori 1

Nagakun’s interview
CDS had been very busy with their on-going projects thus far this year, which they would be showcasing during the AFA event this year. However, as lucky as I am, I managed to snitch some time from the Project Manager’s (Mr. KC Ng) busy schedule to conduct a short and sweet interview about CDS. (P.S. We went for a nice dinner together after the interview too!)

After the interview, I’m able to understand just the numerous amount of projects that they have undertaken, and despite the heavy workload, it did not deter them from engaging in another project, namely the AFA animation clip. Along with that, they also embarked on a new Doujin titled “Shin Kai Sei Kan” and a simple card game, “Pet x Love”.

Nanako and Comic

How was Collateral Damage Studios (CDS) formed?
KC: CDS was formed by a group of artist friends 7 years ago when Doujin was considering new.

What the focus of CDS?
KC: Basically, we enjoy drawing and improving our skills.

Coffee and Comic

What changes did CDS gone through since establishment?

KC: As a Doujin circle, it has been a smooth sailing even though most of the founding members have moved on to a bigger position in the industry, and we have new members joining us.

A Doujin Circle is a group of informal friends who gather, enjoy and share their works, though at times there were arguments and disagreements among ourselves.

What is your favourite anime?
KC: That is a tricky question as there are many interesting series this year, which I have a hard time choosing one as my favor.

However, I will be looking forward to Kancolle (Kantai Collection) this coming season.

Shin Kai Sei Kan

Will CDS be sharing stuffs related to Kancolle at AFA this year?
KC: Yes, in fact we will be introducing a new Doujin book call “Shin Kai Sei Kan” at our creator hub booth at AFA, though we have very limited stock for it.

I’m quite excited since it has a while we last have a proper Doujin book, and we have put in a lot of works and efforts into this Doujin book.

Kancolle 1

Most of the artists are also busy with their own work, yet they are able to come up with spare time to create nice artworks for these Doujins. Even the not-so-experienced artists are producing their best artworks.

The book is focusing on a different angle of the Kancolle characters, which unlike other moe girls, the artwork style will be more of an edgy and epic area of the characters.

We have not done anything as epic and with such high production value for a while, so it’s really making me look forward to holding this book in my hands.

kancolle 2

While on the topic of Moe girls, currently, CDS is working on another project known as “Pet x Love”. Care to share more on that?
KC: This year, it quite interesting that CDS will be having 2 booths; one at the creator hub and another is the exhibit booth which “Pet x Love” will be strongly featuring over there.

It started with an idea and concept about Cats vs. Dogs and understanding that people like to play games during events, we decided to bring some light carnival mood to AFA 2014, where we will be running a small competition called “Pet x Love” for the whole day.

As the game was developing, we decided on a back-story and came up with a simple 4-koma comic which we did share on our Facebook, while at the same time asking for opinions such as preferences, which is also a great help too.

Gallery of Pets x Love Comic (click on the side arrow to see next)

The “Pet x Love” cards game will be available at our AFA Exhibition Booth, in which an individual whom buy “Pet x Love” related stuffs, will be given some free cards.

Utilizing the cards, we will hold a small competition where the players can either choose the Dogs faction or the Cats faction and fight against the opposing faction, with points being tallied to the overall final score.

Pets x Love

At the end of the day, the top players of both factions will get to win a Dakimakura as the prize. The winning faction will then have a lottery in which one lucky winner will be selected to and walk away with a Dakimakura.

The design of the cards are also cute so the players would be keen to keep them as collection, and may wish to continue playing with their friends if they have enough cards.

Recently there is an AFA Anime Video done by CDS, care to share a bit on it?

The animation video was done by 7 people together with the director from CDS and the whole process took us about 2 to 3 months inclusive of overtime too. There were many different ideas and character arts during the brainstorming period, and finally we decided on the current character, Seika.

It wasn’t an easy ride as we need to keep everything according to schedules and plans, but we are very happy with the end result.


Nagakun’s Personal Note
Here, I would like to give a big fat thumbs up for my praise on the artists who contributed such fantastic artworks. Furthermore, I also like the 2 mascot characters that CDS has created: Inori and Seika as well as their featured animations.

They have nice merchandises with very brilliant artwork designs for sales, so… head on over to their online shop to check them out!

Wanko vs Neko

Or you can keep a look-out at their booths held at AFA Singapore 2014 for their new Doujin book “Shin Kai Sei Kan” along with the Card game “Pet x Love”.

Although they are an illustrations studio, they are technically still a Doujin circle, so fellow-minded artists who are keen to look for advices, sharing of artwork, do drop them an email if you are an interested.

Even before I took notice of them, they had already been producing nice artworks in the industry. Personally speaking, the Moe characters created/drawn by them, really attracts me so much.

Pets x Love

Nagakun’s Final View
Collateral Damage Studios is a Doujin Circle, so if you’re an artist who’re looking for a group of friends to draw some nice artworks with, or if you’re looking for someone to draw some nice artworks for you, you can consider CDS as one of your choices.

At the time of writing, they had already produced several magnificent pieces of artworks, and in the near future, we’ll be sure to see more to be added to that collection. So, since I normally had quite an eye out for such illustrations, I’m pretty sure you’ll take a liking for them as well.