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Yuuki’s Music Pick for Apr Releases

Yahoo~ Just made it in time, before the start of April (Of course, I’m referring to the timezone that I’m in, haha). Been really tied down with stuff again as per usual, but definitely will try my best to do my posts up as a PT writer.

So as of now, I’ve finished working on the releases for the month of April starting from the week of Apr 06. When I was working on the following list, only then did it occurred to me that tml, Apr 01, will there be some releases that are due to be out. Since there does not seem to have a point of highlighting releases within such a short notice, I’ve therefore omitted them out of the April Release List. My apologies =(

With that, I bring u the list of releases for April 15!

*This list is by no means a complete listing of releases for April. This is just a list of singles and albums that caught my eye and thus would be looking out for.

Apr 08 – Ayumi Hamasaki – A ONE
Apr 08 – miwa – ONENESS
Apr 08 – Suzuko Mimori – Fantastic Funfair
Apr 08 – Minako Kotobuki – black hole
Apr 08 – i Ris – We are I Ris!!!
Apr 08 – Kensho Ono – Zero
Apr 08 – Machico – ColorsII -rml-
Apr 08 – Jyuri Nagatsuma – Mirai Sky
Apr 08 – nano RIPE – Nano.Ripe 4th Album
Apr 08 – JUICE = JUICE – Wonderful World/Ca Va? Ca Va?
Apr 08 – Raglaia – Breaking Dawn
Apr 15 – ClariS – ClariS ~ SINGLE BEST 1st~
Apr 15 – Choucho – BLESS YoUr NAME
Apr 15 – Morning Musume. ’15 – Seishun Kozou Ga Naiteiru/Yuugure Ha Ameagari/Ima Koko Kara
Apr 15 – Mamoru Miyano – Shine
Apr 15 – Yun*chi – Ani*yun-Anime Song Cover-
Apr 22 – Nana Mizuki – Angel Blossom
Apr 22 – Kana Hanazawa – Blue Avenue
Apr 22 – Azusa Tadokoro – Dream Line
Apr 22 – Minori Chihara – Aitakatta Sora
Apr 22 – Pile – Kimi ga Kureta Kiseki
Apr 22 – JAM Project – Kensen The Final/End of Heaven
Apr 22 – TRUE – Dream Solister
Apr 22 – HKT48 – 12byou
Apr 22 – AAA – Game Over?
Apr 22 – BUMP OF CHICKEN – Hello.World!/Colony
Apr 22 – Johnny’s West – Paripipo
Apr 22 – Shouta Aoi – UNLIMITED
Apr 29 – Nanjo Yoshino – Tasogare no Star Light
Apr 29 – Flower – Blue Sky Blue
Apr 29 – Yuka Iguchi – Hey World
Apr 29 – Perfume – Relax In The City/Pick Me Up
Apr 29 – LinQ – Harehare Parade
Apr 29 – Passepied – Toki no Wa
Apr 29 – INFINITE – 24 HOURS
Apr 29 – Momoiro Clover Z – [z]no Chikai
Apr 29 – しょこたん / でんぱ組 – Punch Line!

Well, this month’s list does not contain much of what I would consider a “definitely-must-get-else-will-die” zone, but I do have a 1 that I would definitely cannot do without!

NM7 - AB
Yay~ The 32nd Single of my top ranked Seiyuu and Singer~

Ta-dah! Look at the NM7’s 32nd single’s cover! As the title suggests, the blossoming of an angel! Haha! I’m definitely looking forward to this single being released. I’ve heard this single on Nana-sama’s radio show previously, and this song definitely have the vibes, which is similar to the other Nanoha series opening theme as well. If you do like Innocent Starter, Eternal Blaze etc, then I believe that this single would definitely be your taste as well.

For those who didn’t know, this single has been confirmed to be the opening theme for the upcoming anime ‘Mahou Shoujo Lyrical Nanoha ViVid. I’ve been a fan of the series since more than 10 years back, and would definitely look forward to this sequel too.

Other notable mentions this week and most likely would be in my cart would be:

Kana Hanazawa – Blue Avenue
Nanjo Yoshino – Tasogare no Star Light

Well, till next time then.

Yuuki, signing off.


Yuuki’s Music Pick for Mar Releases

Hello~~~ Been a while again, but I’m back for next month’s releases! Yayyy! There’s not much events related to anime nor japanese culture in Singapore recently, and due to the main writer falling sick, cause he ate too much good food for the festive season recently, there’s a teeny tiny bit of inactivity now. lols~ (However, he will be back up and running soon… hopefully)

For this month music releases, ITS wayyyyy overloaded with stuff I so want to get! Looks like a hole in my coffer for sure~~ >.<

*This list is by no means a complete listing of releases for March. This is just a list of singles and albums that caught my eye and thus would be looking out for.

Mar 04 – LiSA – Launcher
Mar 04 – Yui Horie – Stay with Me
Mar 04 – StylipS – Mayomayo Compass Ha Iranai
Mar 04 – Pile – Jewel Vox
Mar 04 – Konomi Suzuki – 18-Colorful Gift-
Mar 04 – AKB48 – Green Flash
Mar 04 – EXILE – Jounetsu no Hana
Mar 04 – palet – Love N` Roll!
Mar 04 – Flower – Hana Dokei
Mar 11 – Ryoko Shintani – STARting -from rebirth-
Mar 11 – eufonius – Eufonius 10th Anniversary Best Album
Mar 11 – TOKYO GIRLS’ STYLE – Stay with Me
Mar 11 – Momoiro Clover Z – Seishunfu
Mar 14 – Sweet☆Pastel – Pastel Future
Mar 18 – Haruka Tomatsu – Harukarisk*Land
Mar 18 – yanaginagi – Foe
Mar 18 – Nogizaka46 – Inochi Ha Utsukushii
Mar 18 – Yumemiru Adolescence – Bye Bye My Days
Mar 18 – Sunmyu – Hajimari no Melody
Mar 18 – Koda Kumi – WALK OF MY LIFE
Mar 18 – Idoling!!! – Rodeo Machine
Mar 18 – Kyary Pamyu Pamyu – Mondai Girl
Mar 18 – Sakura Tange – Shooting Star
Mar 18 – Unite – Marble
Mar 18 – OS☆U – Gangan Dance / Kimi no Tame ni
Mar 25 – Yui Ogura – Strawberry JAM
Mar 25 – AKINO with bless4 – Decennia
Mar 25 – Sayaka Sasaki – Sayakaver.
Mar 25 – Rev.from DVL – Kimi ga Ite Boku ga Ita / Ai Girl
Mar 25 – Fairies – Kiss me babe
Mar 25 – Luna Haruna – Candy Lips

Omg~ Look at this lineup! With my personal Vita “M”, being replenished and recovering, looks like I’ll be able to go on a short spree! (Trust me, it’s short, since I’ve already placed my orders) To my horror, after I’ve placed an order, it turns out that I’ve missed out grabbing Haruna Luna’s newest album releasing on end of March… which unfortunately as it might seem, I can only get it during my next batch of shipment. =(


The first time I heard Haruna Luna’s vocal, was via the ending theme for Fate/Zero, and absolutely loved it. (I put the song under ‘Repeat 1’ on my iPod for a few days!) Absolutely loved this ballad song. IIRC, there was once when she was set to be performing in Singapore for the EOY, but due to unforeseen circumstances, it was cancelled (Imagine the disappointment I had then.. haiz). I really do hope her live performance comes soon though.

Next! Without a doubt in my mind, I’ve already added LiSA’s newest album to my cart! 4 more days! If u guys have been reading my posts since when I’ve start posting, its probably  definitely as clear as day that she’s the top artiste in my checklist. (Well, as a matter of fact, is tied with someone else for the top spot).

Just a thought, it seems like I forgot to share my loot list for the recent AFA14… I went through my whole event photo album to manage to dig out this photo of my loot for LiSA, (autograph only). I actually wanted to write something for the event, besides the interviews, but doesn’t seem to have the time to go about it. Oh well, might as well post the picture here as well! Haha~

Yuuki Loot - LiSA pt1
3 out of 10 autograph for the event =p Boy! Was queuing for the CD tough work! But was worth it =p


Look and behold her latest album!

LiSA - Launcher
Isn’t this photo so cute!


This album tracklisting are as follows:
1.Mr. Launcher
2.Rising Hope
3.rapid life syndrome
5.Akogare Bouenkyou
10.Bad Sweet Trap
11.Electro Lyrical
12.Kun ni Piero
13.No More Time Machine

With 9 new tracks in this 14-track album, looks like my iPod would be playing non-stop for quite some time, not to mention I’m getting other releases as well!

Other notable releases that I got are as follows:

HarukaRISK*Land – Definitely not facing any risk by procuring this LE early!
Absolutely love this look on this cd cover!


As a certain publisher quoted, “A budget tells us what we can’t afford, but it doesn’t keep us from buying it.”

Yuuki, signing off~

AFA 2014 Interview – Aoi Eir


Hi! What’s up peeps! I’ve gotten another interview for AFA14 ready! Took some time to went through the whole audio recording again, my apologies! Today’s interview post would be on Aoi Eir-san! Definitely one of the rising stars in this anime music industry.


A brief introduction to this upcoming star (From AFA official site):

Born on Nov. 30. Native of Sapporo, Hokkaido. AB blood type.

Made her major label debut in October 2011 with her first single “MEMORIA,” which was selected as the ending theme to anime TV series “Fate/Zero”.

Her first full album “BLAU” came out on Jan. 30, 2013 and gained the No. 4 spot when it appeared on the Oricon Album rankings. She has gained much international support, receiving over 330,000 likes from around the world on her official Facebook page and performing in USA, Hong Kong and Indonesia in 2014. The TV anime series “Sword Art Online II” opening theme “IGNITE” is smashing the records!

Official Site:
Official Blog:
Official Twitter:
Official Facebook:


Without further ado, please feast your eyes here for the interview with Aoi Eir and our media friends!

AFA - Eir Aoi


Recently, you have just performed in Moscow, Russia, how does it feel to perform there for the first time, and are there any difficulties encountered in communication?

Aoi Eir: It was the first time I’m performing in Russia. When I first stepped out of the airport, the chilly weather that I felt, reminded me of my birth place, Hokkaiddo. I felt really happy as although it is the first time I’m visiting this country, however it felt like the feeling of returning to Hokkaiddo.
On the day of my live performance, it is actually my birthday as well. After the performance, the attendees sang me a birthday song, which touched me and I even creed a little. Even though the climate in Russia is cold, the people in Russia are really warm. Russia is a very fun place and the experience made me love Russia.

Did you try the local food in Russia? How do you like it?

Aoi Eir: Talking about Russia, one would really need to try borscht. The dish was served with bread, and in the borscht, sour cream was mixed in it. It is really delicious, and I ate too much such that not only my stomach hurts, but my back too! I felt really blessed at that time.

Have you tried paint balls or BB guns before?

Aoi Eir: I have tried air guns before, as my brother has such a hobby in this area. I have held a shot gun before as well. I would definitely like to try survivor games sometime in the future.

Did you fire the shotgun, or just held it?

Aoi Eir: Nope, I didn’t fire it. Most probably if I did fire, I’ll be sent flying backwards by the recoil!

AFA14 - AE01

This is the 2nd time coming to AFASG, what does it feel like to be invited here once again to perform?

Aoi Eir: Last year when I was here in Singapore for the first time, I was really shocked by the amount of fans who are passionate about anime here, despite the difference in our culture. I was really touched at the amount of love that fans are giving to the japanese anime culture.
When I was invited to take part again in this wonderful event, and thinking that I would be able to once again meet this crowd of people, I felt really happy.
Previously in AFA’13, I was only able to perform along with the karaoke set. However, this time around, I’m able to bring my band along with me, and we hope to bring a good time to the fans.

In regards to your work as an artiste, what do you think is the reason that makes the fans love you and your music?

Aoi Eir: There are several reasons in which I sang anime songs. As anime is spreading its influence around the world, it made me feel like anime is a connecting bridge to the other countries. Since young, I have been watching anime, and whenever I listen to the anime songs/themes, it reminds me of my favourite anime scenes. I would therefore like to transmit such feelings that I had to the fans, and that’s what inspired me to keep singing.

AFA14 - AE02

What attributes do you think that differentiates you from the other artistes?

Aoi Eir: I find that I’d display a strong character and at times, can be tomboyish. When my emotions get strong, I would like to display as precise as possible to her fans.

When you found out that it is confirmed you were to sing the theme songs for the anime series, Kill la Kill and Sword Art Online, how do you feel about the decision?

Aoi Eir: For Kill la Kill, its different from the other anime, as it is not adapted from other forms of media. When I thought that I was able to sing the OP for this show, I eagerly look forward for the anime to be aired on TV. Every week when I watch Kill la Kill, I found that the show was very nostalgic, and the story plot has a fast pace, unlike the other shows. To be singing for the OP for the show, I felt very honoured to do so.
For Sword Art Online, I sang for the Fairy Dance arc in the first season, the extra edition and the opening of the second season. To me, the anime, SAO, was becoming very huge. From the start, I enjoyed playing games The protagonist in the anime, is very skilled at them, and I do adore such characters like that. In the series, the plot ties in virtual world with reality, which makes a truly splendid story. As the series goes on, the story keeps captivating me more into the plot. With that, I felt really thankful to be featured in such a wonderful series, and from here on, I would like to sing SAO’s songs, closer to my heart.

After releasing a lot of singles, what’s your favourite song personally?

Aoi Eir: No matter which work, nor song, I love all of them equally. If asked to make a choice, I would never be able to make a decision for it, as I put in all my feelings into singing them.

Could you share with us more on your song, ‘Genesis’, the ending theme for Aldnoah Zero Second Season?

Aoi Eir: My single, Genesis, will be released on February 18th, in Japan. It’s been quite a while since I can have the experience of singing the ending theme song for an anime. Truth be told, its been since ‘Memoria’, my debut single for the anime Fate/Zero. This is the first time I’m challenging to sing a medium ballad type of song, so I hope everyone will look forward to listening to it.

AFA14 - AE03

Can you briefly share with us your 2015 plans? Where there be any more solo concerts in the near future?

Aoi Eir: Currently, there are no concrete plans for 2015, but I do hope that I would be able to do an Asia tour soon. The band that I had brought along for AFA this year, was not my full band.  I will put in most best effort, so I would be able to bring my full band along around Asia for the tour.

How do you foresee the future of the Japanese music and anime industries?

Aoi Eir: Ahhh. This is a tough question, I can’t really foresee on what will happen.

How does you see yourself in the future, in regards to your music.

Aoi Eir: The theme for the songs that I have been singing is ‘No matter how dark it gets, one should continue searching for the light.’ From now on, I would like to write my songs based on this theme. I was able to write the lyrics for my newest single, Tsunagaru Omoi, and in the future, I would like to aspire to be able to write and compose a song myself.

Is there any favourite composer you like to work with?

Aoi Eir: For me, I really do like Do As Infinity. I admire Dai Nagao quite a lot, and would be honoured if he would be able to write lyrics for my songs.

What is your turning point or highlights in your singing career?

Aoi Eir: As I progress through my career, I feel that I become more ambitious. When I first debuted in the industry, I frequently cover my mouth when I sing. That was during the time I do not have any experience in performing live shows. After I have done live performances, I yearn to do more live performances, not just only in Japan, but around the world as well.


There’s no doubt that your most popular song is ‘Innocence’ from SAO, which achieved the rank of No. 6 on the Oricon chart. How do you feel about this accomplishment?

Aoi Eir: ‘Innocence’ was the opening theme song for the Fairy Dance arc of SAO. This song managed to achieve its success on the Oricon chart, due to the fans who watched the anime, and I feel extremely happy about the achievement. Now that this arc is over, I would like express such feelings through the performance of this song in my live performances.

Well, that’s all for this round. Will be back for the next post for upcoming music releases, and more interviews.

Signing off,  Yuuki~

Yuuki’s Music Pick for Feb Releases

Yuuki’s Music Pick for Feb Releases

Being a while since I’ve posted this article. My apologies for missing the previous month’s post, as I was overseas during the whole period of time. When I was about ready to post January’s releases, half of the month has already passed. =p

So, without further ado, below is the list of releases for the month of Feb15!

*This list is by no means a complete listing of releases for Febuary. This is just a list of singles and albums that caught my eye and thus would be looking out for.

Feb 03 – 10color’s – Francois-Todokanai Kataomoi-
Feb 03 – Heisei Kotohime – 乙女革命
Feb 04 – Kaori Sadohara – Still Sis
Feb 04 – ANGEREME – Taikibansei / Otome no Gyakushuu
Feb 04 – OKAMOTO’s – Headhunt
Feb 04 – EXILE ATSUSHI – Sakura no Kitsetsu
Feb 04 – VALSHE – Kimi He no Uso
Feb 04 – ChiCO with HoneyWorks – Ai no Scenario
Feb 04 – Fo’xtails – Glitter Days
Feb 04 – Sawano Hiroyuki – &Z
Feb 04 – fhana – Outside of Melancholy
Feb 10 – AngeReve – Yuukan na Koi no Serenade
Feb 11 – Papimache – Tokimeki Sparkling
Feb 11 – ミライスカート – Nanaonai Oto
Feb 11 – Diana Garnet – Spinning World
Feb 11 – Aoi Yuki – Ishumeru
Feb 11 – TRUE – Ailes
Feb 11 – angela – Exist
Feb 11 – Chu-Z – Hana no Arch / Brand Boy
Feb 11 – Bitter & Sweet – Renai Wars / Koigokoro
Feb 11 – Afilia Saga – Never Say Never
Feb 11 – JAM Project – B.B.
Feb 11 – sphere – Jounetsu Continue
Feb 11 – Gekijo METALicche – Mirai Antai
Feb 11 – Dream – Konnanimo
Feb 18 – Aoi Eir – Genesis
Feb 18 – Konomi Suzuki – Absolute Soul
Feb 18 – i Ris – I Ris 8th Sg Pripara Dai 3 Cours Op
Feb 18 – May’n – Re:May’n Act
Feb 18 – AKINO with bless4 – Miiro
Feb 18 – melost – Melody Stock
Feb 18 – Flower – Sayonara.Alice/Tomorrow-Shiawase no Housoku-
Feb 18 – Prizmmy☆ – I just wanna be with you
Feb 18 – SUPER☆GiRLS – Giragira Revolution
Feb 18 – Nakagawa Shoko – Doridori
Fev 18 – Cyntia – Akatsuki no Hana
Feb 18 – Nitta Emi – 探究Dreaming
Feb 25 – Ohashi Ayaka – Ohashi Ayaka 2nd Single
Feb 25 – Hanazawa Kana – Kimi ga Inakucha Dame Nanda
Feb 25 – May J. – ReBirth
Feb 25 – miwa – 360°
Feb 25 – Gacharic Spin – Sekira Liar / Tokenai Candy

For this month, there are numerous releases that are scheduled to be out, but most probably I could possibly be only picking out sphere’s new single, Jounetsu Continue, into my cart. Recently, due to a lack of Vitamin M (especially after the trip), I’m most probably unable to get much releases online (As I mentioned previously, SHIPPING FEE IS A KILLER!). I’ll probably look ahead to bunch this up in the coming month’s shipping list too.


It’s being a while since sphere is releasing a new single. The last single and album were released ages back, during the first half of 2014. This new single is the ED for the anime “Yoru no Yatterman”, which I did not have the time to watch yet [time constraints =( ]

The song, IMHO, sounds really good, and has a vibe that can enticed listeners to switch on the ‘Repeat One’ function on the iTunes. =D. It will take quite a while to reach my residence if I was to order next month, but seeing as there’s no further choice, will have to wait till then. (Now.. my only concern would be if the limited edition would still be available till then.)

Signing off,  Yuuki~

AFA 2014 Interview – Kitamura Eri (KITAERI)

Its being a long time, since I made a post here. Unfortunately, I did not have time to post my monthly releases for music this month as I went on an overseas trip to Japan. I will start posting the February releases soon, before the start of Feb. ^_^”

For now, as you guys probably heard or something, we had acquired a media pass for AFA 2014. Due to my working schedules, I can hardly find time to write for the interviews that we had done in AFA 2014 with fellow media friends. Well, I personally went through the whole interview recording, and translate it from scratch as well, so it took some more time needed. Haha.

Well, this is one of the interview that I was suppose to post last week, but took some time to tie up the backend part.

I will thus work on going through the rest of the interviews that I have on my hands, namely LiSA, Aoi Eir, GARNiDELiA and fripSide. Hope to finish them soon!

So hereby, I shall present you the interview with Kitamura Eri-san! K.I.T.A.E.R.I. yay!

Screen Shot 2015-01-18 at 8.32.34 pm

(NoteQuestions asked are from the media as a group, not just ReV-AMF)

Kitamura-san, is this your first time in Singapore? Have you gotten used to it?

KitaEri: This is the first time that I came to Singapore. After arriving in Singapore, I was constantly involved in stage rehearsals, and thus brings about a tight schedule.

Therefore I could not do much sightseeing. I still do not quite know about Singapore’s ambience. Speaking of whether I am used to it, I would say no, but I have gotten a first feel of things.

Kitamuura-san, You say you are a huge fan of anime. Which are your favourite series?

KitaEri: I really like a lot of anime, and thus I can’t choose. It is quite hard for me to rank them. In terms of genres, I like fantasy, horror, even violence. For anime, I would look at the genre, the characters and the stories.

As my preference for them does change, it would thus be hard for me to rank them. In short, I like different types of anime.

Of all the characters that you had done voice acting for, which do you think represents yourself the most?

KitaEri: For appearance-wise…, none at all. The characters that I had voiced are mostly cute, beautiful or cool. As I am acting to be like them, it would be difficult to gauge, thus I can’t choose.

Eri Kitamura Profile photo

(Profile Photo from Star Child site)

You are both a seiyuu and an artiste (singer), which profession do you like more?

KitaEri: I can’t choose either of them, as I like both of them. As a seiyuu, I can act in a character that differs from mine and I can enjoy the story of the anime.

As an artiste, I can do and challenge the things I like, such as performing and singing, and that is fun to me. The enjoyment for both professions is different and that is why I am unable to choose which one I like more.

Why do you want to be a seiyuu or singer?

KitaEri: Ever since when I was a child, I like anime, games and manga. My mom likes the profession of a seiyuu. When I was young, I already knew quite well about this profession.

And thus, I’m keen to join the industry in which captivated me with the anime, games and manga that I like when I was young, and being able to do creative things in this line.

kos scene

(Anime – Knights of Sidonia)

When watching Knights of Sidonia, what is the thing you like best about it, and what leaves you with the deepest impression.

KitaEri: There are a lot of parts. In general, I quite like robots and sci-fi animation. In this series, the activation scenes and the scene in which the hero launches in the Tsugumori, are done in a stunningly beautiful manner and looks really cool.

I also performed the ending theme, titled Show , for this anime. I wrote the lyrics and made the song, based on my imagination of this anime. Also the scenes in Knights of Sidonia left a deep impression on me, and therefore I like it.

Kitamura-san has recently just launched her own fashion line, Ghost Chest. What are some of the challenges faced?

KitaEri: When I am performing as an artiste, there are situations during my live performances, where I felt like to wearing some type of costumes, in which designs are not readily available in the markets.

And that is where my dream of creating and designing out my own costumes came about. The gothic style that I like, and will thus imagine that it would be nice to be wearing it during my work or as casual.

Based on this image, I’ll design the clothes and that is what Ghost Chest is.

Ghost + Chest

Kitamura-san, you are quite good at sketches and drawings, is there any sketches that you are proud of?

KitaEri: None. Its more like a hobby and interest. There are more talented people around, such as the mangaka-senseis that I like.

Even among the seiyuus, there are many who drew better illustrations than me.

It stimulates me in the way I think my drawings aren’t quite there yet. I don’t think I have any drawings or sketches that are well drawn.

As a seiyuu, you had voiced both male and female characters. Is there any difference in voicing them?

KitaEri: It’s hard to explain. When I’m acting out the roles of both male and female characters, even when voicing out the same line, the loudness, the pitch and other aspects are different.

During my visits to the family restaurants and cafes, I will do human observations. Like “Ah, so that’s how males shout, gets angry, etc.”, “Oh, that’s how girls laugh”.

From there, I will think of how the difference between both genders, and incorporate into my voice acting.

Kitamura-san, do you have any favourite actor or seiyuu?

KitaEri: Though I can’t choose.. (Media: Again?) Yes, again. ~Laughters in the room~. I can’t decide on who ranks first, as voices differs between everyone. It’s the same as acting.

For example, in the series, Cross Ange, in which I’m working with Mizuki Nana-san, I think that her voice is incredibly powerful. Even with a similar powerful voice, male seiyuus, will exhibit a different tone and coolness.

There’s quite a lot of seiyuus, which I hope I can learn from and incorporate their techniques into my voice acting, and thus I could not choose. (in regards to the question)

cross ange

(AnimeCross Ange | Nana Mizuki voiced for Ange while Eri Kitamura voiced for Salia)

How do you usually prepare for your concerts?

KitaEri: In all, I will first listen to my songs numerous times. I’ll use the mirror in my house and do a mock rehearsal. I’ll also imagine meeting everyone, speaking to them, holding the mike and doing the live performance.

Through imaginations… I’ll do some rehearsals… and come the actual event… I’ll forget everything! It will become something totally different from what I rehearse.

But in short, I’ll listen to my own songs in the setlist before the day of the performance.

Based on your previous answer, would you say that you are a good improviser?

KitaEri: The reactions that I had imagined during the day before my performance and the actual live performance, as expected differs greatly. 

As it is something that I can experience only at that time, I would really like to show to the crowd how I really felt then. When I want to express how I really feel, in a blink of an eye, it’s already time for the ending song. When I think about it, I’m unsure if improvisation is one of my abilities.

In comparison, I feel more that the crowd is pulling me into the mood of the performance, rather than the other way around, since I think that everyone is also quite good at improvisation too. ~laughs~

Do you have any artiste or singer that you like to collaborate with?

KitaEri: The music genres that I like are Metal and Rock. As an seiyuu, the characters that I voiced are those with cute voices, those with high keys… But when I’m singing, my key is actually quite low. It might possibly be that a male’s key is more comfortable for my singing.

Of course, I have quite a few female artistes that I like. But I do not have the confidence to sing their types of key. Therefore I have no such person that I would like to collaborate with.

Eri Kitamura @ AFA SG 2014

Since you like the Metal genre, do you have any favourite metal genre bands?

KitaEri: Though I can’t choose whose the first on my list… ~Laughs~. I do listen to several Metal genre bands with female vocals frequently. Of which I liked Nightwish, Delain and Arch Enemy.

I do listen to both major and minor artistes of the genre. Those that I listen to most frequently are an artiste named Ann-san and Within Temptation. For the rest…. it’s top secret.

Kitamura-san, What are your thoughts on Singapore?

KitaEri: For Singapore, what I’m most interested to know would be, ‘Among the works that I have done, which character from which work that is most popular here.’

As this is the first time I’m in Singapore to meet with fans of I Love Anisong, and thought ‘What if I can meet with those who knew KitaEri’. As it is before my live performance, I’m quite interested to find out how do they feel about me. This is what makes me curious the most this time.

I’m thinking it would be really good if I can get people to be interested about. ~laughs~

Is there any advise you want to give to people who wants to be an actor and seiyuu?

KitaEri: I would also like some!~ ~laughs~ This is quite difficult as it depends on timing, chance and opportunity. Although equipped with skills and talent, it would mostly depend on fate.

For me, I feel that I have stumbled upon a chance, and feels that it is a fateful encounter. It is quite tough to explain, so in all, please work hard and do your best!

I’ll also work hard not to disappear. ~Laughters~

-End of Interview-

Yuuki’s Single & Album Highlights Corner for Dec’14 Releases

Greetings! I’m back again, for this month’s post! Have being terribly busy these few weeks, and thus delayed the post till now. Glad to make it on the last day of the month, and it is within the last hour too (in my timezone), that I finally publish this post.

As per usual, I’ve taken notes of releases which captured my attention for this coming month. With most of the anime season’s  op/ed/inserts already released, I’ve looked into other artists to cover for the nutrients that I would require for the month (Haha, I feed on new singles!).

Without further ado, I shall present the list of releases sorted by date for the month of Dec 14. ~Yay~

**The following list is by no means a complete listing of releases for December,  just singles, albums that I found interesting IMHO.

Dec 03 – Tomatsu Haruka – Courage
Dec 03 – Rev. from DVL – Real / Koi Iro Passion
Dec 03 – BoA – Fly
Dec 03 – wacci – Kirameki
Dec 03 – Pile – Densetsu no Flare
Dec 03 – Silent Siren – Koiyuki
Dec 03 – Chelsy – Yes / Good-bye Girl
Dec 03 – Aqua Timez – Ikite
Dec 03 – X21 – X Gift
Dec 03 – Niiyama Shiori – ZETTAI
Dec 03 – IDOL COLLEGE – True End Player
Dec 03 – Negicco – Hikari no Spur

Dec 10 – LiSA – Shirushi
Dec 10 – Uesaka Sumire – Enma Daiou Ni Kiitegoran
Dec 10 – SKE48 – 12-gatsu no Kangaroo
Dec 10 – Team Syachihoko – Shampoo Hat
Dec 10 – yanaginagi – Polyomino
Dec 10 – Palet – Snow Distance
Dec 10 – Passpo☆ – TRACKS
Dec 10 – tsuribit – Fishing Life
Dec 10 – Royz – Supernova
Dec 10 – TOKYO GIRLS’ STYLE – Say Long Goodbye/Himawari To Hoshikuzu – English Ver.
Dec 10 – FANTASISTA – PrizmaX
Dec 10 – Do As Infinity – Mysterious Magic
Dec 10 – 9mm Parabellum Bullet – Seimei no Waltz
Dec 12 – Sphere – Natsuiro Kiseki Complete Songs -Ano Natsu no Kakera

Dec 16 – photograph – Sorairo Everyday
Dec 17 – Toshiyuki Toyonaga – Reason…
Dec 17 – predia – Utsukushiki Koduku Tachi
Dec 17 – FYT – Gakuen Jigoku
Dec 17 – The Margarines – Good Bye Shakkin Tengoku
Dec 17 – Terashima Yufu – Neko ni Naritai
Dec 17 – Itano Tomomi – COME PARTY!
Dec 17 – BACK-ON – Cerulean/Silent Trigger

Dec 24 – yanaginagi – Sweet Track
Dec 24 – Hanazawa Kana – Kokyutosu
Dec 24 – Watanabe Miyuki – Yasashikusuruyori Kiss wo Shite
Dec 24 – Hamasaki Ayumi – Zutto… / Last Minute / Walk
Dec 24 – Tamura Yukari – Title To be Confirmed
Dec 24 – JK21 – After School
Dec 24 – P.IDL – Stay with Me
Dec 24 – Hiroshima Maples – RPM
Dec 24 – Idoiling!!! – Yuki Usagi
Dec 24 – Vislip – Yoru
Dec 24 – Ikimonogatari – FUN! FUN! FANFARE!
Dec 24 – Dorothy Little Happy – Circle of the World
Dec 28 – petit milady – Aoi to Ayano no La Puchimi Radio Cute De Pop Na Twinkle CD 2


Eeeeya~~ LiSA’s newest single, Shirushi,  is stated for release on the 10 Dec, which is definitely should not be missed. Needless to say, but I’ve already made a purchase for the limited edition with the DVD for the MV. =D.

With the release date a few days after AFA 2014, it caused me to wonder if there would be a possibility of early release in SG?…  Nahhh, scratch that, I truly doubt so though…. However, should it really be available then, I won’t mind getting a second copy! Haha.

Just look at this cover!! Absolutely breathtaking and stunning!! (#Notbiased)
Just look at this cover!! Absolutely breathtaking and stunning!! (#notbiased)

Next, I’ve also made another pre-order alongside Shirushi, and which is Haruka Tomatsu’s newest single, Courage. The song grew on me while watching SAOII for the past month, and it really made me pushed over my budget, to get this release as well. Haruka Tomatsu-san is one of those rare seiyuus, who has such a nice appealing and silvery voice, and have released several singles till date. (PS. The first animation which I first heard her voice was way back in 2007 in Polyphonica)

Haruka Tomatsu - Courage Cover Limited Ed
Look at the lights man! Believe it anot, I’ve never seen a cover on her singles before as such.

Though for the time being, I’ve managed to restrict myself, by only purchasing 2 thus far for this month, I have a gut feeling that I’ll see myself purchasing more in the days to come, as I’ll be flying to Tokyo in Dec. I already have my eyes set on Watanabe Miyuki’s first solo single, to be released on 22 Dec. May god bless me from bleeding to death.. Haha~

Ps. Next post, will be on AFA 2014’s concerts. We will be covering stage events as well, so stay tune! This year will be totally different, with media access and all, (Courtesy of the organizers). Geez, time sure flies, counting down, not inclusive of today and the day itself, only 4 DAYS LEFT!

Yuuki, signing off~

Fate Stay Night: Unlimited Blade Works Ending – “Believe”

Singers – Kalafina
Lyrics / Composer – Yuki Kajiura
Anime – Fate Stay Night: Unlimited Blade Works (2014) (Ending)

More Info @Lyrics Nonsense

believe by Kalafina

As I have previously mentioned about the opening anime song “ideal white” for Fate Stay Night: Unlimited Blade Works, the ending song “Believe” also make it mark to my list of favor song too.

The only problem that I will be facing is that there are simply too many nice Japanese anime song with the title “Believe”; one is from One Piece (sing by Folder 5), another from Gundam Seed (sing by Nami Tamaki) and last one that I know is for Tsubasa Chronicle (perform by Yuki Kajiura).

believe by Kalafina 1

I believe there are many other songs with the same title, yet this ending anime song “Believe” by Kalafina did earn it score and credits as Kalafina do sing the song very well in tone and harmony.

Another credits need to give would be the one whom not only come up with the nice lyrics, but compose the nice music instrumental for the song. How irony to know that the same person who one performed “Believe” for Anime series “Tsubasa Chronicle” decided to make another nice “Believe” for Anime series “Fate Stay Night: Unlimited Blade Works”.

believe by Kalafina 2

All I can only give is a good amount of applause for her and her nice music, which made me wonder how was she able to come up with another interesting piece of “Believe”.

As a whole, the interesting thing that got me listening very carefully to the song is how well each music instrumental and lyrics mix very well with each other, that my Listening Ears took an instant like for the song, even the starting music is also very smooth and nice to when Kalafina start singing.

believe by Kalafina 3

Kalafina girls sure sing very nicely for this song, since I personally like this type opera-similar-type of sing, and it really not easy to sing in tone and in harmony. And back to the ending anime, they really did mix in well with the song lyrics.

Showing the innocent young Shiro and Rin, the age when they do not know much or think for themselves, though both of them live differently. But when both of them are in high school, both have grown up and make friends as well as getting along with their own servants.

believe by Kalafina 4

On a personal note, I actually like how they draw out each nice background with the characters as the main focus, since it’s actually nice to listen to some nice song while looking at the pictures.

Even though the song is very short of the anime ending, however it did gotten me to like this song instantly that I need to find it full version to listen. So for now it would seem that I will need to listen more to “Believe” by Kalafina. (=w= ||)

Fate Stay Night: Unlimited Blade Work Opening Song – “ideal white”

ideal white
Singer – Mashiro Ayano
Lyrics – megrock
Composers – Carlos K. / Toshi-F
Music Arrangement – Carlos K. (Ariola Japan)
Series – Fate Stay Night: Unlimited Blade Work (2014 Series) (Opening)

More Info @Lyrics Nonsense

This is Mashiro Ayano’s first single album and yet she get to sing for one of my favor series of all time, Fate Stay Night: Unlimited Blade Work.

But all I can say when I first listen to the anime opening, I was seemingly shocked; not only did she sing so well, but I actually fall in love with her voice and “ideal white” have get listed in my top favor anime song list, and I personally don’t mind listening to it non-stop myself.

Even as I give a lot of credits to Mashiro Ayano for her nice voice and singing for “ideal white”, I just have to give as much of credits to the one who come up with such nice music instrumental.

I personally like each of the beat and tone of the music, which not only bring out Mashiro Ayano singing, but ensuring each lyrics mix in well on each singing.

There are times when I got lost in thought listening to the song that I forgotten what I was suppose to do next, which got me realized how poisonous this nice music is to me that even my Listening Ears just can’t stop listen to it.

The lyrics actually also got my interests to the point that it gotten me wondering about how did megrock can think it up; not because how smooth Mashiro Ayano was able to sing it, but also how the music instrumental was able to mix in well to suit it.

Fate Stay Night can consider a dark story, due to the killing, death, and fighting, so I really like how the lyrics go, and I really find this song “ideal white” suit well for one of the series I like so much.

The opening anime also mix in very well with the lyrics and singing too, like how the singing go a bit on the dark part, the anime show about the dark side on Fate Stay Night, and I like the part about the servants fighting each other.

Really make me wonder just how powerful are they, and I will be looking forward each of the fights in the later episodes.

Well, it is also about timing for me to do some anime posts, though at the moment I would like to get in thought while listening to “ideal white”

Arpeggio of Blue Steel: Ars Nova Opening Song – “Savior of Song”

Savior of Song
Performers – Nano feat. MY FIRST STORY
Lyrics – Nano
Music Arrangement – WEST GROUND
Anime – Arpeggio of Blue Steel: Ars Nova (Opening)

More Info @Anime Lyrics

savior of song

First we have Trident doing the ending anime songs for Arpeggio of Blue Steel, so how can I go and forget about the opening anime song?

Well, one thing for sure is that the anime opening song “Savior of Song” did make it to my list of favor anime song, and I had to admit that the song is really very catchy and nice.

savior of song 1

Not only did the singers sing and rap very well, the music instrumental was really done nicely mixing in well with the singers. Sometime when I want to stop playing the music or skip to next song, the music just seem to stop me from doing so.

Even when I just listen to it for a while would end with me listening non-stop to the music. Also they did mix in well with a few English to the lyrics, rapping smoothly and singing to the tone.

savior of song 2

Well, the singers are that good, as well I will give credits to the one who come up with the music tone since the music beat is really catchy and nice to listen.

For the anime opening, they did sure did the opening anime nicely and in tone with the song, even the soft rap start, they did show the destruction of the world done by the Fog Fleet, and showing the crew of I-401 Iona

savior of song 3

Interestingly thing to note is that they also feature the data and information of the Fog ship like Iona, Takao and the others. But for someone like who is low knowledge on ship, the only thing that I will prefer to see is those ship in action, firing their missiles and stuffs.

Well, the later part did show interesting and very beautiful pictures, and how each ship and submarine firing their beams and missiles, which can leave me very speechless.

savior of song 4

Though one can see that the opening anime action move very fast, which make me wonder if it was due to the fast pace on the song, or that action tend to happen fast.

Even so, the action of the anime move at a pretty nice pace, and that I need to pause each movement to see the spec of the ship, but I tend to stare at each Fog girls instead. Really need to give good credit to those who model them out for this anime.

savior of song 5

But as speechless as I can get or the amount of staring at the anime, I just need to listen to the nice song of “Savior of Song”.

Gallery of the Fog Fleet girls

Arpeggio of Blue Steel: Ars Nova Ending Song – “Blue Field”

Blue Field
Singers – Trident (Mai Fuchigami | Manami Numakura | Hibiku Yamamura)
Lyrics / Composer – Heart’s Cry
Anime – Arpeggio of Blue Steel: Ar Nova (Ending)

More Info @Deciphered Melody

blue field

I always wonder if those female voice actresses need to be a nice singers too in order to voice, or that they got beautiful voices, since the three female VA in Trident got role in the anime “Arpeggio of Blue Steel: Ar Nova”.

Mai Fuchigami voice Iona(401), Takao for Manami Numakura, and Hibiku Yamamura is Haruna. The song “Blue Field” itself attracted me to the point that I don’t really mind playing this song over and over again for the whole day, and that including when I sleeping.

blue field 1

One thing for sure, the music instrumental play one big part of the reason why I like this song, on top of the lyrics, which is why “Heart’s Cry” did earn one of the credits for making this song a success in my view.

I wonder if it was because the lyrics, composer and music arrangement are done by “Heart’s Cry”, but the Trident girls also play another part in sing smoothly for the song as well as in harmony, leaving no gap or break in between when they sing together in syn.

blue field 2

Another interesting play on the song title and lyrics is would be how they decided the song anme the “Sea” or “Ocean” as Blue Field, which mean the sea or ocean water is a field of blue water in the eye of those who are out into the water.

I really amazed at the title being call “Blue Field”, though I wonder how can the “Heart’s Cry” mix in a few nice tone of English words into the lyrics. It really give the ring to the song, while at the same times maintaining the flow of the music.

blue field 3

Well, if it wasn’t for this nice song, I would not have the problem of trying ways to grab hold of this song and play it non-stop, even till now, I am still not bored with the song.

Back to the ending anime, one thing that I like about the anime is that they make good use of 3D animation for it, and for the ending they show each fog ships trying to link with each other by reaching out for each other.

blue field 4

“Blue Field” is the ending for the anime episodes (1 – 4, 6 – 8) though the interestingly for episodes 7; while the other episodes ending anime is showing of each girls reaching for each other, that special episode show of each fog girl in their ship mode and reaching out for each other.

Normally I would thing that it funny and crazy at how each ship reaching for each other, and that would meaning crashing into each other, but what I have to give credits to the one who think up of this nice idea.

blue field 5

The reason being that the detail design of each ship are really nicely done, and I was just amazed with my Jaw dropped at how much work is done just for this episodes anime ending.

The only similar would be the song, and the starting words “Where Do We Come From? What are We? Where Are We Going?”, which signify about the fog fleet, but the starting music instrumental is also what I play about the song.

blue field 6

I still prefer to listen to the song non-stop, though I don’t really mind staring at those look fog girls since they are pretty themselves, and some time at the ship since their model are really nicely done.

As a whole, this song really captured my Listening Ears which I doubt I will be getting bored to the song, so I will seeing myself crazy enough to be listening to “Blue Field” non-stop for now.