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Kanojo ga flag o Oraretara Opening – “Cupid Review”

Cupid Review
Singer – Aoi Yūki
Lyrics – Shoko Fujibayashi
Composer – zakbee
Anime – Kanojo ga Flag o Oraretara

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cupid review 0

Aoi Yuki do voice for many characters and that no exception for Serika Gin’yūin of “Kanojo ga flag o Oraretara”, and she do have a cute voice to top it off, even for the starting song, “Cupic Review”.

I was wondering why did the opening music instrumental was that interestingly, only to realize the music video was that Aoi Yuki is putting up a show herself. Well, the opening anime of “Kanojo ga flag o Oraretara” also seem to show it fair of flags since the anime did use flags event as the base story plot.

cupid review 1

Well, I don’t really get tired for this quick pace and yet at the same time cute song, and you don’t really get a lot of cute opening.

Another nice saying is raising a flag event of the opposite gender, which also mean the Love flag, and this song do have Cupid who also can mean for love. Well, have to give credit to the one who create this interesting lyrics in the first place.

cupid review 2

Even when the lyrics and singer are good, the music instrumental however is very good in bringing the song out too, which sound not only catchy but at the time being exciting. Why would I say that?

Well, as I mentioned about the music video being Aoi Yuki putting up a show, so it like she is singing while performing, which the music instrumental sound really nice.

cupid review 3

For the opening anime, since the lyrics did mention about building relation, interestingly Souta did get to interact with a lot of girls and getting along with them. One of them is a trap though, and yet the flag had been raised.

As for me, maybe I need to listen to the music a few time since I can’t stop myself from the cute singing of “Cupid Review”.

Mondaiji Ending – “To Be Continued?”

To Be Continued?
Singer – Sadohara Kaori
Lyrics – Miura Seiji
Composer – Oosawa Keiichi
Arrangement – Kuge Maon
Anime – Mondaiji-tachi ga Isekai Kara Kuru Sō Desu yo?

More Info @Anime-Lyrics

tbc 0

It did seem that Sadohara Kaori did also voice for one of the character in the anime; Sandra Dortlake.

But placing that aside, I had to admit that this song also very catchy for the Anime ending, in which I wonder if the anime is in the state of “To be Continued?”

tbc 1

In anyway, one thing that caught me off guard at the end of the anime is that Sadohara Kaori got such a cute that I just need to shut up and listen with all my might, plus the music instrumental is really nice and catchy to top it off.

The music is just that catchy enough for me to even dance to the song too.

tbc 2

And talk about dancing, the ending anime is really playing to the music too; as in Kuro Usagi and the three problematic children also dance to the music too.

As usual, both Asuka and Yō didn’t get long to being bored of the dancing, in which Kuro Usagi noticed soon enough.

tbc 3

Getting depressed over it, it didn’t take long for Kuro Usagi not to give up and with determination, dance on her own which got the other to dance though I amazed Izayoi still standing quietly. (*A* ||)

Well, the determined Kuro Usagi really never give up on the dance.

tbc 4

It really interesting to see that her hair turned pink and danced with all her might, which cause the other two girls not wanting to lose and continue to dance with their own move and pace before they all end With nice and cute poses.

Interestingly, Izayoi end with a break dance, which also pretty cool too, and that dance alone did give the girls a shock.

tbc 5

Back to the lyric, the interesting part about the song is how it tell of one trying his or her best to beat the game, even though there are people who can easily finish it. Interesting, it also tell about not giving up and to continue fighting on.

Well, when I play Sword Art Online Hollow Fragment and Hatsune Miku Project Diva F 2nd, and having hit a road block, I tend to never give up and try and try again in order to go though the game. Well, the will not to give up is really important even in real life.

tbc 6

Well, like the song being determined never to give up, and one more game; I think I might as well listen to this song one more time. (>w< ||)

Mondaiji Opening – “Black † White”

Black † White
Singer – Iori Nomizu
Lyrics / Composer – manzo
Arrangement- CHOKKAKU
Anime – Mondaiji-tachi ga Isekai Kara Kuru Sō Desu yo?

More Info @Anime-Lryics

black white 0

Well, Iori Nomizu did voice for Kuro Usagi (Black Rabbit) as well as sing for the Anime opening too, and “Black † White” had been one of my favor music for my Listening Ears.

For the start, the opening phase did caught my attention and the musical instrumental is pretty nice too; though I had to admit that Nori Nomizu did sing this song very well too.

black white 1

The interesting part is how the title title with the word Black and White, in which there is always black when there are white.

The song did flow from hit and beat to low and slow, before getting back up, which signify the lyrics even when in defeat, one can climb back up.

black white 2

The opening anime did mix in well with nice timing, slowing the characters and introducing them, before they all get hype up.

I wonder if they purposely add in the lyric appearing slowly in the anime, which is another nice idea too. Initially I was wondering what with those words until I realized it was the song lyrics.. (=w= ||)

black white 4

Well, in any sense, I won’t might listening to the music before watching the Anime (=x= ||)

Servant x Service Opening Song – “May I Help You?”

May I Help You?
Singers – Kayano Ai, Nakahara Mai & Toyosaki Aki
Lyrics – Kodama Saori
Composer – Tanaka Hidekazu
Anime – Servant x Service

More Info @Anime Lyrics

may I help you 0

One of my favor song which activated my Listening Ears, since the opening is very catchy, plus I do like the opening a lot which I tend to listen before watching Servant x Service anime.

A total of 3 Singers for this song, with 3 of them also being voice actresses, who also each voice one of the female characters in the anime, so it refreshing to start the anime too. Well, it not that uncommon to have the same voice actress who voice for the anime to sing for the anime too.

may I help you 4

I really give them a few thumb up for the nice catchy background music instrumental which mix in well, and in tone with the lyrics, though the singers bring in nicely with the song, I would say the instrumental music was done very well.

Just couldn’t get enough of that tone myself (=w= ||)

Well, the lyrics of the song is very nicely mix, ensuring that we are to face each day with a refresh mind, and to enjoy each day. Well, it also best to smile more.

may I help you 3

As for the anime opening, I got my bit of shock and amaze; they mix in real life as based with some drawing of the characters, and adding credits by editing in nicely on those item. It really a nice idea to make a bento or whiteboard marker with names on them.

Another interesting part is the breaking parts of the real life item, in which they did nicely break them up, since those works are just that mess up.

may I help you 1

I did initially mistaken those text on those papers, markers, background of the real life photo to be real, until I notice that it is credits for the production of the anime.

But I still like how they take real photo of the places, then add in anime characters, as if bring them alive and making the time move slowly. It isn’t easy to add in those anime into real life and mixing it well with the background.

may I help you 2

As a whole, I just couldn’t stop listen to it just to refresh myself up that a little bit. (=x= ||)

Hatsune Miku: Project DIVA F 2nd

Miku Project Diva F 2 1

初音ミク Project DIVA F 2nd
Hatsune Miku: Project DIVA F 2nd

Series – Hatsune Miku: Project DIVA
Developed by Sega | Crypton Future Media
Published by Sega
Console – PlayStation Vita | PlayStation 3
Genre – Rhythm game (Single Player)

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Miku Project Diva F 2 2

One of the longest game I have ever played since it first launch on Play Station Portable, and also one of the reason why I started to like Hatsune Miku and the other Vocaloids.

Yes, I did grabbed Hatsune Miku: Project Diva F 2nd for my Play Station Vita, though the previous version I grabbed for my Play Station 3.

Miku Project Diva F 2 3

A lyrics game where you need to time properly and make the hit.

But honesty saying, I very lousy in this type of game, since I tend to get a normal standard score, or even fail. I just got lost listening to the music instead.

Miku Project Diva F 2 4

Well, maybe my reaction time fail or that I not that used to holding a Vita due to the small little buttons.

But even so, once clear, you get to enjoy another song, and you can just choose to listen those song and watch the PV of them.

Miku Project Diva F 2 5

Also you get to interact with the Vocaloids, from patting their head to playing Rock-Paper-Scissor with them.

It best to get their “Love Meter” up, and sometime you can just watch how they move around, or doing their own stuffs like reading a magazine or dancing.

Miku Project Diva F 2 6

Another interesting part is that you get to change their costume, once you clear some songs, and buying them at the shop.

The shop also offer other stuffs like hat to wear, or even food for the Vocaloid to eat. I always wonder how can they live without eating (=w= ||)

It depend on what you want to give them to eat, from orange juice to ramen.

Miku Project Diva F 2 7

Also you get take some photo with them, or you just picture them in a pose and you take them real life. It also seem that you can use the PS AR cards on top of it.

Also the game got an online feature, and there are a few download contents available too.

Miku Project Diva F 2 8

On top of those, you can also create your own dance move for the Vocaloids too, like playing drums and guitar, or just dancing around.

If you like, you may also create a music game of your own and upload it, as it seem for the online feature. Well, it best to beat them and get a high scores.

Miku Project Diva F 2 9

Well, I still prefer to train my reaction time and getting a excellent score on the game. Though there a few favor song that I prefer, and at the same time training to perfect the score.

Maybe I can take some time to relax and interact with the Vocaloid and enjoy myself instead. And maybe smiling silly to myself (=w= ||)

Miku Project Diva F 2 10

I almost forgot.. they do have nice loading screen which you can consider getting for your PS Vita.

I really amazed at those nice arts that I got a hard time deciding which to use.

Miku Project Diva F 2 11

Well, there are so many different PS Vita games to play, but at times I do play this nice game just to listen to those nice music and maybe train a bit on my reaction time.

So, do you also play Hatsune Miku: Project Diva F 2nd too?

Shirobako Opening Song – “Colorful Box”

Colorful Box
Singer – Yoko Ishida
Lyrics – Kanon Wakeshima
Composer – Kayoko
Anime – Shirobako (Opening)

More Info @Lyrics Nonsense

colorful box 1

I known Yoko Ishida have sung her fair bit lists of songs, but I only remember one of the ending song “Aka no Seijaku” for the Series “Shakugan no Shana” Season 2 Anime, but one thing I can comment is that this song isn’t that bad either.

The opening song for Shirobako was kind of surprising pleasant to my Listening Ear, since I was kind of expecting something more catchy, but “Colorful Box” also got it bit of pitch, and it really smooth.

That including how the background music instrumental which being played in a smooth and nice way.

colorful box 2

The opening anime is also another interesting part, as it start drawing the main girl, Aoi and later appearance of the staffs and members. And then Aoi will jump out as if she is alive, and the 5 best friends will do their bit of poses.

I like how they show a fair bits of the other staffs’ daily tasks, but the racing car did catch me off guard. Well, the starting episode for Shirobako did have a nice short racing. I wonder if they got the staff for the driving parts or they just like to focus on it, either way it got my good thumb points.

Also it also quite interesting to see some tasty bites when they show how the staffs gather to eat some foods; it really make me felt hungry for some unknown reason.

colorful box 3

Overall, though this didn’t make it to my favor music lists, it good get into the lists where I will listen to it once in a while. Well, even when I start to watch the Shirobako anime, I will take some times to listen to the opening too. (=w= ||)

Amagi Brilliant Park Closing Song – Elementalio de Aimashō!

Erementario de Aimashō!
Singers – Brilliant4 (Yuka Aisaka | Tomoyo Kurosawa | Shiori Mikami | Minami Tsuda)
Lyrics – Shoko Fujibayashi
Composer – Masaroni Takumi
Anime – Amagi Brilliant Park (Closing)

More Info
@Lyrics Nonsense

Elementio B4

Ok, I personally not sure if the Brilliant4, one group of 4 voice actress just happened to voice the 4 elementio fairies in Amagi Brilliant Park, since they are 4 of them and being Brilliant on top of it.

Pun and joke aside, for a short closing anime, I have to give them the credit of giving Brilliant a nice song in which they can have a line each, and with their characters’ element being part of the lyrics.

Elementio B4 1

The background instrumental music also mix in with some nice beat, which really tune in well with the voice actress. Also I not sure if it was the closing anime was done in the way where the singers is singing the part when their characters appear, but I had to give another credits to the one who draw the anime too.

The art of the 4 fairies are indeed nicely done, which I found myself can’t stop peeking at them.

Elementio B4 2

Interesting the lyrics part about them putting an interesting show; the 4 fairies is where they sing and dance on stage at their attraction place, and one may look forward to their performance.

Well, I just wonder if the actual song will be that short, but let just listen to it for some short while (=w=||)

Amagi Brilliant Park Opening Song – Extra Magic Hour

Ekusutora Majikku Awā
Singer – Akino (with bless4)
Lyrics – Shoko Fujibayashi
Composer – Nao Tokisawa
Anime – Amagi Brilliant Park (Opening)

More Info
@Lyrics Nonsense

Extra Magic Hour 0

The same singer for anime series Aquarion Evol, it also seem that Akino did a nice singing for the opening of Amagi Brilliant Park, in which I was kind of shocked to due to the way of the opening lyrics and music instrumental.

I also kind of got another shock at the singing voice of Akino for this sing, but the way the short anime for the beginning seem to mix in well with the lyrics of the song. Interesting is how Seiya was suppose to save the amusement from closing down and it seem that the whole place did change for the better.

Extra Magic Hour 1

The title did seem to be having that extra magical hour for Amagi Brilliant Park, but I do like the part about how each staff of Amagi Brilliant Park staring their life as they make their way to work. As the gate open up, the puzzle lyric part showing each of the Staff and their troubles.

It really interesting to see their interaction, and as it go along, they live their daily life. Interestingly, the lyrics about meeting new people change their life which is true in some sense, considering the Amagi Brilliant Park got many visitor each day, and different interaction can change a people.

Extra Magic Hour 2

Also another interesting thing to note would be the place do have it own bit of Magic despite being a normal amusement park, so I do look forward to each Anime episodes weekly. (=w= ||)

Lord Markman and Vanadis Opening song – Ginsen no Kaze

Ginsen no Kaze
Singer – Konomi Suzuki
Lyrics – Sakai Ryuji
Composer – Suzuki Yasuyoshi
Anime – Lord Markman and Vanadis (Opening)


Nagakun’s Personal Note
Konomi Suzuki had sung for Anime like “Freezing” and “No game No life” which I didn’t expected that her singing can be that nice. And as I was expecting something else for “Madan o Ou no Vanadis”, I got this “Ginsen no Kaze”.

First thing would be that from the starting Instrumental till the end, I had to give the band a good thumb.. make it two for the nice music they were able to produce. It really give more feel about how the song is heading, on top of adding Konomi’s voice.

To my listening Ears, as this series is based on ancient European history, it do give a bit of the feel in the song, and there are a few lyrics in which Konomi had to pull longer and as the song go on, I actually got hooked by the song’s bait.


There were a bit of beat of the song in give that feeling too. It also seem that the song give Konomi more singing on her own even when there are few more background singers who sing in bit of deep sound, but got me amazed was how the singers able to pull out a few from slow to quick pace, and deep to high.

That give this song a nice ring to my Listening Ears.

Interesting about the song title, Elen of the Vanadis, is the one of the main heroine and user of a sword who control wind, which got me wondering if the song really suit to the anime in some ways of another.


Lord Markman and Vanadis series is also about on battle where many sides of armies are fighting, and the song lyrics seem to be about moving forwards despite own’s feeling and thought.

Well, it also seem to be about singing for their own army with the commander on the front readying themselves to charge and strike down anyone down.

As I got hooked to the song, I did tired to find a full version which I seem to come across a concert type of the song; I got a good laugh when I heard one of the fans who managed to put the voice in of the beat. But even so, I still enjoy the song.


Nagakun’s Final View
Well, it not always easy to come across this type of song, which seem to make people want to move forward due to the strong voice from the singer.. and I got a shocker in my mind when I come to realize that the singer is very young at 17 when she sing this song.

I really wonder and amaze at how she able to sing that deep voice for some part of the song.

But overall, I will be placing this song in part of my favor lists, probably in tone when I taking a repeek into the light novels.

In case you’re wonder which is the one that got me laughed for a moment…

Log Horizon Opening Song – database

(Log Horizon Season 1 Opening)

(Log Horizon Season 2 Opening

database feat. TAKUMA(10-FEET)
Singer – Man with a Mission (Band)
Lyrics – Kamikaze Boy | Jean-ken Johnny | Takuma
Composer – Kamikaze Boy
Studio – Sony
Anime – Log Horizon (Seasons 1 and 2 Opening)

database LH op 1

Nagakun’s Personal Note
What actually amazed me as a Anime Peeker is that I don’t come an Anime that only have one opening song only for 2 season straight, even though the opening anime scene is different.

Not that I mind about it, since the song is pretty much catchy and make up to my list of Favor Songs. Not only did the song start with a nice beat and rap part, the interesting is how the band can sing together and make the song more catchy, and I actually like the rapping part myself. Since database is also about computer, I like the starting part about making computer typing or computer sound which add a bit of feel of computer database to it.

Mixing in English lyrics and rap with a bit Japanese line for this song, naming ‘database’ in which seem to mix in nicely with the Anime, Log Horizon, which is actually a game like Sword Art Online and .//hack series, but Log Horizon got it own interesting plot and story unlike the other.

database LH op 2

The players are trapped in a game, doing what they like or can, but even so they are unable to get out of the game or even know how to even get back to their own world. Interesting the music is all about database where one is trap in it.

For such a nice song with nice lyric, add in some cool background instrumental and out come this nice song. The band ‘Man with a Mission’ sure know how to come up with this song for some band who love their wolf mask, because I do like to cover my face but I actually wonder how can they bear wearing the mask for so long.

In anyway, one thing for such, it that this is one song I got no idea how to describe but to my Listening Ear do all the works.

database LH op 3)

Nagakun Final View
One thing when I take a peek into the Log Horizon anime, the opening song did catch me off guard due the catchy song, which attracted me on how ‘Man with a Mission’ can come up with this song. I even got a surprise when they decided to reuse the same song again for Season 2.

Personally, I don’t mind listening to the song, though I did wonder if there are other who were hoping for them to come up with something new. But even so, this is one thing that kind of hard to get rid from my mind. Interesting the Season 2 Log Horizon opening anime was also create and move in with the song ‘database’.

Well, all I can said is that seem to me Log Horizon anime isn’t any simple database for Shiroe and the other… (=w= ||)