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Skiing at Gala Yuzawa

Gala Yuzawa Ski 1

When you go to Japan during a Winter period, the best thing to do is not just photo-taking of the place, or try out a few nice food down the street.

During the walking session at Japan, I did went to Yuzawa to ski and play in the snow like a crazy like kid.

But skiing isn’t easy at all… But I did managed to take a few nice photos of Yuzawa to share them. Maybe you can consider going Yuzawa to ski next time during your Japan Winter season.

Gala Yuzawa Ski 2

The amazing thing about taking a Rail Train is that you need to be in time, and the train will go off just right on time… I almost was late (=w= ||)

But the next amazing thing?

I do like to take a few nice photos of the scenery of building at Japan, and I wonder how do one normal place from near the city can get to…

Gala Yuzawa Ski 3

A snow covered place after passing a tunnel….

I wish I can stay there and enjoy the snow… though I hate being too cold.. (=x= ||)

Gala Yuzawa Ski 4

Gala Yuzawa Ski 5

Gala Yuzawa Ski 6

Almost everywhere is covered in snow, and I just can’t stop taking nice photos of them.

Gala Yuzawa Ski 7

After renting some ski equipment and boots, of course it’s time for some skiing.

There is a store that sell gloves, neck-warmers, and goggles, though you can consider renting them at a fee, I just grab a goggles to use, and for keeping (=x= ||)

Not easy to walk to the cable car due to the ski boot, but half way something just caught my Sparkly Eyes.

Gala Yuzawa Ski 8

Spongebob Sqarepant… a few will take a photo together with him though I prefer to take a photo of him.

Gala Yuzawa Ski 9

It’s really a good way to remember Gala Yuzawa by take a nice photo.

Gala Yuzawa Ski 10

Initially I thought of having fun and to just ski, but somehow I didn’t know you can pose at the place too… or not?

Gala Yuzawa Ski 11

To be honest, I got acrophobia but I still able to manage, plus it a long way up..

Gala Yuzawa Ski 12

Gala Yuzawa Ski 13

Gala Yuzawa Ski 14

The place sure is crowded with many skier, and the temperature here is very very cold.

Gala Yuzawa Ski 15

Gala Yuzawa Ski 16

Gala Yuzawa Ski 17

Well it’s freaking cold and there was a few moment of storm, I did have my fair share of fun… with a moment of being a Titan on the mountain.. (>w< |||)

Gala Yuzawa Ski 18

Yes.. the weather was starting to be bad, so decided to head to the hotel to rest.

Gala Yuzawa Ski 19

Gala Yuzawa Ski 20

Into the … Whiteness?

Gala Yuzawa Ski 21

Gala Yuzawa Ski 22

Gala Yuzawa Ski 23

If you’re a beginner trying to ski, try to take a course first before even trying.. I did hit into 2 pretty girls (>w< |||) and did a few crash landing, to the point that I sprained my left wrist and had to receive a quick first aid.

But overall it was still fun and enjoyable. Well, you can consider Gala Yuzawa as a place to ski, but I would recommend skateboard instead, since it’s easier in my opinion; I might be wrong too. (>x< ||)

Gala Yuzawa Ski 24

As it extremely cold there, do try to keep yourself as warm as possible so that you will not catch a cold or flu.

But overall, just have fun and enjoy.

ReV-AMF Year End Report 2014


With both ReV-AMF being held up at Japan.. It just seem that we were both enjoying way too much during the Walking Session that we tend to forget the time mostly.

And once back at the apartment, one thing for sure is that we both collapse due to fatigue..

But we do squeeze out some energy to work on the preparation for AFA and Japan trip post..


There are still so many stuffs that I want to share but time isn’t on my side at the moment.

Don’t worry, I will do my best on working on those nicely post soon too, but I do need to celebrate New Year over at Japan, and learning their tradition while on it.

One of them is like holding myself at home to watch some New Year eve TV programs.


To be honest, the weather is really getting colder each day, and I been eating spicy or hot stuff to warm myself up. Or best is stay at home.

Even the warm drinks from the vending machines is a great help too. And during noon for once I actually like the Sun for it warm.

But no worry, I will still post a few stuffs on my Twitter / Facebook, so do take some time to check them out while I try to work on the posts too.

Here, ReV-AMF and I, Nagakun myself, wish all a Happy New 2015 Year with best of health and wealth (=w= ||)

Nagakun’s Walking Session @ Japan Day 0


Well well well.. somehow it would seem that I managed to get myself to Japan somehow for vacation, but even when I want to enjoy more, it would be also best that I eat cheaper and yet tasty bites in Japan..

Simple reason, I want to use my clean hands to grab a lot of nice stuffs over at Akihabara.

But first I need to get from Singapore to Tokyo first.

The flight is very long since I am taking the cheaper flight, but I can admit that Scootfly isn’t that bad from how I check on-line.


Funny thing was how I need to walk a long way from the entrance to the plane on both Singapore and Taipei.

Talking about Taipei, seriously the place is very cold too, but I was only wearing my T-shirt and a Jean and yet I am walking about like a boss…


One advise next time – Bring a jacket to cover your whole arms, even though the wind is like when you want to stand in front of the freezer and enjoy that moment of cold breeze, it’s still very cold.

And the fun part about Taipei to Japan?

The temperature drop a bit more that I need to wear that big black overcoat of mine.

The Japan Airport is fairly easy, fast and effectively to clear ourselves, as we need to fill in 2 piece of paper, for ourselves and one for the luggage.


To be honest, being back in Japan sure is nice, even if it for a short while, only problem is that I was new the road around Sengakuji station so I got a bit of lost while trying to find the apartment that I will be staying for that 19 days.

Maybe I like Japan train pretty much myself, since it really a different experience taking their than Singapore; most probably the scencery that you can look around, or the seat is a cushion than a hard one.

And sitting down for 1 hours plus is good for another bit of sleeping; I do need that energy to push my luggage to the place that I will be staying over in.

Once reached, the time schedule will be pack; why go to Japan for so many days?


Well, Akihabara itself will be taking most of my time, but going to Japan as an Otaku I can understand that Akiba is and will be the only place in Japan that that I must go, no matter what.

But Japan got many other places in Tokyo for sightseeing, and walking around and about.

Even one day of skiing at Gala Yuzawa would be pretty fun too.

Well, I will post of that at a later timing for now..

Arpeggio of Blue Steel: Ars Nova Ending Song – “Innocent Blue”

Innocent Blue
Singers – Trident (Mai Fuchigami | Manami Numakura | Hibiku Yamamura)
Lyrics / Composer – fu_mou
Music Arrangement – Masato Kouda
Anime – Arpeggio of Blue Steel: Ar Nova (Ending)

More Info @LyricTranslation

innocent blue trident

The anime Arpeggio of Blue Steal: Ars Nova got it own 2nd ending song even when it just a 1-cour series, but yet it is played on a few episodes of the anime. “Innocent Blue” is played as the ending anime song for episdoes 5, 9 and 11.

But kindly do not mix the title for another same title but anime ending song for anime “School Day”, and I know there are many nice Japanese song with the same title but different singer and lyric and stuffs, but I never heard of the copyright in the name which earn my respect.

innocent blue trident 1

Well, maybe they really know how to recycle the title, but even so, when one mentioned the title of the anime song, it best to mentioned which anime and by which singer(s).

Initially when it was played on episode 5, I was mistaken that the later episodes will be playing this nice, soft and slow though they still play “Blue Field” for episodes 6-8.

innocent blue trident 2

The singers are still the same Trident who also voice 3 of the series characters, and I still admitting that they did voice very lovely (=w= ||)

This song really been put up on my sleeping song list, and I not even joking. Was it that sleepy?

innocent blue trident 3

No, one thing that why I like this song is how again Trident sing smoothly, and that alone really did calm me down. Well maybe the music instrumental really did play the big part for being nice and soft, which I really don’t mind listening to this song in order to sleep well.

One interesting thing to note is that the lyrics and composer for “Innocent Blue” and “Blue Field” are different even though both are sing by the same girl group and both play nicely with the lyrics, mixing in some English lyrics.

innocent blue trident 4

Well, I’m not sure if they purposely add in the title of the songs into their lyrics, and ensuring Trident girls to repeat those words a few time. They earn my credits for playing the songs well, and I really like to listen to these 2 songs non-stop.

For the anime closing, one thing to note is that they make use of the same tactics where each fog girls are reaching out for each others, though the only thing different for “Innocent Blue” is that the girls are going in a round way unlike the “Blue Field” from bottom to top.

innocent blue trident 5

However, for Episode 9, the closing anime is done differently, in which it is show a very fast of each girls reaching out for each other from top to bottom. Well, I think they reuse the same model, but even so, those model are done very nicely.

I like how they make good sure of the girls being underwater, since they give out nice bubble effects, and I found out that I tend to stare at those cute fog girls non-stop. Well, the song also calm me to the point that I can think of nothing.

innocent blue trident 6

That just prove how nice the song is to me, and considering the timing is also about time for me to sleep, maybe I need to play “Innocent Blue” by Trident to get some deep sleep. (~w~ ||)

Yuuki’s Single & Album Highlights Corner for Nov’14 Releases

It’s that time of the month again. And like what I previously promised, I’ll get the post out for Nov 14 a few days to a week before the month actually starts. I’ve being really busy lately, with all new projects coming in, so my posts are cut down to a minimum. (~Well, originally I’m not supposed to post much anyways, haha)

For the month of November, the music sensation from the fall 2014 anime season continues, with music from various shows’ OP and ED releasing during the month. On top of that, I’ve put up a few of the other releases that aren’t related to the shows at all, just various hits that came under my radar.

As such, I’ll start of with this month’s attraction. Of course IMHO. =D

*The following list is by no means a complete listing of releases for November.

Nov 05 – Ceui – Pandora
Nov 05 – Kanae Ito – Shooting Star
Nov 05 – KOTOKO – ZoNE-iT
Nov 05 – Komatsu Mikako – Latimer road
Nov 05 – fhana – Hoshikuzu no Interlude
Nov 05 – SCREEN Mode – Amazing The World
Nov 05 – Guratamin – Sensation Signal
Nov 05 – DIVA (AKB48) – DIVA
Nov 05 – NMB48 – Rashikunai
Nov 05 – Chay – Wishes
Nov 12 – Miyano Mamoru – BREAK IT!
Nov 12 – ELISA – Eonian
Nov 12 – Aoi Eir – Tsunagaru Omoi
Nov 12 – i Ris – Miracle Paradise
Nov 12 – Toyosaki Aki – Portrait
Nov 12 – Berryz Kobou – Towa No Uta/Romance Wo Katatte
Nov 12 – Kuraki Mai – MAI KURAKI BEST 151A -LOVE & HOPE-
Nov 19 – Amamiya Sora – Tsuki Akari
Nov 19 – Ono Daisuke – Mission D
Nov 19 – Suzuki Konomi – Ginsen no Kaze
Nov 19 – Kalafina – believe
Nov 19 – ZAQ – Seven Doors
Nov 19 – Kato Fuku – You Gotta Love Me!
Nov 19 – Tamaki Nami –  Vivid Telepathy
Nov 19 – C-ute – I miss you / THE FUTURE
Nov 19 – ROOT 5 – Kimi no Mirai
Nov 26 – Kanako Ito – Hijitsukai Seishounen
Nov 26 – AKB48 – Kibouteki Refrain
Nov 26 – Tokyo Performance Doll – DREAM TRIGGER

Among the upcoming releases listed above, I would possibly be getting a few of the singles, namely Tsunagaru Omoi (Aoi Eir) and Latimer Road (Komatsu Mikako). Haha. It all comes down to what I’ll be able to afford in the end as well (Shipping’s expensive =x). Komatsu Mikako’s is a new artiste in which I have been listening to for these past few months, namely her song, Sky Message, which was released earlier this year. Her voice has an awesome ring to it. A strong and stable vocal. Therefore her single is definitely something that I can look forward to.

A peaceful and light-hearted feeling from this cover~
A peaceful and light-hearted feeling from this cover~
A fantastic, stylish cover of Aoi Eir~
A fantastic, stylish cover of Aoi Eir~

That’s all for November’s preview. This is going on well, haha. I’m quite glad that I managed to come out with this post before the actual month itself this time round. Let’s hope this pace keeps on going~

Yuuki, signing off.

Mada’s Sunday Report 28 September 2014

Rokujouma no Shinryakusha 6

Ok, I didn’t expected myself to be so busy for this past week, but I can still share a lot more next week; there going to be a lot more new Anime coming up.

Currently I got many stuffs happening on my Clean hands, but that not going to stop me from doing much. Meaning I will sharing a lot of Animes which I peeked, and while I’m on it, I will sharing a few new Series of Light Novels and Manga which got my Sparkly Eyes activated!
Continue reading Mada’s Sunday Report 28 September 2014

Welcome to ReV-AMF



Hello and Welcome to ReV-AMF, short form for ReView on Anime, Manga, Music and Figurines.

This is Nagakun speaking. A few might known me as MadaWalker, but I will be starting on this new site after the previously blog site was retired after 7 years.

I will be continue to post reviews about Anime, Manga and Figurines, while there will be times when I post on Light Novels and Games.

So look forward to each posts. (^w^ ||)