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AFA SG 2014 – Culture Japan


One of the thing that I would like to see in an exhibition booth is that it will change most of it stuffs each day, and making sure that you will find them to see what they have.

And also a reason to why you need to go to AFA daily like how I did.

Culture Japan booth is one of the reason started back when I come to be aware of Danny Choo, to take a peek at his booth.


Though most of his stuffs are sold out, including the newly Smart Doll, Mirai and her friends T-shirts, poster and the MoeKanji and MoeKana cards.

The reason why even my Imouto and l like about Mirai is that she is cute, plus my imouto like those pretty mascots a lot.


Though as sadly as I have to admit on being a NEET and a poor person, I couldn’t afford the Smart Doll at the cost of SGD 700.


I did went to Japan, so where did my money come from?…



What changes did the Culture Japan booth have, that differ for each day?

Well, the simple one would be that most of the stuffs are sold out on the first day like the Smart Dolls and a few pretty poster.

I would support to grab the poster myself, but this time around, as I need to save carefully for the Japan Walking Session, I only grab a T-shirt this time.


As for the booth, the table display of Danny’s daughters change a lot on their poses, making sure that you would like to a few photo shot of them.

And while you’re at it with a bit of luck, you can take photo with Danny himself, and speak to him if you like.


So far I would like to sit down and chat with him, but he is a very very busy person.

His Comrades are also nice and fun to talk with, including Danny’s wife (whom I ask for a bit of advice on how to counter the winter cold at Japan).

DSC_0495 n2

I could even see that Mr Ninja do take a nice photo himself too.

DSC_0341 n2

(The two lovely Smart Dolls that were on Sale for the first time and in Singapore at the cost of SGD 700… too bad I’m too poor to grab them with my clean hand…)




The Smart Dolls were the one selling like hotcakes, reason being that they are very limited in stocks, plus they are very lovely and cute, and lastly they are a good start for those who want to start collecting dolls.

There are many other reason as to why people bought them, but when my Imouto and I took a look at them, we would love to have them, though the price isn’t right for us at the moment.

Maybe in future we might grab them.


(Danny Choo don’t always have his free time, but when he appear at his booth, it’s best to speak to him as it fun to chat with him.)

DSC_0350 n2

(Plus he don’t mind a photo session too.)


(The queue at the CJ Booth is very very long…)


(And the last person of the queue is responsible to grab hold of this lovely ‘End of queue’ signboard… I would grab this and run away with it you know…)


It also seem that Mirai and her friends made to be characters in the Million Arthur apps card game.

Not only are they powerful, they got nice status from what I heard… but too bad I not into mobile games at the moment due to overwhelming Playstation / 3DS / PC games on hands.


As a norm, CJNight tend to always happen on the day after the exhibition on most countries.

It is also a good time and place for comrade to sit down and chat with each other too, though in Singapore; Monday is also the start of working day there are also many who turned up late due to works and a few who couldn’t even make it at all.

Oh well, I will post the CJNight a later timing / date, but take a peek at the CJBooth at AFA SG 2014 for now.. (=w= ||)

Probably, you will notice the changes at that booth during each day just from looking at those pictures too.


(MoeKana and MoeKanji cards on display)


(The skeleton of Smart Dool, and how it possible for them to move at a smooth and flexible angle.)


(Even Mirai doll is buying a.. Mirai Figma!?)



(Sexy doll pose is sexy!) (=x= ||)




(Just look at her.. Doesn’t she make you want to grab her home with your clean hands?)





(Even though it’s not raining… I don’t mind carrying those umbrella around and opened too.



(Can I have a bite…… of that beng-beng?)




(I still slowly learning Japanese using those nice cards… but I’m a very very slow learner… TwT)



(A few posters got sold out so fast that they are ‘no more liao’… wait a sec… where are they pasting that sign at!?!?)


Notice a few changes already?

Well, at least I wonder what CJ will be bringing for the upcoming events for 2015.

Surely would be the Smart Dolls will start their invasion, but till then, maybe I need to just wish for a lovely smart doll as a present (=x= ||)

Japan Walking Session 2014 – Odaiba (Gundam)

Odaiba (Gundam) - 1

When one go on a walking session over at Japan, one need to head over to Odaiba for a few reason despite the expensive train ticket in order to enter there.

Ya.. it cause around 500 yen and above, but hey, I had to go there twice for a few reason myself; Tokyo Big Sight for Comiket and Diver City for Tokyo Gundam Front.

Odaiba (Gundam) - 2

One of the entrance is though the famous Rainbow Bridge, and the monorail was pretty nice to sit on.

I mean; ‘Come On!’ Singapore trains transport sit are hard plastic but Japan’s is soft cushion seats?!

Not only did I enjoy the scenery during the ride, while standing up to take a few nice photos on train like a frantic tourist should.

Odaiba (Gundam) - 3

But it been so long since the last time I was here on 2008 August.

This time I going on a free time, so I can get to enjoy walking around, taking a few nice photos, plus watching the nice show at Diver City; The big Gundam Winter show… I will show them at the near end of this post.

Odaiba (Gundam) - 4

Odaiba (Gundam) - 5

Odaiba (Gundam) - 6

Ya.. many who know this building will know where I am…

While the front is the famous Aqua City, the back is the Diver City; both shopping center are pretty near to each other, and easily reached by foot.

Odaiba (Gundam) - 7

But as a frantic tourists, since the Gundam show is at around 5 – 6pm, of course I need to take a few nice photo shots of the place.

Odaiba (Gundam) - 8

Odaiba (Gundam) - 9

She is in bad mood today… (Her face is very … dark…)

I will show much of the Aqua City at a later posts, but the important is about Gundam, right?

I did promised previously about them.

Odaiba (Gundam) - 10

At level 7 of Diver City, there is a Tokyo Gundam Front which is very hard to miss.


Well… firstly there is a gigantic picture of a Gundam, and it pretty easy to get to there.

Odaiba (Gundam) - 11

Odaiba (Gundam) - 12

There are just to many pretty, cute, cool, expensive, cheap… blah blah blah and etc… Gundam on display from the entrance all the way to it interior.

Well, I’m not gonna going to talk much or even comment too much about those photo.. I mean .. there about a hundred plus photos here.

So just take the peek into them while scrolling down, just hope your computer not lagging on the loading of the photos. (=w= ||)

Odaiba (Gundam) - 13

Odaiba (Gundam) - 14

Odaiba (Gundam) - 15

(So many different Gundam on display.. I wish this was my room…)

Odaiba (Gundam) - 16

Odaiba (Gundam) - 17

Odaiba (Gundam) - 18

Odaiba (Gundam) - 19

(Ok.. too many varieties….)

Odaiba (Gundam) - 20

Odaiba (Gundam) - 21

(Photos is very very ok here, so many people can snap a few nice photos of them as a whole or individual as they like..)

Odaiba (Gundam) - 22

Odaiba (Gundam) - 23

(Wait… are they shiny or real gold?!?)

Odaiba (Gundam) - 24

Odaiba (Gundam) - 25

Odaiba (Gundam) - 26

If you really like those nice Gundam, you may find them at their stores at the back, but do take note… the display is a “sample” and not for sale; so when you build your own Gunpla, it might not look the same as the “sample”

Odaiba (Gundam) - 27

Odaiba (Gundam) - 28

Odaiba (Gundam) - 29

Odaiba (Gundam) - 30

Odaiba (Gundam) - 30

There are a few exclusive Gunpla which you may only grab them here.

So it a good time to grab a few of your favorite here, plus a few of the Gunpla are actually cheaper than the one I find mostly in Singapore.

Problem would be how to bring them back to Singapore due to the box size though… (=x= |||)

Odaiba (Gundam) - 32

Odaiba (Gundam) - 33

Odaiba (Gundam) - 34

Odaiba (Gundam) - 35

Odaiba (Gundam) - 36

Odaiba (Gundam) - 37

(A difference of Gundam Scale and Grade)

Odaiba (Gundam) - 38

(I don’t care if it’s a SKE 48 version or what, but it look so pretty in my Sparkly Eyes…)

Odaiba (Gundam) - 39

Odaiba (Gundam) - 40

Odaiba (Gundam) - 41

(They sure got a lot of different Gundam that are “Coming Soon” to the shelf..)

Odaiba (Gundam) - 42

Odaiba (Gundam) - 43

Odaiba (Gundam) - 44

(There is also a display of Gunpla done by different country Gunpla lovers.. I mean competitor.. Well.. I show 2 from Singapore.)

Odaiba (Gundam) - 45

Odaiba (Gundam) - 45 p1

Odaiba (Gundam) - 45 p2

Odaiba (Gundam) - 46

I really like most of the display set which not only did they did a good job on their Gunpla, but a great job on the environment for the Gunpla to display in.

Really give a good feel to the Gunpla.

Odaiba (Gundam) - 47

Odaiba (Gundam) - 48

Odaiba (Gundam) - 49

Odaiba (Gundam) - 50

Odaiba (Gundam) - 51

Odaiba (Gundam) - 52

A few Gunpla do not have their place.. but the detail on the Gunpla are not to be overlook, and their poses are pretty cool too.

Odaiba (Gundam) - 53

Odaiba (Gundam) - 54

Odaiba (Gundam) - 55

By far this is my favorite one, in which showing one Gunpla building snowman with a child.

I wonder what will it be to be playing snowball with a Gundam / Mobile suit… the first thing I would like to see is the size of their snowball… (=x= |||)

Odaiba (Gundam) - 56

Odaiba (Gundam) - 57

Odaiba (Gundam) - 58

Odaiba (Gundam) - 59

Odaiba (Gundam) - 60

(I like the underwater feel of this display..)

Odaiba (Gundam) - 61

Odaiba (Gundam) - 62

Odaiba (Gundam) - 63

Odaiba (Gundam) - 64

Odaiba (Gundam) - 64

Odaiba (Gundam) - 65

Odaiba (Gundam) - 66

Odaiba (Gundam) - 67

Odaiba (Gundam) - 68

(It’s like time frozen for this display.. I wonder what will the destruction will be like when the time start..)

Odaiba (Gundam) - 69

Odaiba (Gundam) - 70

Odaiba (Gundam) - 71

Odaiba (Gundam) - 72

(Time really frozen here again…)

Odaiba (Gundam) - 73

Odaiba (Gundam) - 74

Odaiba (Gundam) - 75

Odaiba (Gundam) - 76

Odaiba (Gundam) - 77

Odaiba (Gundam) - 78

(Wow.. Just wow… it really seem this mobile suit was just recovered from the sea recently..)

Odaiba (Gundam) - 79

Odaiba (Gundam) - 80

Odaiba (Gundam) - 81

Odaiba (Gundam) - 82

Odaiba (Gundam) - 83

(Destruction of building, ruins are a common sight in the Gundam world, but to build them for Gunpla.. is another thing..)

Odaiba (Gundam) - 84

(I think someone just move the Gundam to it left… or that it really move on it …)

Odaiba (Gundam) - 85

There are many nice clothes, bag and stuffs to grab with clean hands at the shops here over at Gundam Front.

Well the prices can be as high as a 8000 yen for one item, but there are cheaper alternative.

Odaiba (Gundam) - 86

(I pretty tempt to buy this game to play myself..)

Odaiba (Gundam) - 87

(Due to it limited Gunpla… but wasn’t able to get it..)

Odaiba (Gundam) - 88

(Hey.. it a Gunpla Hanger!! Those Spare part on the hanger? Ya.. You can really build one Gunpla out of them…)

Odaiba (Gundam) - 89

Odaiba (Gundam) - 90

Odaiba (Gundam) - 91

(The most cheapest alternative? .. .. Capsule!!!)

Odaiba (Gundam) - 92

(Ya.. if only you going to get one only… but there are collectors too…)

Odaiba (Gundam) - 93

Odaiba (Gundam) - 94

There were more and more different Gunpla on display as you get near to the Gunpla shop.

Personally even I was to grab a lot of them myself.

Odaiba (Gundam) - 95

(Sold Out… (TwT||) )

Odaiba (Gundam) - 96

(You can leave your mark here…)

Odaiba (Gundam) - 97

(But of course that sitting on that and mark that kind of mark..)

Odaiba (Gundam) - 98

(My Sparkly Eyes can’t seem to switch off for unknown reason..)

Odaiba (Gundam) - 99

(And they sell tasty yummy Gundam Snack here…)

Odaiba (Gundam) - 100

Odaiba (Gundam) - 101

Odaiba (Gundam) - 102

Odaiba (Gundam) - 103

(The master with his signature sunglass showing steps to build a Gunpla)

Odaiba (Gundam) - 104

Odaiba (Gundam) - 105

Odaiba (Gundam) - 106

Odaiba (Gundam) - 107

Odaiba (Gundam) - 108

Odaiba (Gundam) - 109

Odaiba (Gundam) - 110

Odaiba (Gundam) - 111

Odaiba (Gundam) - 112

Odaiba (Gundam) - 113

Odaiba (Gundam) - 114

(So many different Gundam… Even I’m tempted to grab them… but most of them are sold out..)

Odaiba (Gundam) - 115

Odaiba (Gundam) - 116

Odaiba (Gundam) - 117

As it near to sunset at around 4pm, of course it about time to head down to take a few nice photos of the big Gundam first before it turn dark.

Another reason was that I wanted to take a bite first at the ‘food court’ near that place.

Odaiba (Gundam) - 118

(The real size scale Gundam is simply too gigantic..)

Odaiba (Gundam) - 119

(There wasn’t even a big robot in sight back when I first visit in 2008..)

Odaiba (Gundam) - 120


Odaiba (Gundam) - 121


There is a Gundam Cafe and a small Gunpla shop behind the big Gundam, so you can still enjoy some tasty meal while looking out at the back of the Gundam.

Or get some Gunpla or stuffs to keep.

Odaiba (Gundam) - 122

(It really seem ready to take down the bad guys who dare to threaten the safety of Tokyo..)

Odaiba (Gundam) - 123

Odaiba (Gundam) - 124

Odaiba (Gundam) - 125

Odaiba (Gundam) - 126

Odaiba (Gundam) - 127

(Since I visited this place during winter season, how am I going to miss it night Winter Light Up show?)

Odaiba (Gundam) - 128

(A moment of the nice scenery again that surround the big Gundam)

Odaiba (Gundam) - 129

Odaiba (Gundam) - 130

(By far one of my favorite photos taken during Japan Walking Session)

Odaiba (Gundam) - 131

Odaiba (Gundam) - 132

Odaiba (Gundam) - 133

Odaiba (Gundam) - 134

Odaiba (Gundam) - 135

I find it really interesting that when the light on the Gundam turned off, Diver City also switch off most of the display light to make the Gundam Winter Light Up a nice show to watch and remember..

I had taken a few photos of them, and I did recorded them.. well.. here are the videos that you might want to watch instead of my talking..

But do forgive of the bad shaking.. It’s really was very cold and my clean hands were numb during the recording.

I recorded 2 different light up show, but I accidentally press the pause on the second show, so I got 2 different parts of the video.

Odaiba (Gundam) - 137

Odaiba (Gundam) - 138

Odaiba (Gundam) - 139

Odaiba (Gundam) - 140

(Ok.. It’s really seem to me that it ready to launch…)

Odaiba (Gundam) - 141

Odaiba (Gundam) - 142

Odaiba (Gundam) - 142

Well, if you’re at Tokyo for some Walking session yourself, plus if you’re a fan of Gundam, best head over to Diver City at Odaiba.

Even if you don’t like them, the big Gundam is an attraction over there, so you can snap photos of yourself with the big robot to show off to your friends like what this post seem to be..

In any case, hope you enjoy the whole lot of photos I taken, and like and share this posts.

Anime Festival Asia Singapore 2014 Day 0.5 – Sneak Peeking


What is AFA SG 2014 Day 0.5?!

Previously, I had introduced a Day 0, which is also known as the day before the main event, and WHICH is also the last day to do one last minute preparation. Anime Festival Asia had it’s own Day 0.5 on Thursday, 4th December 2014, where the main stage is open and is screening something very interestingly nice.

And that is the screening of The Assorted Horizons: Theatrical Edition and a special appearance by the leader, Revo!

Yes. Yes. There is no Thursday Ticket available for purchase, as for entry wise, those who bought the Friday Stage Ticket can enjoy the main stage event using the same ticket.


The screening is one of the reason why those who bought their tickets one day before the main event, could head over to the main stage to enjoy a nice screening of the The Assorted Horizons: Theatrical Edition.

I was in there for the earlier part of the show, in which I did enjoyed thoroughly, that is until, I was pestered over the phone for emergency issues. (TwT ||)


Nevertheless, the screening is very entertaining as it wasn’t easy to have a chance to watch the Sound Horizon’s show in Singapore.

Well, another entertaining thing for me that I had noticed is, that there are also a few brave warriors who are cosplaying for AFA Day 0.5 too! (OAO !!)


Well, there is another reason as to why I appeared on the Day 0.5 of AFA Singapore 2014; the Media Press Briefing / Conference.

Yes, they are introducing many interesting things that they will be releasing or showcasing at AFA Singapore 2014, like the PlayStation 4 ’20th Anniversary Edition’ and even guest appearance of my favourite singer, – ‘May’n’!!

I almost got a heart attack when she came in through the door in which I happened to stand very near to. (=o= ||)


During the conference, there was a few highlights, such as the future planning for AFA 2015, a few partnerships and collaborations.

Which also meant that we can expect more from AFA for next year, plus they had invited a few very very important people (VVIP) down for the Media Conference like the President of Aniplex, Mr Koichiro Natsume and the Representative of Sony, Mr Hidetoshi Takigawa.


Even the CEO of Sozo, and the one who’s leading the Anime Festival Asia, Mr Shawn Chin, showed up at the conference venue in person. (owo ||)

Before the unveiling of the ’20th Anniversary Edition’ PlayStation 4, they did and illustrated interesting and simple magic tricks to ‘transform’ the PS 1 all the way up to the PS 4. This acts signified how the Sony PlayStation Game Console evolved thoughout the years.


There were also presentations about how Anime Festival Asia will be working in hand with Anime Japan and Bangkok Comic Con.

ReV-AMF will be covering the media conference in a separate post.


Another interesting thing for the Anime Festival Anime Singapore 2014 is that it has undertaken an incredible upsize compared to last year! It now takes up the entire Level 4 halls of our Suntec Conventional Centre!

Of course, I did a sneak-in, into the exhibition hall to take a few peeks on how the exhibition is being set up.

Well, having a larger space for the exhibition, would also meant that there are more booths and events to cover!


How mistaken I am, to assume that during Days 1, 2 and 3, there would be lesser ‘human traffic’, to prevent me from navigating around the area. In actual fact, it DID gave me an extremely hard time navigating my way around.

On the bright side, it had been shown that many attendees would want to enjoy their time at AFA SG 2014. Thus I’m not surprised that local Singaporeans came for the event, but even fans from other country like Japan, Indonesia, Thailand and Malaysia, came too.


Another thing that I would like to mention would be, ReV-AMF will be covering most of the events which happened at the AFA 2014, in separate posts, especially a few special booths that caught the attention of my Sparkly Eyes during my walking session.

We will also cover a few nice interviews of the guests that appeared down for AFA Singapore 2014 too, though the booths at AFA exhibition area interest me just as much as well.

If I’ve given in to my temptation, I would love to grab many of those lovely items with my very clean hands.

As of the moment, please kindly wait for the posts to be ready. (>w< ||)

Volks at AFA Singapore 2014


For the first time ever, the well-known seller of Dollfie Volks will be coming down to Anime Festival Asia Singapore 2014 to sell their lovely and beautiful Dollfie down at their own booth.

There are many different Dollfie for you to choose from, but prepared for the high prices since they aren’t cheap but the Dollfie are good to stare at.

If you’re a Dollfie Lovers, there are a few nice selections, but if you’re a first timer and wish to grab a lovely Dollfie for yourself, you may want to head over to the booth to adopt them back home.


Volks will be bringing the following Dollfie;

  • Dollfie Dream Saber Alter 2nd Ver.
  • Dollfie Dream Saber (Fate/Extra Ver.)
  • Dollfie Dream Kos-Mos Ver.4
  • Dollfie Dream Sister M.O.M.O.
  • Dollfie Dream Miku Hatsune
  • Dollfie Dream Sakuya
  • Dollfie Dream Sakuya Mode:Crimson
  • Dollfie Dream Rise Kujikawa
  • Dollfie Dream Asuna
  • Mini Dollfie Dream Maria Ushiromiya

Those lovely Dollfie are very limited in stock, so each customers are restricted to only 1 doll type; meaning you may purchase 1 Miku and 1 Asuna Dollfie but not 2 Miku Dollfie.


It’s only fair that it’s to give other people a chance to grab those lovely Dollfie with their clean hands.

Previously, I have talked to a Dollfie community in Singapore and was able to get some information on Dollfie and how to maintain them; basically is to treat them with care as if they’re your lovely baby.

Well, I don’t mind having one of them since they are so lovely, and I do want to grab the Miku Dollfie myself.


If you’re not looking for Dollfie, have no worry!

Volks will also be bringing down Charagumin too.

What is Charagumin?

It’s basically Characters and Assembly; where you can get to experience of assembly the parts of a figurine together!

That mean you get to understand how a figurine is being built, as well as getting to enjoy the experience on assembling them.

Also they do have non-color version, which you can get to paint your Charagumin with the color you prefer!

It’s really that great!


Volks will also be bringing in nice model kits, so if you’re a plane lover or wish to build Robots other than Gunpla, then Volks might have what you might be looking for.

Yes, Volks do have nice model kits and I personally like how detail they really are.

It’s wouldn’t be easy to build those model kits, but you’ll get to experience the moment of building them!

Also, I got nice insight from someone helping out with Volks that they will be bringing in a line-up of pretty figurines too.

So you can be on a look-out for them too.

With so many nice stuffs being on sale over at Volks Booth @ AFA SG 2014, don’t you feel the temptation to grab them with your clean hands?

Toy Coin at AFA Singapore 2014


I got some insight info from Wendy of Toy Coin about what Toy Coin will bringing over for Anime Festival Asia Singapore 2014, and what’s great way of starting the business?


Yes, Toy Coin is having free giveaway of a figurine of your choice at AFA SG 2014!!

So all you’ll need is to find Mako the mascot of Toy Coin and take a photo of her, share it on your Facebook and don’t forget to tag Toy Coin and hashtag #TOYCOINGIVEAWAY

That alone is enough to give you one chance to get into the lucky draw!! (^A^ !!)


Talking of luck and chances, Toy Coin will also be offering a few nice Kuji during the events.

Kara no Kyokai Kuji will be available only on 6th December (Saturday), 12 pm and Sword Art Online Kuji later on 4 pm.

If you’re out to test your luck, just head over to Toy Coin Booth on that day and get ready to buy those tickets.

If you’re lucky enough, you will be winning those nice top prizes.

But don’t be discourage if you didn’t get to win them, as the other prize groups are pretty nice too. Even I’m eyeing at the nice Anime glass cup than the figurines myself (=w= ||)


Fans of Figurines, Toy Coin is taking in nice figurines of Griffon Enterprise as well as Alter.

I know those figurines don’t come cheap, but what the point of that when you can get to look at nicely detail figurines which will make you stare at them for one full day?

Toy Coin do have a few stocks of those pretty nice figurines, so if you wasn’t able to pre-order them, then here your chance to grab them again!

Like the picture says; “While Stocks Last!


But those aren’t just what Toy Coin will be offering.

Like Toy Coin previously promised during the interview, they will be also bring in a clearance sale, and you can take a peek over at their booth to check what nice figurines that you might want to grab with your clean hands.

With so much to offer at Toy Coin booth, I’m pretty sure you may find what you looking for. (=w= |||)

Chitoge Kirisaki Nendoroid


Somehow or another, I was able to get a good hold to Kirisaki Chitoge Nendoroid during one of my walking session, at a very low price. (+w+ ||)

And of course, despite her scary temper and strength, she do pose very nicely for Mr Camera-kun.


The one thing that got me wanting to grab this was the 3 cute and nice face expression of this nendoroid.

Plus she do have some nice hands to pose with, though it depend on how you like her to pose for the camera.


She do brought along with her secret book, school bag and her key necklace.


For some unknown reason, her happy expression itself look so adorable that want to touch and hug this Nendoroid.


Her ribbon do stand up nicely, though I never really notice her ponytail at the back. The faint effect at the end sure do look nice too.


Another nice face expression of her is the panic and blush expression.

It’s nice to see that she can get fluster over some stuff easily, but it best not to pull too much.


Well, she was shy at first to take some photo too.


But once she get into modelling mode, she is totally ready to take some nice photo shot.


I really like this cute post where she show a nice “V” and wink for the camera-kun to take some shot.

This pose was from the manga where she did pose nicely and look cute. But the Nendoroid version look way too cute.


Chitoge Nendoroid got nice hands posture which make it easier for her to pose for Camera-kun to take. Also it quite easy to fix them up.


I did take a lot of nice shots of Chitoge. (=w= ||)


It also seem that Chitoge can run, and very fast indeed. She also did compete with Tsugumi and only to lose to her by a small margin.

Indeed, she is a very fast and strong Golli-*whack!* (XwX ||)


It seem like it time for her to get back, so it best for her to be on the way.


Well, considering that this Nendoroid is nicely done, I might want to grab the Tsugumi and Kosaki Nendoroid so they can pair up with her. (=w= ||)

Gallery of Kirisaki Chitoge Nendoroid

Nendoroid Pouch – Sleeping Bags Version


It seem like Good Smile Company decided to give the Nendoroid Version some sleeping bags, so they camp out or you can just take them out.

Considering the price, it actually cheaper than I expected, plus I get to bring my cute little Nendoroid out for camping though it will be sleeping during the walking session.


You can consider getting them at Good Smile Company itself, or for Singapore, consider Toy Coin.

Good Smile Online Shop
@Nendoroid Pouch (Red)
@Nendoroid Pouch (Blue)

Toy Coin
@Nendoroid Pouch (Red)
@Nendoroid Pouch (Blue)

(*Picture taken from Good Smile (English) Facebook)

Hatsune Miku Halloween Ver. Nendoroid


Ok, since it Halloween, so let take a peek at Miku dressing up for Halloween!

Well, another thing to note would be that this is the same present I gave to my imouto for her birthday which happen on Halloween, and before phototaking, I do need to ask her for some permission.


I also do like this nendoroid, but since I can only get one, I giving this as a present to my dear imouto, but the good thing is that I can play with it sometime. The spare parts are also simple to fix, and I had to agree that the pumpkin face look nice and cute.. (=x= ||)

Well, the pearl-like earring and on the dress actually got me wonder if they are real or not, well the big pumpkin kind of look tasty.


When I take it out to look at the detail, I was just speechless. Not only is the hair nicely painted, I was shock to see that her hands is able to move freely, so I can do different pose with her.

The little devil wing also seem to suit her well.


I find the pumpkin face to be cute (=w= ||)


Is that a candy cane?!


The details on the hair really look nice.


There are so many nice poses for Halloween Miku, which I just wonder how cute can she be and she is surprisingly easy to fix and move about. Initially I mistake it as another nendoroid that will going to be pain in the neck to fix. But look like I was wrong.

All I can say is good job to the Good Smile Company for this nice nendoroid, which I able to grab and give it as a birthday present to my imouto. (with thanks to Toycoin for able to make it in time)

Well, I just wonder how my imouto will like it though (=w= ||)

Mada’s Figurine Report on Flonne Nendoroid


Another favor character from Disgaea, Flonne also made it into my Hiding spot together, but I didn’t know where she hide first.

Either way, now I got myself a devil and an angel to give me some nice advice, though I wonder what will be in my mind after that.

And somehow Enta seem ready to welcome Flonne to the Hiding spot.


Again, it doesn’t seem like that Flonne got much spare part with her, but the one thing for sure would be that she still remember to bring along her weapons… (=w= ||)

For her face expression, seem like I prfer the confused one, but her fired up seen cool too.

I thought setting Etna will be more problematic than Flonne, but didn’t expect that it was no easy task than I initially expected.


But once I got her up, her angelic smile really soothe me out with ease.

I wonder what Etna planning behind her though..


Yes, I like this face expression since it made her more cuter than I expected.

Maybe she still not used to my Hiding spot, considering that she did get lost inside here.


Erm.. wait, why is she holding to her bow and arrow?

I know that her arrow aren’t use for love; they deal massive damages…


Wait… wait.. why is she fired up so fast?

Actually this remind me of many interesting part like when Flonne felt that she able to make demon to have love.

And even thinking of Hero being powerful, though she did help in getting rid of them herself.


I think it seem like Etna is telling Flonne to do something… and Flonne is very fired up to do it…

As for now, I think I need to get out of my hiding spot for a moment silently and sneakily…

Just take a little peek at Flonne Nendorid if you like some Angel sighting (=w= ||)

Gallery of Flonne Nendoroid

Mada’s Figurine Report on Etna Nendoroid


One of my favor characters from the game, Disgaea, Etna can just be the devil she is or show the kindness she can have.

Despite wanting to be the overlord herself, Etna can prove her own worth and making sure people or demon under her to do her bidding. Still, I do need to grab her with my Clean hands since I like to play Disgaea myself.

However, I need to pass her a few gold for her (=w= |||)


I was a bit shocked on the part where she didn’t has much spare parts, but yet she can brought along with her lovely death gun and her spear. Get on her bad side, and she will be ready to aim you down with her deathly weapons.

Her mischief look actually look very cute, though the angry face remind me on the game when she was very mad with Laharl.


Somehow I actually like this face expression, in which she just seem to be the playful type, even if she one powerful demon.

Well, not every demon can oppose Laharl or even talk down on him, but she did guide him in the right path in which the previous overlord wanted. But she still needs a lot guiding. Still, this expression remind me of what evil plan she having and ready to execute it.

Maybe this is what make her look more devilish, and yet being cute at the same time.


Etna may be commonly using her spear or gun, till now I do prefer her to use the spear due to the power and damage it can deal.

But when Etna is showing that look and holding on her deathly weapons, better get out or hide yourself nicely. One thing for sure, it will be as painful as hell itself.

If not for her power, I won’t consider using her as one my main in the game. Etna deal a lot of damage with her spear, but when it come to her gun; I was amazed at the one part where she use a ‘love’ ray gun that deal painful damage. It made me wonder if she able to use that skills if I never share my pudding.


When Etna is mad, she can be very mad to the point that even Laharl get away from her. Somehow for her angry face, pointing her gun really seems like she ready to kill anyone who try to steal her pudding.

Etna do like dessert and one spin-off Disgaea game is where her pinny squad need to get her the nicest dessert in the demon world. I was amazed at her sweet craving, especially pudding; since she can get mad at Laharl for eating her pudding.

For a sweet devil like Etna, she sure got a very sweet tooth; which probably mean she also a sweet talker herself. Need to be careful when speaking to her, or she might take easy advantages. Or just pass her some sweet or pudding and get away.


But if you’re asking whether Etna can be kind enough to us; better give her tasty dessert or some money and get away; crossing her will end up with nothing.

Still, I wonder where Flonne gone to… while in the mean times, take a peek at more of Etna pictures (=w= |||)

Gallery of Etna Nendoroid