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Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate

MH4U 0

Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate
Series – Monster Hunter
Developed / Published by Capcom
Directed by Kaname Fujioka
Console – Nintendo 3DS (Action role-playing game)
[Single-player | Multi-player]

(Photo Credit – Images taken from Wiki / IGN)

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MH4U 1

Though Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate was released in Japan in 2013 while the English version only just recently; it still one of the best seller and a game where many would love to grab with their clean hands.

As for me?

Since I got 2 clean hands, of course I grabbed 2 of the game; one for myself and another for my sister so we can play multi-player together.

MH4U 2

Many new concert were acted since I last played Monster Hunter 3, and while this time you get to eat delicious meal to increase your health and stamina, or gaining new buffs for your battle, I still miss the good old hot spring.

I do love to be clean.

Anyways they decided to add in 2 more new weapons for combat; a weapon where you control one flying insect, and a weapon which change from a Sword and Shield back and front to an Axe.

MH4U 3

Pretty cool to control one bug to fight for you while now there is one more additional of weapon-change-type class.

I still prefer to use the good old, Lance, Dual Sword and Bow as my weapons.

So of course I do like to grind on the same monster over and over and over again just to grab hold of the necessary materials to craft those weapons / armors.

Yes, the game do not have level, but depend on the armors and weapons you get from crafting from monsters and gathering of ‘natural’ materials.

MH4U 4

Interesting, while this time you can climb the mountain or even mount on the giant monster, the developers decided to give the game a realistic environment feel (and yes, the texture still good pretty much like the previous version).

So you can jump off a cliff and try to land on top of the huge monster to attack it on it back, which can be their weak point.

Seem like many hunters are ready for some Rodeo action; so careful and try not to get push off the monster back.

MH4U 5

Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate also add in new monsters though they remove a few older monsters; don’t be sad, most of the popular are in this game since this version not only have many base camps, but a total of 98 monster. (I wish they add in 2 more to make it a hundred)

Also this game make good use of the new Nintendo console where you can control the camera more freely and easily, but doesn’t mean you need to waste your money to grab them just to play this only.

The control pad still able to slowly control the camera with some practices.

With many NPCs, monsters, weapons and plot to unlock, how can I not decided to grab hold of this game?

While I just started out not too long ago, tell me if you wish to hunt some monster with me by commenting below, and share this post if you felt you want your friends to play MH4U too.

Anime Festival Asia Singapore 2014 Day 1/2/3 – Try-out / Hang-on / Experience-it (T.H.E.)

AFA SG 2014 - THE 1

When I mentioned about “Crowd and Queue” down at Anime Festival Asia Singapore 2014, most of them didn’t went to buy limited stocks of Anime products but aim to enjoy themselves with a few nice stuffs, that is showcased there.

And here, I will be talking and discussing on what most of those stuffs are,

AFA SG 2014 - THE 2

One of the interesting stuff to try out, is the Oculus Rift where you can experience what the Experience would feel like when you’re wearing the nerve gear equipment from Sword Art Online.

The only thing is that they are playing the same video clip in which you will encounter Asuna fighting a floor boss. In cases when you are hit by the floor boss, Asuna will then somehow be able KO that boss and come over to you after that after that.

While it is just a short video clip, you could somehow really feel how it will be to wear the nerve gear, and another good thing; at least this won’t be able to fry your brain in cases that your character dies in the video somehow.

AFA SG 2014 - THE 3

Another nice exhibition to try out are the training tools from Attack on Titan.

People can get to learn how the characters in Attack on Titan attend their flying training, and for the moment, their feet are floating above the ground, to simulate flight.

AFA SG 2014 - THE 4

There is nothing to worry since there are people to help get ready for the training and guide you along.

So far, I have been wondering how long do one need to train in order to move like how those high flyer in the Attack on Titan did.

AFA SG 2014 - THE 5

Well most of the booths do offer some interesting aspects, such as providing an interface to draw on, or maybe something nice to improve your art skills with.

Wacom introduced a nice tablet which also serve as a screen to draw unlike its previous normal Wacom tablet models.

Well the price isn’t inexpensive though, and the usage and experience gain during drawing of each isn’t easily replaceable.

AFA SG 2014 - THE 6

If you wish to go back to low tech version, there are of course paper and markers to draw on.

AFA SG 2014 - THE 37

… As well as a few graffiti walls which meant to be drawn on over at Nico Nico area.

AFA SG 2014 - THE 38

The amazing thing about those special walls…?

… 3 days later and many would have leave their marks on them… (0A0 !!)

AFA SG 2014 - THE 7

And it would seem that Good Smile Company isn’t losing out on drawing aspect… which they did the art… on a Nendoroid Face.

AFA SG 2014 - THE 8

The interesting thing is that for only SGD$1, you get a chance to have a blank Nendoroid Face drawn by you yourself, and give it a new face, and expression.

Over numerous times, I had walked past this booth to witness how each Nendoroid Face Artist are taking their time to focus on the expression for the face they would like to draw. Sure enough the crowd on the table never fail to amaze me.

AFA SG 2014 - THE 9

Hmm… I wonder if Good Smile Company is looking for someone to draw a few nice Face Expression for them…

I wish I could be able to attract them with mine though (=w= ||)

AFA SG 2014 - THE 10

A few booths of course give all the Walkers, Peekers, or Passer-bys (WPP) to ‘try it’ on their stuffs too.

An example would be the Gloczus, Inc. where they let all the WPPs to touch their phones and tablets, in order to try out the nice apps they are introducing; Hakuoki.

In the case you’re not aware of who Gloczus, Inc. are, it is a mobile application publisher in Japan.

AFA SG 2014 - THE 11

With the handsome male characters (ikeman) in the apps, it could be say that they are going to attract a few Fan girls to their circle.

Frankly speaking… all their characters really look very attractive… (♥ω♥*)

AFA SG 2014 - THE 12

Of course Sony PlayStation isn’t going to lose out on that aspect.

As previously mentioned in the sneak peek, the PlayStation is celebrating their 20th Anniversary, and thus of course they are letting many WPPs try out a few nice PS games; including the Retro classic games like old 2D street fighers.

AFA SG 2014 - THE 13

And they do give the WPPs to try out the new PS Vita and PS4 games like Gundam Breaker 2, Hatsune Miku Project Diva F 2nd, BlazBlue and many more.

AFA SG 2014 - THE 14

Even I’m so tempt to touch those lovely controller myself,  even though I got a PS3 and PS Vita myself, my Imouto and I still discussing on getting the PS4.


In my family, before getting something, there’s always a meeting and discussion and more debating… (actually is thinking up excuses to convince my Emperor Dad… )

AFA SG 2014 - THE 15

Cherry Credits isn’t going to lose out themselves as they introduce Puzzle Coin App Game for mobile users.

AFA SG 2014 - THE 16

There are technically more mobile users than PS Console users, and as this is a puzzle game, therefore from that alone, it would win the most vote here at Anime Festival Asia Singapore 2014.

The game itself is simple and fun to play and even I got tempted to try out the game myself; that is until you realize that you have to use real currency to play (=x= ||)

AFA SG 2014 - THE 17

What make Trading Card Game (TGC) so nostalgic to me?

Back when there no such thing as Smart Phones, and the only console game was Nintendo GameBoy, the best game trending then was known as the TCG.

AFA SG 2014 - THE 18

I got a total shock when Konami decided to introduce Yu-gi-oh back at the event; Yes, I was totally into Yu-gi-oh back in the days… (I’m still young, ok?)

AFA SG 2014 - THE 19

Well, the booth do offered WPPs to grab hold of a new cards deck, they also offered new players to learn how to play Yu-gi-oh too.

Another shocker to me was how much Yu-gi-oh had changed over the years, but at least it’s good to know that there are still yu-gi-oh TCG players around (=w= ||)

AFA SG 2014 - THE 20

Another TCG that is making its mark, is the Force of Will,  and it did manage to activate my Sparkly Eyes (+w+ !!)

Most probably is due to the cards design which look pretty awesome and cool too.

AFA SG 2014 - THE 21

The booth do offer Tables and Chairs (but no Ladder / Stairs) for players to challenge each other to a duel.

Hmm.. Maybe a few Yu-gi-oh characters from across the booth can try out this TCG too while they’re on it.

AFA SG 2014 - THE 22

Bushiroad have started a championship match at Anime Festival Asia Singapore 2014, and I was amazed at the turnout of people who participate.

AFA SG 2014 - THE 23

Each time I walk by the booth, I kept wondering to myself if the match was so heated up and cause the booth area to be so hot, or was it the crowds of WPPs watching the duel between each players.

Overall, this is possibly one good championship match.

AFA SG 2014 - THE 25

Another interesting thing to note is that by purchasing SGD$50 worth of Bushiroad Merchandise at their booth, you will be entitled a lucky chance at the Lottery Machine, or the Japan Lucky Wheel (=w= ||)

I wonder if many prefer the autograph redemption since it pretty much gone by far.

AFA SG 2014 - THE 24

Takara Tomy’s WIXOSS is also leaving their mark at this event since I pretty much like the Anime myself too.

But to be able to try out playing those lovely Bishoujo card in real life, sure is like a dream come true for many, since the tables there are pretty much packed.

AFA SG 2014 - THE 26

Collateral Damage Studios (C.D.S) is also getting their own TCG – “Pets x Love” ready too.

Compare to most, this game is fairly easy to play too, considering that it making use of the Rock-Paper-Scissor concept for the game.

The good thing of playing their TCG?

At the end of the 3 days at AFA, the top winner will get a Neko / Inu lovely Dakimakura home, and on top of that, they are Hugging-Ready. too.

AFA SG 2014 - THE 26

Want to experience what its like to be starring in the Anime?

Canon offered a few nice well-known Anime background for many WPPs and Cosplayers to take their lovely photos with it.

AFA SG 2014 - THE 27

There are many different themes available, so one can take their time to choose which background suit them, or to take one in all of them.

There’s also a free photo printing at the booths, so many can head over to them to print out their lovely photos too.

AFA SG 2014 - THE 29

It would seem that I almost miss out on their Canon Theatre booth where you are able to peek at a nice movie of concert, and I do pretty much want to name that my new Hiding Spot.

It’s nice, comfy and dark.. (‘∀’●)♡

AFA SG 2014 - THE 30

There are mascots appearing around the place, and a few which are stationed at their own booths.

And they do give many chances for WPPs to take photo with them. (So far I have taken one with him myself)

AFA SG 2014 - THE 31

There is even one mascot from Animax taking photo with Anime characters that are on display! Σ(ಠิωಠิ|||)

AFA SG 2014 - THE 32

Stage Events also give many people more chances to learn a few nice dance moves, as well as enjoying themselves. For Nico Nico area, there are occasional stage events that conduct mini live stages as well.

AFA SG 2014 - THE 34

And thus when their favorite Guest Artiste appeared in front of them, you can guess how many of them went wild and stretching their hands in hope of grabbing on to the Artiste.

AFA SG 2014 - THE 35

A few will take out their phones and camera to take a few nice shot of them for memories sake, or to tweet / share them on social media. (=w= ||)

AFA SG 2014 - THE 33

Need more interaction?

Well, autograph session is also a moment for fans to have handshakes with their favorite artiste as well as having them sign on their stuffs.

I wondered how many hands hasn’t been washed since Anime Festival Asia Singapore 2014.

AFA SG 2014 - THE 36

There are also cases where you can interact, or even have a short conversation with the guests at Anime Festival Asia Singapore 2014.

Like what I previously tweet.. Danny choo don’t always appear at his booth area, so one would need to catch him and hold him very very VERY tightly (=w= ||)

Overall, the AFA SG 2014 events sure give its ticket a worthwhile experience, even though the price is just a bit on the pricey side compared to previous years…

Pokémon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire


ポケットモンスター オメガルビー&アルファサファイア
Poketto Monsutā Omega Rubī & Arufa Safaia
Pokémon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire

Origin Series – Pokemon Ruby and Sapphire

Series – Pokemon
Developed by Game Freak
Published by Nintendo | The Pokémon Company
Directed by Shigeru Ohmori
Composed by Minako Adachi | Go Ichinose | Hitomi Sato | Junichi Masuda

Console – Nintendo 3DS
Genre – Role-playing

More Info
@Wikipedia | @Serebii

@Japan | @International


For 12 Years of waiting, since last I had played Pokemon Ruby, Sapphire and Emerald numerous times to the point that I was hoping for a nice remakes by the Pokemon Company and Game Freak. When previously Pokemon X and Y was released, there were many interesting hints about a remake on Pokemon Ruby and Sapphire.

When Pokemon X and Y change it game to a 3-D style, the one thing that many were looking forward was how will they remake Pokemon Ruby and Sapphire, imagining it to be in 3-D as well as getting to enjoy the games that was one of my favor.


Of course I did pre-order the game, as like in the past where I started with Ruby, this time I will be starting Omega Ruby Version. The Sapphire belong to my younger sister even though I help on completing most of the story and stuffs while she just choose and train her favor Pokemon.

Emerald belong to me though I had played this version the most of the three, and due to the game, I was really looking forward to the remakes.

battle 3ds

They have brought back Secret bases and Pokemon Contest, as well as importing the 3-D of Pokemon X and Y, and some of it features which is now the upgraded PokeNav. Interesting to note about the PokeDex this time is based on the old Game Boy Advance Console design, which really bring me back when I was holding it on my hands and I was playing the game till I get silly.

Another thing to note is the Mega Evolution with even more Pokemon able to get into their mega forms, but the most interesting thing to note is how Slowbro and Beedrill managed to get into the list themselves.

start 3ds

Pikachu get to cosplay with nice clothes which will affect some of his skill moves, but what I like is that this time, they give Pikachu the actual clothes to wear and battle. I wonder if this will be expanded in future if they letting Pokemon to wear some nice accessory before battle.

As Pokemon Ruby and Sapphire got it fixed characters, Brendan and May; the players can only get to choose either Boy or Girl where they are unable to customize the character unlike Pokemon X and Y.

kyogue 3ds

Also when they say remake, of course most characters are going to have some reformed one way or another, and that including the bad guys, Team Aqua and Team Magma. Well the story is still somehow same as the older version Ruby and Sapphire, they have change a few style and the story to suit it more for the current new remakes.

Though it seem that you can’t get to ride on Pokemon for this version, that do not mean they did not let you stop riding on Pokemon; you can surf and diva with Kyogue which seem to dominate the sea or even Sharpedo which move at twice the normal speed when surfing.


You can even ride on Latios or Latias and fly around the Hoenn Region, and even have encounter while flying up in the sky. Talk about riding on lands, now I prefer the sky and the sea.

Horde Encounter has taken up another level, when previous Pokemon X and Y offer to fight against five wild Pokemon, Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire add in a Horde of Trainers, so it best to plan ahead, otherwise you will get taken out by them easily.


As a whole, Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire not only hit the expectation of mine with the remakes, but the introduce of features from Pokemon X and Y was able to make it one best remakes I have ever seen, even making me to stop whatever I doing at the moment and to play the game, beat the Pokemon Champion and completed most of the story.

So have you started your Pokemon Omega Ruby / Alpha Sapphire yet?

Sword Art Online: Hollow Fragment


ソードアート・オンライン -ホロウ・フラグメント-
Sōdo Āto Onrain: Horō Furagumento
Sword Art Online: Hollow Fragment

Series – Sword Art Online
Developed / Published by Bandai Namco Games
Producer – Yosuke Futami
Console – PlayStation Vita
Genre – Role-playing (Single / Multi players)

More Info

@Japan | @English


Imagine if Kirito defeated Heathcliff, but the game did not log everyone out, and they decided to go on to the higher floor level.

Well,  Sword Art Online Hollow Fragment is based on that situation, and somehow, Kirito ended up on a place known as Hollow Area, where only he can enter though he come across another player, Phillia.


The interesting part about this game is based on a “What if”, and even with that, Kirito can get along with the female characters in this game.

Meaning you can change his name to a name you want, change his look or hairstyle, and even use a weapon of your choice instead of dual wielding. So if you prefer Leafra or Sinon, you can go along with them.


The game however do auto-save unlike normal saving which normal happen when you go to the next map or area.

And of course… You can’t log out.

The funny part is how the time move faster in the game than I expected, and there is indeed Day and Night in the game, so you get to experience the sky from bright to dark and then back to bright again.


Also try not to die in this game, cos it will just write as your dead, and restart to where you previously saved.

Like the normal way to clear the game, you do need to go up higher level of the normal map, and at the same time you can hollow mission and quest at the hollow area.


Well, it isn’t easy to train the level of Kirito but for unknown reason, the other characters are easier to level up, which help a lot more than I expected.

The main point in this game which I think would be as you clear the level of the game floor, you need to explore the hollow area too.

You can explore the hollow area in a multiplayer mode, and helping each other to level up, or clear some places.


Well, I do like to fight those boss at the hollow area, but getting misses sure can get me frustrated more than I expected.

Even so, personally, I like the fighting where you use whatever skill or weapon or style to play this game.

But at the same time, knowing that better equip mean better killing those monster away.


Well, I still trying to play this game and slowly clear, though I wonder if I got the time to sit down and relax. Also there is another SAO game coming soon, which I will look forward too.

So do you also play Sword Art Online Hollow Fragment?

Grisaia no Kajitsu

Grisaia no Kajitsu 0

Gurizaia no Kajitsu
Le Fruit de la Grisaia
The Fruit of the Grisaia

Origin – Adult Visual Novel by Front Wing
Characters Design by Akio Watanabe and Fumio

Grisaia no Kajitsu 1


Developer – Front Wing
Publisher – Front Wing (Windows) | Prototype (PSP/PSVita)
Genre – Eroge, Visual novel
Console – PC Windows | PlayStation Portable / Vita

Le Fruit de la Grisaia: Sanctuary Fellows
Written by Eiji Narumi
Drawm by Shū Hirose
Published in Champion Red Ichigo, Akita Shoten
3 Volumes [Ongoing]

Le Fruit de la Grisaia: L’Oiseau bleu
Written by Jun’ichi Fujisaku
Drawm by Taka Himeno
Published in Monthly Comic Blade / Comic Garden, Mag Garden
1 Volumes [Ongoing]

Directed by Tensho
Written by Hideyuki Kurata
Music by Elements Garden
Studio – 8-Bit
13 Episodes [Ongoing]

More Info
@Wiki | @Anime News Network | @Baka(1) @Baka(2)

@Front Wing (18+) | @Prototype | @Anime

Grisaia no Kajitsu 2

Story started about Yūji Kazami who got transferred into a prison-like and yet normal high school, Mihama Academy which consist of 5 other female students.

Each students got their own dark past, or secrets and due to those, landed them into this school as they couldn’t get into other school. Even so they live and study together in the big school which only house a few students.

Grisaia no Kajitsu 3

Yuji wish to lead a normal school life, as he was an elite soldier who also who clean up the mess in the underworld. As he just got transferred in, thanks to Chizuru Tachibana who is the school principal, he was pointed as the dormitory leader and the caretaker of the students.

As a dating sim / eroge, Yuji will come across the 5 female students, while the anime did show how slowly he get to know them though encounter.

Grisaia no Kajitsu 4

First off was Sachi Komine who is the class rep, and due to her strong sense of responsibility and like to help other with their requests, she was seen like a maid and was requested to dress like one, which she will wear most of her time other than school and other period.

Next morning Yuji come across Amane Suou who seem like the elder sister to the students, and especially like a mother figure to Makina Irisu who is shy and is like the little sister type, who is easily shy against people, and not talk to other that easily.

Grisaia no Kajitsu 5

In class, Michiru Matsushima was practicing on her Tsundere personality even though she isn’t. Also she ensure she got her hair bleached blond and tie it twin tails, and other minor stuffs that might define a tsundere characters.

The last student, Yumiko Sakaki, is a bookworm and a lady, and carrying around a box cutter which she use to threaten other.

Grisaia no Kajitsu 10

Like Yuji who want to hide his past, to the point that even Yumiko is suspicious due to many missing info on him, the other 5 students got their own past and secret where they do not wish to reveal to the other, and want to live a normal school life like Yuji.

Considering that Yumiko like to carry a cutter around isn’t normal.

Grisaia no Kajitsu 6

Despite those, the students are given their freedom, and they interact with each other, which also consider as a normal slice of life.

Well, personally I would prefer to view how the anime will end, considering that this is based off an eroge, plus Yuji is to capture the hearts of the 5 students while he learn of their past and secrets, at the same time helping to change their own mindset and to look forward to the future.

Grisaia no Kajitsu 7

Despite there are adult content in the game, the anime isn’t putting that down when it show interesting moments of the female panty for the male viewers, or naked Yuji for female viewers.

Interestingly, there are moment of Chibi characters moments like in the game, showing interesting and funny moments or interaction of them.

Grisaia no Kajitsu 8

Like how Yumiko trying her best to stab Yuji but he able to dodge them with ease, or Michiru using her cowlick and twin tails as weapons to chase away a black cat for sticking to her too much.

The anime really give that fair bit of scenario from the game, and I find the art to be nice with the anime showing a film-like which is interesting to view. Most of the part are close up of each characters, similar to an eroge where you are just talking to the girls.

Grisaia no Kajitsu 9

As a whole, this anime give a nice peeking into since I personally more interesting in the story and the background of the characters than their naked moment. Well, I never touch the game version myself so I got totally no idea how it heading.

But even so, do you want to enroll to Mihama Academy in Grisaia no Kajitsu?