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ToyCoin Kuji Website – Registration /Purchase / Delivery

Kuji Toycoin banner

With the newly launch of the online Kuji website by ToyCoin, ReV-AMF is of course going to help you a little simple step-by-step to guide you into Kuji Website.

Links : http://kuji.toycoin.com.sg/

While ReV-AMF isn’t in any part of this project, ReV-AMF is still supportive of ToyCoin; basically meaning I’ll might be getting one or two sometime. (=w= ||)

Let start on how you can step into the Kuji website.

Kuji Toycoin register

First step, register a new account.

Simple! (@o@ !!)

Well, you will need to key in more information later on, but firstly you need an account to start purchasing new Kuji from this site.

Do note that you will be unable to change your nickname in future, so think CAREFULLY before choosing one. (>x< |||)

Kuji Toycoin confirmation

Once registered, you do need to activate the account via your email in which you will receive the following;

Kuji Toycoin confirmation letter

Just click on the link ‘this confirmation link’ and that all! (*A* !!)

Kuji Toycoin log in

Then you log in.. obviously.. (>w< |||)

Once log in, you can change your personal account information like your age, gender (male or female.. there’s no third choice, sorry), home address.

Also change your password at times, and do take very good care of your account.

ToyCoin or ReV-AMF is responsible for your account.. actually ReV-AMF isn’t part of this except for advertising.. (>w< ||)

Now let get to purchasing the Kuji Ticket!!

Kuji Toycoin kuji angel beat

There is no other choice for you to do but to just.. purchase~ them.

One thing to note would be that you may only purchase 1 to 10 of ticket per Kuji series; meaning you may purchase 10 tickets of Angel Beats! Kuji and 10 of Sword Art Online Kuji, or any other amount that is range between 1~10.

I know there are many who wish to purchase more than 10 Kuji Ticket, and that you have no worry.

Kuji Toycoin view cart

There is a lock-out time of about 10 minutes, which is set to give other people a chance at the Kuji, and don’t worry about that, 10 minutes passed by pretty fast, that is if you are able to purchase them .. again..

If you want to check your purchases again, click on the View Cart at the top of the site, which you may also remove the Ticket if you’re not going to purchase it or proceed for checkout.

Kuji Toycoin check out

You may click on the “View Details” to edit the amount of quantity of the Kuji ticket you want to purchase at first – in case you have a change of mind of getting either more or less.

Kuji Toycoin payment

After that you may proceed  for checking out to choose either by Bank Transfer (for Local) or PayPal (for Local / International / Less than 72 hours before the Event day of the Kuji).

You may also add in comment to inform Toycoin of any additional information before submitting your order(s).

Remember that you will need to pay via Local Bank Transfer or Paypal and having Toycoin confirming the payment before the purchase is finalize.

Kuji Toycoin delivery

Remember once you purchase your Kuji Ticket(s), you will need to pay for it, and the ticket can only be reserve for 24 hours (1 day).

While ToyCoin accept bank transfer, if the Kuji Event is starting in less than 72 hours (2 days) then you will need to pay via PayPal.

Kuji Toycoin delivery place

For Local, do remember to choose your choices of delivery, and I do recommend via “MRT Delivery (FOC)”.

Surely you do not want to pay an additional SGD 8 per Kuji when you can use that money to … buy more Kuji!!

Kuji Toycoin delivery oversea

Oversea Fans, have no worry!

ToyCoin Kuji do accept shipping, so if you do want to receive your little Kuji, then do make sure your home address and portal code are correct before choosing the delivery arrangement.

You may choose one of the following; Air Mail, Air Parcel or DHL.

Isn’t all this easy to start on your quest to getting Kuji Online?

So why wait till they reveal which Kuji tickets are ready for sale? Just get your account up and ready first!! (>w< ||)

If you encounter any technical error(s) in the site, or wish to give suggestions / feedbacks, feel free to email to ToyCoin.

ToyCoin Kuji Website – Interview

Kuji Toycoin banner

Back in Oct 2014, ReV-AMF was given the honor of interviewing ToyCoin, and during the interview, I was able to get some insight about their major project; Kuji Website.

Links : http://kuji.toycoin.com.sg/

While lady boss Wendy did reveal about way to promote Kuji, what Toycoin going for was a simple online platform option for collector to get their clean hands on the kuji.

Simple reasons being having no retail shop, plus at time when one wish to grab hold of their favorite Kuji but having the Kuji Ticket sold out especially during events.

Kuji Toycoin kuji

The Kuji website give everyone a chance, and there is a limit to how much ticket per person can buy.

Say good bye to Queuing up or Giving up half-way when you notice the prize zone is sold out.

Each Kuji Ticket price range starting from SGD 8 and over, depending on which Kuji set you’re getting.

All prize are only reveal during a small live event when ToyCoin reveal the result, so even if you got your online ticket, you wouldn’t be able to know which prize you’re holding until the result date.

Kuji Toycoin kuji Madoka

Another interesting way of purchasing their Kuji?


It also seem that the Kuji Website also offer a last ticket special prize for the last person who purchase the last ticket – A special prize will be stated at the start to show which prize will be given as a special prize for the last person who purchase the last prize.

So don’t worry about getting the last ticket, you might WANT the last special prize instead.

While many might want to go for first in hope of getting the prize(s) they want, getting last might not be a bad option too.

Again, ReV-AMF was given the same honor of interviewing ToyCoin regarding Kuji Online.

Kuji Toycoin kuji angel beat

What give you the idea of starting a Kuji Website?

Wendy: As Toycoin do not have a retail outlet, I wanted to develop an online platform webpage where customers are able to enjoy Kuji events, at their own house / time.

Care to share more about your Kuji Website?
Wendy: I very excited about this project, as we were able to order preorder for it.

Kuji cannot be bought in advance, and even if the customers reached their turn; the Kuji might be sold out.

I am able to get the preorder and then open up the pre-sales, so customers will be able to purchase their ticket(s) without needing to buy entrance / travel fee in order to get Kuji at Anime Events.

Kuji Toycoin Angel Beats Kuji

What challenges have you face so far?
Wendy: It’s a very major project which was developed since a year ago, and there were many hiccups along the ways.

There were delays when it was supposed to be launch earlier this year, due to the site layout, programming errors etc. However, currently it’s still running on schedules and we hope to launch it in late 2014 or early 2015.

What are the chances for a customer to obtain the kuji top prizes?
Wendy: It’s the same as normal kuji; depend on the customers’ chances and luck. So if there are 100 prizes, each people can purchase the ticket(s) but they will not be able to know what prize(s) they will be getting until the result is announced.

Kuji Toycoin kuji SAO

How will the customers get to know what winning prize they’re getting?
Wendy: The result will be announce live with a date stated on the site, even if the customers purchase the ticket on that day, they will not be able to know what prizes they win immediately.

The fun and interesting part about the live broadcast is that the winner list will display the customers’ name / ign, and what prize(s) they won; so people will get to know what prizes did other won!

How many ticket(s) is one customer able to purchase?
Wendy: We cater in a ways where one customer is able to purchase up to ten tickets at one time, and upon completion of purchase, there is will be a ten minutes lockout before the next purchases.

Even if the customer purchases one ticket only, there is still a ten minutes lockout upon purchase completion. This is to give other customers a chance at Kuji.

Some Kuji have last prize, and i do not wish customers to purchase all the tickets just only for the last prize. I want customers to enjoy the fun of kuji and try winning a kuji prize using their luck.

Do you have other plans for the Kuji Website?

Wendy: I hope to spread the Kuji Website oversea, so that many otaku in the world can also get to enjoy the fun of Kuji online.

Kuji Toycoin SAO Kuji

Wow.. I’m sure many people are able to grab hold of their favorite kuji without the need to wait till events where you need to queue up for it, and be disappointed when your favorite prize or the ticket being sold out; all you need is just grab the ticket online and wait till the result date to know what you got.

Take normal working days, one is only free when reached home and not really in the mood to go shopping; but you can get a kuji ticket online and wait till the event day to see what you got.

To me, Toycoin is giving the collectors the option of getting Kuji at an easier and fun way with their clean hands; cos you wouldn’t know what you got till the result are out.

So head over to the Kuji Online Website to register and get ready to test your luck!! (^w^ ||)

Need the know how to kickstart? ReV-AMF of course can guide you along…

AFA SG 2014 – Culture Japan


One of the thing that I would like to see in an exhibition booth is that it will change most of it stuffs each day, and making sure that you will find them to see what they have.

And also a reason to why you need to go to AFA daily like how I did.

Culture Japan booth is one of the reason started back when I come to be aware of Danny Choo, to take a peek at his booth.


Though most of his stuffs are sold out, including the newly Smart Doll, Mirai and her friends T-shirts, poster and the MoeKanji and MoeKana cards.

The reason why even my Imouto and l like about Mirai is that she is cute, plus my imouto like those pretty mascots a lot.


Though as sadly as I have to admit on being a NEET and a poor person, I couldn’t afford the Smart Doll at the cost of SGD 700.


I did went to Japan, so where did my money come from?…



What changes did the Culture Japan booth have, that differ for each day?

Well, the simple one would be that most of the stuffs are sold out on the first day like the Smart Dolls and a few pretty poster.

I would support to grab the poster myself, but this time around, as I need to save carefully for the Japan Walking Session, I only grab a T-shirt this time.


As for the booth, the table display of Danny’s daughters change a lot on their poses, making sure that you would like to a few photo shot of them.

And while you’re at it with a bit of luck, you can take photo with Danny himself, and speak to him if you like.


So far I would like to sit down and chat with him, but he is a very very busy person.

His Comrades are also nice and fun to talk with, including Danny’s wife (whom I ask for a bit of advice on how to counter the winter cold at Japan).

DSC_0495 n2

I could even see that Mr Ninja do take a nice photo himself too.

DSC_0341 n2

(The two lovely Smart Dolls that were on Sale for the first time and in Singapore at the cost of SGD 700… too bad I’m too poor to grab them with my clean hand…)




The Smart Dolls were the one selling like hotcakes, reason being that they are very limited in stocks, plus they are very lovely and cute, and lastly they are a good start for those who want to start collecting dolls.

There are many other reason as to why people bought them, but when my Imouto and I took a look at them, we would love to have them, though the price isn’t right for us at the moment.

Maybe in future we might grab them.


(Danny Choo don’t always have his free time, but when he appear at his booth, it’s best to speak to him as it fun to chat with him.)

DSC_0350 n2

(Plus he don’t mind a photo session too.)


(The queue at the CJ Booth is very very long…)


(And the last person of the queue is responsible to grab hold of this lovely ‘End of queue’ signboard… I would grab this and run away with it you know…)


It also seem that Mirai and her friends made to be characters in the Million Arthur apps card game.

Not only are they powerful, they got nice status from what I heard… but too bad I not into mobile games at the moment due to overwhelming Playstation / 3DS / PC games on hands.


As a norm, CJNight tend to always happen on the day after the exhibition on most countries.

It is also a good time and place for comrade to sit down and chat with each other too, though in Singapore; Monday is also the start of working day there are also many who turned up late due to works and a few who couldn’t even make it at all.

Oh well, I will post the CJNight a later timing / date, but take a peek at the CJBooth at AFA SG 2014 for now.. (=w= ||)

Probably, you will notice the changes at that booth during each day just from looking at those pictures too.


(MoeKana and MoeKanji cards on display)


(The skeleton of Smart Dool, and how it possible for them to move at a smooth and flexible angle.)


(Even Mirai doll is buying a.. Mirai Figma!?)



(Sexy doll pose is sexy!) (=x= ||)




(Just look at her.. Doesn’t she make you want to grab her home with your clean hands?)





(Even though it’s not raining… I don’t mind carrying those umbrella around and opened too.



(Can I have a bite…… of that beng-beng?)




(I still slowly learning Japanese using those nice cards… but I’m a very very slow learner… TwT)



(A few posters got sold out so fast that they are ‘no more liao’… wait a sec… where are they pasting that sign at!?!?)


Notice a few changes already?

Well, at least I wonder what CJ will be bringing for the upcoming events for 2015.

Surely would be the Smart Dolls will start their invasion, but till then, maybe I need to just wish for a lovely smart doll as a present (=x= ||)

Anime Festival Asia Singapore 2014 Day 0.5 – Sneak Peeking


What is AFA SG 2014 Day 0.5?!

Previously, I had introduced a Day 0, which is also known as the day before the main event, and WHICH is also the last day to do one last minute preparation. Anime Festival Asia had it’s own Day 0.5 on Thursday, 4th December 2014, where the main stage is open and is screening something very interestingly nice.

And that is the screening of The Assorted Horizons: Theatrical Edition and a special appearance by the leader, Revo!

Yes. Yes. There is no Thursday Ticket available for purchase, as for entry wise, those who bought the Friday Stage Ticket can enjoy the main stage event using the same ticket.


The screening is one of the reason why those who bought their tickets one day before the main event, could head over to the main stage to enjoy a nice screening of the The Assorted Horizons: Theatrical Edition.

I was in there for the earlier part of the show, in which I did enjoyed thoroughly, that is until, I was pestered over the phone for emergency issues. (TwT ||)


Nevertheless, the screening is very entertaining as it wasn’t easy to have a chance to watch the Sound Horizon’s show in Singapore.

Well, another entertaining thing for me that I had noticed is, that there are also a few brave warriors who are cosplaying for AFA Day 0.5 too! (OAO !!)


Well, there is another reason as to why I appeared on the Day 0.5 of AFA Singapore 2014; the Media Press Briefing / Conference.

Yes, they are introducing many interesting things that they will be releasing or showcasing at AFA Singapore 2014, like the PlayStation 4 ’20th Anniversary Edition’ and even guest appearance of my favourite singer, – ‘May’n’!!

I almost got a heart attack when she came in through the door in which I happened to stand very near to. (=o= ||)


During the conference, there was a few highlights, such as the future planning for AFA 2015, a few partnerships and collaborations.

Which also meant that we can expect more from AFA for next year, plus they had invited a few very very important people (VVIP) down for the Media Conference like the President of Aniplex, Mr Koichiro Natsume and the Representative of Sony, Mr Hidetoshi Takigawa.


Even the CEO of Sozo, and the one who’s leading the Anime Festival Asia, Mr Shawn Chin, showed up at the conference venue in person. (owo ||)

Before the unveiling of the ’20th Anniversary Edition’ PlayStation 4, they did and illustrated interesting and simple magic tricks to ‘transform’ the PS 1 all the way up to the PS 4. This acts signified how the Sony PlayStation Game Console evolved thoughout the years.


There were also presentations about how Anime Festival Asia will be working in hand with Anime Japan and Bangkok Comic Con.

ReV-AMF will be covering the media conference in a separate post.


Another interesting thing for the Anime Festival Anime Singapore 2014 is that it has undertaken an incredible upsize compared to last year! It now takes up the entire Level 4 halls of our Suntec Conventional Centre!

Of course, I did a sneak-in, into the exhibition hall to take a few peeks on how the exhibition is being set up.

Well, having a larger space for the exhibition, would also meant that there are more booths and events to cover!


How mistaken I am, to assume that during Days 1, 2 and 3, there would be lesser ‘human traffic’, to prevent me from navigating around the area. In actual fact, it DID gave me an extremely hard time navigating my way around.

On the bright side, it had been shown that many attendees would want to enjoy their time at AFA SG 2014. Thus I’m not surprised that local Singaporeans came for the event, but even fans from other country like Japan, Indonesia, Thailand and Malaysia, came too.


Another thing that I would like to mention would be, ReV-AMF will be covering most of the events which happened at the AFA 2014, in separate posts, especially a few special booths that caught the attention of my Sparkly Eyes during my walking session.

We will also cover a few nice interviews of the guests that appeared down for AFA Singapore 2014 too, though the booths at AFA exhibition area interest me just as much as well.

If I’ve given in to my temptation, I would love to grab many of those lovely items with my very clean hands.

As of the moment, please kindly wait for the posts to be ready. (>w< ||)



If anyone were to ask me where I tend to get my pre-order figurines from, normally I would just said “Toycoin” without even blinking my Sparkly Eyes.

In the past years since starting to become an Otaku in 2007, I tend to get only a few figurines, from a few retail Anime shops in Singapore, collecting Manga and grabbing a few accessories with my Clean hands.

Never cross my mind much whether if I should do preorder to figurines, since I did grabbed a few nice figurines from shops, or during Anime Events in Singapore, but all those change when I come across Toycoin, when I went for a little walking session last year.

At first I started with buying one figurines for my Imouto, since they did have the Snow Miku (fluffy ver.), and slowly I started to do pre-order from Toycoin.

Continue reading Toycoin

Otaku Tachi @Singapore Sunshine Plaza


I had chance across this interesting Anime shop, which actually caught my Sparkly Eyes during my walking session. Relocated to Sunshine Plaza in August 2014, it was also the timing when I almost missed out on this Anime shop.

Sunshine Plaza used to have a few Anime shops, until they were close down, and the only shop that caused me to go there would be Hobby Art Gallery to peek into a few Gunpla.

Ok, I’ll be honest that I like the fried Wanton over there, and my name cards were being printed over there. And it just so happened that I went down to print my name cards and was having some fried Wanton noodles for lunch that I was able to catch the shop on one side of my Sparkly Eye.

When I entered the shop, I was shocked to see something which the shop offered, in which most other Anime shops do not offer; Anime Merchandises and Accessories.

Of course Otaku House and Comic Connection do sell Anime products in Singapore; even Kinokuniya in Singapore is starting to step into this.

But what I can tell is that you will be unable to find what Otaku Tachi can offer, in which other shops will be less likely to.

So if you wonder where the place is or what Anime product you can look out for, just peek below with your Sparkly Eyes.

Continue reading Otaku Tachi @Singapore Sunshine Plaza